Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 11

("Quid coniuratio est?")


Conspiracy Nation Sinks To A New Low

FLASH! Julie Harris, a singer with a band called "Slapbak," alleges that she met with O.J. Simpson on Feb. 9, 1996 at a California restaurant. The sultry singer says that, while at the restaurant, Simpson fondled her and later grabbed the breasts of a friend. Simpson allegedly offered to get cocaine for the girls: "You want some coke?" Simpson reportedly asked them. "All I have to do is make one phone call and you've got it." Simpson, apparently drunk, allegedly exposed himself later on, to Harris and friends, in the parking lot. While in the restaurant, Simpson reportedly described how he had masturbated in his jail cell while on trial for murder. Harris also claims that Simpson joked about the brutal murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, then burst out laughing. The singer was a witness against Simpson in his recent custody battle. (National Enquirer, 1/28/97)
FLASH! Readers may have been puzzled by the extensive media coverage of the murder of child star JonBenet Ramsey. Why so much coverage of one murder? Not reported, to my knowledge, in television news coverage, is that semen was found on the girl's body and near it. Apparently, sexual molestation was the motive behind the death: she reportedly was beaten with a golf club, then strangled, after being sexually abused. Those familiar with widespread allegations of pedophilia pointed at members of the international elite class -- especially against many high-ranking government officials -- may find the following statement by Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber interesting: "JonBenet was a child trained to perform for adults, trained to please them." What is more, forensic tests reportedly show the child star had been sexually abused in the past; old scar tissue indicates previous sexual assaults. (National Enquirer, 1/28/97)
FLASH! Why is comedienne Rosie O'Donnell aligned with Bill Clinton? One reason may be that she is a lesbian. National Enquirer reports that after a two-year live-in lesbian affair, Michelle Blakely was heartbroken that Rosie would not marry her. "Me and you get married?" O'Donnell reportedly exclaimed. "That would kill me in Middle America!" Since the Clinton administration pushes for so-called "gay rights" -- really an effort to make federal "super citizens" of that group -- it can be seen why O'Donnell would march in step to Clinton's tune. If yet one more faction achieves "super citizen" status, Orwell's vision becomes increasingly true: "All are equal... but some are more equal than others." (National Enquirer, 1/28/97)
FLASH! See you in Ireland, O.J.! Rumors are that O.J. Simpson has purchased property in Ireland, which does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. If O.J. Simpson loses in the pending civil case against him, will he soon be "wearing the green" and looking for shamrocks? See you in Ireland, O.J.! Say hello to Carlos Salinas when you get there!
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