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            Mrs. Russell Herman Responds to Allegations

Regarding allegations made by "Mr. Mercedes" (pseudonym) in CN 9.97, to whit that

"Big Al" Carone was the "bagman" for NYPD, friend of DCI Bill Casey, and "banker" for the CIA's drugs op from 1946-80 (died of "CIA flu"), along with other "bagmen" associates, Russell Herman (also died of "CIA flu") and "fixer/briber" Al Hobert and NYPD "dirty" cop Gene Howard who were all "on the take,"

Mrs. Russell Herman, widow of the late Col. Herman, responds:

Did Col. Russell Herman have an active part in the DRUGS with BUSH, NORTH, Greenspan, Baker, Bentsen, Inyoue, Meese, Colby, Casey, etc? Highly doubtful. He was highly opposed to any form of DRUGS, even an ASPIRIN.

In my September 13, 1995 interview with retired NYPD Vice Squad Detective Jimmy Rothstein (see especially CN 6.10 and CN 6.18), the now private investigator mentioned Russell Herman:

We also know, there's a thing that just appeared in the National Enquirer wherein they're knocking a guy by the name of Russell Herman. And we know that Russell Herman met with [Vince] Foster at a truck stop outside of Marion, Illinois. And the widow of this Herman has given us that information. And they also, at times, met with others. See, we know that Russell Herman and a guy by the name of Al Carone were money-men -- carriers, movers. See, this is somethin' that nobody else knows about: but one of the people they met with was Foster!

Mrs. Herman, understandably upset at what she perceived as misrepresentation, responded to this portion of Detective Rothstein's remarks (CN 6.17):

"It is not known by me, what Mr. Rothstein is sniffing, inhaleing or puffing, however this is most assuredly not a conversation which was held between Myself and Mr. Rothstein -- at anytime. I have had a talk with this individual, and my talk was about: TELLING A DAMMED LIE!

After talking to Mr. Rothstein, advising him of his misinformation he was requested to "get the story straight," and that he was to quit selling information on Russell Herman, as the information which he is distributing is "deliberate dis- information.

Contacted by me, Rothstein expressed puzzlement at Mrs. Herman's anger. He felt he had accurately reported information given to him by her. Mrs. Herman claimed (CN 6.17) to have tape-recorded at least some of her conversations with Rothstein and that she could "prove what was said."

Providing further background to the Herman story are the following remarks from my September 13, 1995 interview. According to Rothstein, Russell Herman had inside financial knowledge related to alleged CIA shady operations:

See, there's only a couple of guys that know about these accounts and stuff. And they have a lot of money stashed. This is why I give some credibility about some of the stuff that's coming out on Foster, about his involvement with this money.

Again, if this sounds like it's all spread out all over the place, it's not. When you follow Al Carone and Russell Herman, you're right back to Inslaw and PROMIS software and all these people. It always ends up, as you go up the ladder, you'll find there's, like, forty, fifty people. And I don't care what end of this you look at, you always end up with these same people.

I also know that [Michael] Riconosciuto and some other people had access. Because we have found some of these accounts. And under Russell Herman and Al Carone, there's more accounts that we actually have the names of. The Anschbacher accounts, is one of the big money laundering accounts.

For my part I wish to stress that this dispute between Jimmy Rothstein and Mrs. Herman is a developing story, with no clear indication as to which of the parties to the dispute is the more credible. As always, I leave it to the reader to either decide or to await further developments.

Contacted by Mrs. Herman subsequent to mention of her late husband in the article by "Mr. Mercedes," she informed me that a copy of a letter written by her was enroute to my address. Here are portions of that letter:

REF: "Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 97."

Last evening I received the above referenced article. You were in error when you identified Russell Herman along with the "Drug and Money Laundering of the CIA." Yes, Rusty was with the CIA. He was U.S. Armed Forces Intelligence. He started out in the Merchant Marines when he was 13 years old. His mother lied about his age. She had too many mouths to feed. Putting him in the Merchant Marines as I understood it was getting him off the [Al] CAPONE streets and into an environment where he could get an education and stay out of trouble.

I believe it was April of 1940 he entered the Merchant Marines, then on Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was bombed. President Roosevelt by Executive Order moved the Merchant Marines into the U.S. Coast Guard. Later by Executive Order he placed the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, Army into the United States Land and Naval Forces. Then Korea broke out. We had a "Police Action," so they say. By that time, Harry Truman had put him [Russell Herman] in the OSS, which later became the OSI then the CIA. Rusty was a personal friend of Harry Truman's. He admired Mr. Truman to the day he died.

President Reagan, after becoming President, pulled off the Iran-Contra arms deal. The "Contra Arms" involves and involved more than just Iran. It involved selling arms (by the U.S. government) to our sister nations here on the American continent.

Banking had to be set up. Banking facilitations were put into action by the Inter-American Alliance Agreement (Treaty) in (I think) 1984. It is documented in the U.S. Government Document Library.

"Rusty," doing his "duty" for his "country," per the instructions of the President of the United States, worked with Alan Greenspan (while still located in his Texas Federal Reserve position), George Bush, Ed Meese, Dan Inyoue, Oliver North, William Casey, William Colby, Robert Carderia, Dr. "Q," and others.

The Federal Reserve (Greenspan) utilized the banking co-ordinances between Republic National Bank of Texas, and Republic National Bank of New York, for the Anschbacher Account: "CI-Ltd." (Central Intelligence Ltd.) in the Jersey/Guernsey Islands. The account number is 608103047. The bank officer for handling the "CI-Ltd." account was Terrence (Teddy) Lloyd.

As understood by me, this is the Woodbridge Account. It (according to U.S. Col. Russell Herman) holds the "Contra monies." I do not know if it is the Iran-Contra or the Central American Contra monies, he just stated it was the Contra Arms monies due the men for their services.

According to Col. Herman, the account can only be accessed by voice and fingerprints.

Did Col. Russell Herman have an active part in the DRUGS with BUSH, NORTH, Greenspan, Baker, Bentsen, Inyoue, Meese, Colby, Casey, etc? Highly doubtful. He was highly opposed to any form of DRUGS, even an ASPIRIN.

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