Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 79
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Editor-in-Chief of The American Spectator Magazine, makes the following predictions in a mass mailing received July 24, 1997.

** "...the Clinton White House is going to go sky-high... Americans are going to be stunned as crime after crime is exposed."

** "Not one -- but several major scandals are certain to rock the Clinton White House this year."

** Hillary Clinton "will be indicted." [CN: Mort Kondracke, on PBS's "McLaughlin Group" said just the opposite, that Hillary will not be indicted.]

** A "tidal wave of indictments" is "about to swamp the White House."

** The Mena drug conspiracy will involve "not one, but TWO, American presidents."

** The mainstream media knows "something bad is happening to 'their boy [Bill Clinton],' but they just seem unable to stop it. Well, here's a 'news bulletin' -- THEY CAN'T. The Clinton presidency is now far beyond the point where a friendly press corps can save it. No one can. Bill Clinton is going to fight, cry, rage and strike back at his opponents. He's going to turn the country inside-out to save his skin."

American Spectator publisher Ronald E. Burr agrees:

"Very soon there will be two kinds of Americans... (1) Those who are stunned by the enormity and scope of Bill Clinton's crimes, once they are fully exposed. (2) Those who knew the truth all along. As I write, our nation is headed toward epochal events, the likes of which we have not witnessed since Watergate. Millions of Americans will end up shaking their heads and thinking, 'Compared to Clinton, Nixon was a choirboy.'"

Conspiracy Nation would like to note at this point that it neither necessarily agrees nor disagrees with the above predictions. Given the relative stature of Tyrrell and the American Spectator (actually fairly good, considering some of their past scoops) their predictions are worthy of notice. A mass-circulation publication such as American Spectator must have some fairly decent sources, and Tyrrell/Spectator may know quite a bit. On the other hand, if Tyrrell/Spectator prove wrong, their enemies can rub the above predictions in their face.

Other items of note in the 7/24/97 mass-mailing:

** The White House has had a "plan to smear Whitewater special prosecutor Ken Starr," says Tyrrell.

** According to Tyrrell, then-Governor Clinton "dipped into" $6 Billion worth of Arkansas pension funds and is now planning to raid American's retirement savings to fund his political machine.

** Clinton insider Betsy Wright suffered or still suffers from clinical depression, apparently brought on by her exhausting association with the President. (Not wishing to attach any stigma to Ms. Wright, as clinical depression can happen to anyone; I include this item because it is an indicator: Vince Foster also, according to some, suffered from some sort of anxiety/depression before his death in July of 1993. The reported Wright depression could have been brought on by a psychic upheaval, where Wright became overwhelmed by the reality of Bill Clinton.)

Late breaking: Reports that 4 Buddhist nuns connected to questionable "campaign contributions" (bribes) funneled through Vice-President Al Gore have been granted some sort of immunity. This eases the way for their testimony before the Senate committee investigating shady campaign finances. Bearing in mind scenarios spelled out by Sherman Skolnick and "Tom in Venice," is this the prelude to an ouster of Al Gore? Remember that the Skolnick et al. scenario was (a) Gore forced out (b) Sen. Jay Rockefeller appointed Vice President (c) Clinton forced out (d) Jay Rockefeller becomes President without an election.

Is the removal of Al Gore such a high price to pay for getting rid of Clinton? This editor questions the view of "Tom in Venice," that Al Gore is some sort of "knight in shining armor."

Also, the Conspiracy Nation scenario has been and is that Bill Clinton will be made the "fall guy" for economic collapse. Don't be misled by rose-colored "news" reports of the Greenspan/Federal Reserve/Congress "love in" now taking place in Washington, DC. Hardly reported by the TV networks (with CBS alone, to my knowledge, offering at least scanty coverage) was DISSENT expressed by Congress Critters directly in the face of Mr. Greenspan. (This biased press coverage was underscored by Rep. Barney Frank's opening remarks, in which he pointed out that 95 percent of mainstream reportage on those disagreeing with Fed policies called their dissent "Fed bashing" and/or other implicitly dismissive pejoratives.) REMEMBER: BILL CLINTON IS JUST A STOOGE. As Larry Nichols pointed out long ago, "Bill Clinton is not the power. He's just a cheap tin man." The real power, says Nichols (and I agree), stands in the shadows. But when this false economy comes down, those in the shadows aren't going to take heat from furious Americans; Bill Clinton now stands in the wings, ready to step forward for his final role of having rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at him.

And don't be misled either by "Dow Tops 8000." The unreal stock market highs are the most alarming news of all.

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