Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 69
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

The Red Chinese Secret Police are called Te-Wu. They have been operating in the U.S. since at least 1956. After the close of the Korean War, the Chinese vowed to punish the U.S. for drawing the Chinese into the bloody conflict by the U.S. military going too close to the boundary line, the Yalu River. In the beginning, the Chinese operatives infiltrated here, posing as science students and laboratory technicians.

Strange, but the American CIA and the FBI did nothing to stop numerous violent acts -- murder and mayhem, apparently committed by these secret operatives on U.S. soil. A small team of former U.S. intelligence agents began, on their own, tracking these events. To no avail, they offered their detailed reports to the federal government.

By the time of the Nixon presidency, resuming diplomatic relations with mainland China, the Chinese have had one of the largest diplomatic delegations in the U.S., a large portion being their Secret Police.

Besides committing violence and bloodshed here, they have been stealing U.S. military and industrial secrets. The First National Bank of Chicago, a Rockefeller enterprise, has made billions and billions of dollars of loans to China, that promised to pay back with gold supposedly from their remote, western provinces.

The Chinese did not supply the gold, so arrangements were made to help them pay back the Rockefellers. How? By a flood coming into the U.S. through the Chicago area, of "China White," high-purity heroin. The narcotics police, like the DEA, do nothing about this dope coming in through Chicago suburban airports. The smuggling is orchestrated reportedly by a Rockefeller agent, Jim Thompson, once chief federal prosecutor in Chicago and for 14 years he had been Illinois Governor. He is chairman of the law firm Winston & Strawn, a secret group of which are [allegedly] the brains of the operation. A key partner of the firm's Washington office has been Beryl Anthony, brother-in-law of the late Vincent W. Foster, Jr., Clinton White House deputy counsel whose death, some say, was murder.

The head of the Red Chinese Secret Police for North America actually lives in the Midwest. He reportedly has direct communications links to the Clinton White House. Linked to him reportedly is a professional person apparently spying on the super-secret Trident Nuclear Submarine Base at Bremerton, Washington.

The head of Te-Wu from Beijing is Wang Jun. He also heads up the Red Chinese government weapons export company, Poly Group, actually owned by the Chinese military. They have been bringing into the U.S. loads of AK-47 submachinne guns, making them available to inner city narco-terrorist street gangs. The U.S. Customs Service claims they lack the manpower to inspect the great flood of Chinese goods coming into the U.S. Hey, who is trying to foment a civil war here?

From time to time, the Red Chinese Secret Police Chief, Wang Jun,
has met with President Clinton in the White House. Clinton has
committed treason by sharing with him military and other U.S.
secrets in violation of national security.

And who is the attorney for Wang Jun? Why, Kenneth Starr, who is also the Whitewater Independent Counsel supposedly investigating the Clintons. Yet, Starr himself is subject to arrest for being an unregistered foreign lobbyist for the Red Chinese government.

Some claim Vice President Al Gore knows all about this, and in conjunction with some in the military, under the military code and under the 25th Amendment, is planning someday to arrest Commander-in-Chief and President William Jefferson Clinton for treason. {1} Stay tuned.

---------------------------<< Notes >>--------------------------- {1} And some claim Veep Al Gore is just a wishy-washy politician. Gore sure was Bill Clinton's yes man when he helped push NAFTA. Readers may recall Gore's debate with Ross Perot on "Larry King Live." Remember how Gore pulled that cute stunt of giving Perot a picture of Smoot and Hawley? "Here, Perot," says Gore, "here is a picture of Smoot and Hawley. They were 'protectionists' like you." Tell me, Gore: Did you think up that stunt on your own?

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