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Hale-Bopp Comet Also Being Followed By Its Own Tale

An explanation for the supposed mysterious object following the approaching Hale-Bopp comet was given on "Sounds Like Science," broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR) on Feb. 1, 1997. The following is my transcription of what was said. Because I don't have the names of the two persons involved in the discussion of Hale-Bopp and the "mysterious object," they are designated as "A" and "B."

  1. Let's talk a little about, looking forward to next month. And I know this spring is going to be an exciting time, not only for professional but for amateur astronomers, because we're getting close to Hale-Bopp comet time. Right?
  2. There is a new comet which is now well on its way toward the inner solar system: Hale-Bopp. It should be best seen in the evening sky in late March and early April. And I'm sure our listeners will be hearing much more about it as the weeks go on.
  3. I've got to share something I've discovered on the Internet. Now you've got to take this for what it's worth, since it came off the Internet. But there's an Internet story -- rumors -- that Hale-Bopp is being trailed by a UFO.
  4. Oh this is a wonderful story! We actually now know how it happened. An astronomer was looking at Hale-Bopp through a telescope and saw what was a perfectly ordinary star. But because he was using a computer program to predict what should be out there, he didn't set the setting for this program right, and the program didn't show that star. And he got all scared that there was a star his program wasn't showing. And he sent out this big message on the Internet: "I've discovered an unknown object!"

    Hale-Bopp has actually turned out to be a perfectly ordinary star. But this guy was so enchanted with his discovery, he refused to back down and went on national radio (not NPR, of course, but lesser radio stations) and announced this unknown object -- creating a huge, paranoid story which is still resonating on the wire.

  5. Next we're going to hear that the star had the face of Elvis [Presley] on it!
  6. [Laughs] That's right! And came from "the face on Mars!" There's nothing following Hale-Bopp, except its own tail.

So there you have it. Conspiracy Nation is inclined to agree, that there is no UFO following Hale-Bopp.

Not to say, however, that Hale-Bopp has no significance. A book named (as I recall) "Planetary Influence on Human Behavior" lends support to astrological ideas. The book shows statistically significant correlations between sample "birth charts" and professional careers. A group of famous actors, sports champions, and scientists was taken at random, and their birth charts were studied. A definite link between planetary positions and subsequent careers was established. So who knows? Hale-Bopp may influence human behavior and/or political events in some way.

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