Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 49

("Quid coniuratio est?")


(Source: "Relevance" newsletter, Feb./March 1997)

-+- Cast Of Characters -+-

WANG JUN -- He runs Poly Technologies, a subsidiary of the Poly Group. Also, Chairman of the Chinese government-owned China International Trade and Investment Company (CITIC). According to both Sherman Skolnick and Tom in Venice, KEN STARR is also connected with CITIC, either as legal representative or even as an unregistered lobbyist.

CHARLIE TRIE -- Arranged interface between Bill Clinton and WANG JUN. Trie has recently fled the U.S.

BAOPING "ROBERT" MA -- Chinese head of PTK, a subsidiary of Poly Technologies. PTK is connected with the attempted smuggling of 2,000 AK-47s into the U.S. Were these guns destined for street gangs, as a planned act of subversion? And, how many more guns and even missiles were successfully smuggled into the U.S.? Are street gangs now armed with massive firepower?

MAJOR GENERAL HE PING -- A subordinate of WANG JUN. He Ping is married to Deng Rong, daughter of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.

MOCHTAR RIADY -- Owns Lippo Group. Is Lippo Group the "bridge" between Bill Clinton and Red China? The Riady's own the largest bank in Southeast Asia; out of 50 U.S. states, why did they choose Arkansas for their American subsidiary?

MOCHTAR RIADY is part owner of Worthen Bank. In 1992, Worthen Bank gave the Clinton campaign a $3.5 million loan.

RIADY is a top financial advisor to Indonesian dictator Suharto. Suharto's army massacred over 200,000 in East Timor.

Hillary Clinton's former law firm boss is Joseph Giroir, Jr. Giroir is now the top lawyer for the Riadys.

JOHN HUANG -- Born in China, he is President of Lippo Group's American division. Huang got a "top secret" clearance and a high-level position in the Clinton Commerce Department. Above Huang was the late Ron Brown, who died in a mysterious plane crash. Also dead under mysterious circumstances was Barbara Wise. Her body was found in a Commerce Department office the day after Thanksgiving, 1996.

While at the Commerce Department, Huang received 37 CIA briefings and over a dozen secret intelligence reports, many of which dealt with China. Huang managed somehow to keep his security clearance even after he left the Commerce Department.

MR. SHEN JUEREN -- Head of alleged spy front, China Resources. China Resources has a partner: the Lippo Group.

AND: As Sherman Skolnick asks, "What is the reason that none dare call it treason?" Could it be that many elected officials have their own dirty laundry, are blackmailable, and so don't dare squawk too loudly?

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