Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10 Num. 58

("Quid coniuratio est?")


A.K.A., Congo 101

An article by Christopher Ruddy in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, apparently dated 5/16/97, offers tantalizing hints of a Clinton-Stephens-Kabila connection behind the recent upheaval in the former nation of Zaire -- now renamed "The Democratic Republic of Congo."

Forget any image you might have of Africa as Tarzan, lions, jungles, etc. Consider Zaire/Congo as having "proven mineral deposits of copper, zinc, diamonds, manganese, gold, silver, and iron" as well as cobalt plus likely reserves of petroleum.

Now here is another thread, as detailed by Ruddy in his article, "Firm from Clinton's home town has deal with Zaire rebel chief." In the late 1960s, JEAN BOULLE, a French-speaking British citizen, born in Mauritius, was the chief diamond buyer for the giant DeBeers firm. From that, he moved to Arkansas and got rich. In 1988, Boulle's company joined with others to form the Arkansas Diamond Development Company. They wanted to look for diamonds on state-owned lands.

But in 1972, writes Ruddy, "the diamond-rich area of southwest Arkansas was purchased by the state and named Crater of Diamonds State Park..." This stopped private firms from mining there. In 1986, Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, appointed a commission to look into allowing private firms to develop diamonds on these state-owned lands. In 1989, even though environmentalists were opposed to it, Bill Clinton told Boulle and his company they could begin to mine in the state park.

Now, going back to the Arkansas Diamond Development Company, one of Boulle's partners was none other than Jackson Stephens, the Arkansas "Big Daddy." As is well-known, Stephens is a major owner of President Bill Clinton, a.k.a. "Wind-Him-Up Bill."

Moving now to Zaire/Congo, Ruddy notes allegations that the Clinton administration had been secretly arming the Marxist-trained "rebel" leader Kabila. (To succeed in revolution, you need weapons: where did Kabila get the weapons? How were they paid for?) Then, in April of this year, a small mining company based in Hope, Arkansas, AMERICAN MINERAL FIELDS (AMF), astoundingly out-competed huge firms such as DeBeers, Anglo-America, BHP, and Phelps Dodge. American Mineral Fields won large contracts from Kabila for mineral development and diamond trading. And who heads AMF? Jean Boulle heads AMF. According to Ruddy, Kabila has signed a $1 BILLION agreement with AMF, "giving the firm exclusive rights to explore and develop an area the size of Switzerland in southeastern Zaire." Not bad for AMF, a company with a capitalization of about $37 million.

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