Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 82
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


By Sherman H. Skolnick

Hundreds and hundreds of documents have been obtained by us purporting to incriminate George Bush acting jointly with Bill and Hillary Clinton in various efforts with their confederates to foment foreign wars, topple governments not favored by the spy agencies, and carry out political assassinations. The records show a pattern of bank accounts, intelligence agency "front" companies, called proprietaries, and the transfers of huge funds arranged and carried out by a super money-handler, namely Vincent W. Foster, Jr., for some ten years before he became briefly, in 1993, Clinton White House Deputy Counsel.

The bank checks, made out to "cash" and signed by Foster, are written in the millions of dollars on banks as far flung as Hong Kong, Singapore, Iraq, Kuwait, Spain, France, and elsewhere. The dates on the documents start about 1983 and end shortly before the strange death of Foster (some say murder) in July, 1993.

Retired intelligence sources, who have examined the documents and have been aware of their existence for some time, contend the records are genuine and tend to show high-level criminal activities, perceived by some as treasonous:

** ITEM: George Bush, Henry Kissinger & Associates, and others, reportedly implicated in setting off the downfall of the Yugoslav government in Belgrade at the same time financing the civil war in Bosnia, including financing clandestine weapons shipments to the combatants.

** ITEM: Use of an Arkansas state agency, while Bill Clinton was Governor, to transfer millions of dollars to foreign bank accounts for covert activities that apparently included political assassinations forbidden under the CIA guidelines following the U.S. Senate investigations of the spy agency in the 1970s. The Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) was apparently a front for the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the National Security Agency (NSA). As the head of a secret team of NSA, Foster had a rank equivalent to general and almost unlimited authority to arrange, transfer, and allocate huge funds, under the supervision of Henry Hyde, head of the CIA "black budget" at the same time he has been a congressman from the Chicago area. Foster was the signatory on many of the documents.

** ITEM: Foster headed a clandestine team that included George Bush and Ollie North, together with Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Webster Hubbell, former Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, former Little Rock mayor, and third-in-command of the Justice Department in Clinton's first term as President.

** ITEM: Hillary Clinton was reportedly a director of a weapons firm in which George Bush was a principal owner. On a clandestine basis they supplied weapons to Iraq, including ingredients for the manufacture by the Bagdad government of poison gas.

** ITEM: The documents were reportedly unearthed by Lisa Foster's step-son, Neal Cooper Moody, from his stepmother's properties. Moody, 29, became her step-son when the widow of Vince Foster remarried to James Maxwell Moody, an Arkansas lawyer. Lisa, upon being married, had Neal and his father move into her house, and pressured President Clinton to appoint her new husband as Federal District Judge in Arkansas. Clinton was quick to make the appointment since he was aware of the documents.

Neal Moody reportedly told close friends in August, 1996, that he had certain "records" and was about to be rich. The young Moody met with a reporter from the Washington Post, believed to be Bob Woodward of Watergate fame or someone on his behalf. [CN: A copy of this article, "Foster's Documents" by Sherman H. Skolnick, has been faxed to Mr. Woodward, and his comments are awaited. In case he has lost or somehow not received this article, you may want to fax an extra copy to him at 202-334-6581.]

The younger Moody was reportedly promised a million dollars by the Washington Post who ostensibly promised to go with the story on the second day of the Democrat Convention in Chicago. As Moody understood the plan, he was to be available either inside the Convention Hall or right nearby, so that the 15,000 journalists from all over the world gathered there would be bound to interview him and go with the story. The publicity was planned to torpedo Clinton's expected re-nomination by the Convention. Al Gore, then Vice-President, was to be the replacement nominee for U.S. President. Gore apparently was made aware of the documents and/or knew about Neal Cooper Moody. The scheme did not work, in that Moody was murdered on the Sunday before the opening day of the Convention. Authorities claimed his car somehow, in Little Rock, lurched from a parking lot near a restaurant into a concrete abutment. Investigators found out that there was not enough distance from where the car started to get up to speed to cause his death. Witnesses claim he had been sitting in the car arguing with someone. Moody alone was found dead in the auto.

** ITEM: Some contend that a group of top U.S. military brass want something done against their Commander-in-Chief, Bill Clinton, who they accuse of treason, and have been planning to arrest him under provisions of the Military Code. They apparently also would join with Vice President Al Gore to remove Clinton under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, in that Clinton is unfit and cannot carry out his duties under the Constitution as President and has committed treason against the American people. Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr has been covering up the Neal Moody documents since the beginning of his appointment in 1994. His excuse? It would tend to scandalize the U.S. government. (Also, Kenneth Starr is reportedly an unregistered lobbyist for Red China, subject himself to arrest.)

And, all this relates to a recent extended meeting between Vice President Al Gore and Chicago Mayor Richie Daley.

(More-independent commentators and journalists are urged to discuss this news, as the monopoly press no doubt will suppress this story. Contact Sherman H. Skolnick at 773-375-5741.)

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Since 1963, Mr. Skolnick has been founder/chairman, Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing stories on judicial bribery, political corruption, etc. He heads up a public access cable TV program in Chicago, on-going since 1991, reaching some 400,000 viewers. Updates of his comments are available via recorded message, normal phone rates with no surcharge, at 773-731-1100. Office: 9800 S. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL 60617-4870, or phone 773-375-5741.

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