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NEWS ROUND-UP (6/13/97)

News You May Have Missed

An "impending computer catastrophe" is said by many to loom, in the year 2000. When the year 2000 hits, most computers as now configured will register the year as 1900. Says Rep. Constance Morella (R-Md.): "We are right now competing in a race against time to avert an impending computer catastrophe... When that happens, millions of computers, billions of dollars, and just about every human on the planet may be affected."

And, Conspiracy Nation has heard fears expressed that such a computer catastrophe may be used by President Clinton as an excuse to invoke martial law.

Reportedly, major industries with the potential to help avert the disaster (like Bill Gates and Microsoft, for example) are "solving" the problem by closing their eyes to it. And what will President Bozo the Clown do? He will probably be in office when the meltdown occurs. Maybe he could get a "symbolic computer," go on national television, fix it, and thereby solve the problem through symbolism. -- (AP, 6/9/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

A new book dealing with the crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico (The Day After Roswell), contains a foreword written by Senator Strom Thurmond (R.-S.C.). The author of the book, Philip J. Corso, served on the National Security Council under President Eisenhower. Corso reportedly claims the UFO crash at Roswell was an alien spacecraft and that the government "clandestinely fed the alien technology to the military and industry." Senator Thurmond disavows any personal belief in alien spacecraft, saying he thought Corso's book was an autobiography. -- (New York Times online, 6/9/97)

A federal trial has begun in Tampa, Florida, charging members of a jury nullification group with conspiracy to mail threatening letters to jurors. "Jury nullification" involves the idea that "jurors may choose not to hold defendants accountable under a law they oppose." In other words, if jurors think a particular law is unjust, they may find the defendant "not guilty," even if the defendant has actually broken that law.

As noted, the feds have charged the group with "conspiracy." Hah, hah, hah. Oh you feds, you "conspiracy nuts" you. Why is it the feds can say "conspiracy" and no one smirks and laughs, but when the common people say "conspiracy" they are ridiculed? -- (UPI, 6/5/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

Gary Webb, the reporter for the San Jose Mercury News whose "Dark Alliance" series linked the CIA to sales of crack cocaine in the U.S., is being transferred by his newspaper 150 miles away, to a small suburban bureau. Like Dr. Whitehurst, the FBI whistleblower, Webb's "reward" for essentially honest reporting is transfer to Siberia. Get the message, all budding journalists and potential whistleblowers?

Claims Webb: "This is just harassment. This isn't the first time that a reporter went after the CIA and lost his job over it." Although some criticism has arisen over Webb's series on CIA-drug connections, he would not back down from his basic story. This editor is of the opinion that Webb's story is essentially correct. And Rep. Maxine Waters (D.-CA) apparently feels there is something to the charges also; she continues to lead a congressional investigation into the matter.

In further developments, Webb now claims he was threatened with losing his job unless he stopped work on the series of reports, "Dark Alliance." -- (AP, 6/11/97 & 6/12/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

Frank Olson, who was slipped LSD in a CIA experiment in 1953, may not have jumped to his death. A forensic examination of his skull indicates he died of "blunt trauma" that could not have been caused by a subsequent fall from a 13th-floor window. As background, readers should know that during the 1950s (and reportedly beyond) the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was importing massive quantities of LSD, an hallucinogenic drug, from Sandoz laboratories. This LSD was used in CIA attempts to create mind-controlled assassins -- "Manchurian candidates." Many Americans were surreptitiously given the drug and then observed by CIA, often through 1-way mirrors. If Frank Olson did not jump to his death, was he in fact murdered, either intentionally or otherwise, and then tossed out the window to cover up the crime? -- (AP, 6/11/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

Tests have been performed on the rifle with which James Earl Ray allegedly shot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Results of the tests are scheduled for release on June 18, 1997. But more tests have reportedly been sought by one of the firearms testers, hired by Ray's lawyers. Robert A. Hathaway claims "a misunderstanding on how the rifle was to be cleaned before firing may have affected the testing outcome." For the real story of why and how Dr. King was murdered, read ORDERS TO KILL by William F. Pepper. -- (AP, 6/11/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

Vice President Al Gore has condemned "extreme individualism." As usual, Gore's further comments were wishy-washy; no one would accuse him of being an "extremist." (AP, 6/12/97) and (Conspiracy Nation)

Associated Press reports Congressman Gerald Solomon (R.-NY) saying electronic intercepts confirm that Clinton ally John Huang "committed economic espionage." It is now corroborated that Huang passed classified info to the Lippo Group while working as a high-level Commerce Department employee. The Lippo Group, says AP, "has substantial dealings with [Red] China."

Solomon also claims Huang "may have had even more exposure to classified information than we had previously known."

Here is what probably happened. Huang, connected to Lippo Group (and to Red China?), leaves Lippo and raises funds for Clinton. Clinton gets elected, and Huang's reward is a high-level security clearance and Commerce Department job. Then Huang sends classified info to the Lippo Group, and at least some of that information gets passed along to Red China. AND: Was John Huang actually an agent for Red China, or do you think the "chinks" are too dumb to have hatched such a plot?

The Chinese are wonderful people; I have known several. But what is Red China up to? And why, incidentally, are they helping to arm street gangs here in the U.S.?

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