Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 83
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")


. . . To Crusades

       . . . To Nazis
             . . . Through Paraguay and the Phillipines
                   . . . And Now Leads To Austria

In a phone conversation with "Ru Mills" (pseudonym) on August 9, 1997, she let me in on what she has heard, learned, and speculated upon about a maze of gold smuggling carried on through the centuries.

The gold, says Ru, originated in the legendary King Solomon's Mines. Circa 12th-Century, that site was discovered and its location became known to a select few. That group propagated the Crusades: ostensibly a religious undertaking whose purpose was to rescue the Holy Land from the Moslem "infidel," but actually a cover for secret relocation of gold and ancient books from Solomon's Mines to Austria.

In Austria, the treasure of gold and library of priceless texts (said to rival the legendary collection once held in Alexandria) was hidden away deep within the Festun Castle, near Salzburg, Austria. According to Ru Mills, the alchemical quest of the Middle Ages, where some were supposed to have knowledge on how to transmute base metals into gold, was actually just another subterfuge to disguise the real source for the sudden influx of gold. The recovery of King Solomon's vast library would also explain the leap in esoteric knowledge at that time. Dating from about that time is also, according to Ms. Mills, a long-time insider well-acquainted with covert machinations, the connection of the Austrian Royal Family with the Knights Templar.

In 1938, Adolph Hitler and the National Socialists (Nazis) "annexed" Austria -- the Anchluss. It will mean "peace in our time," exulted then-British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, regarding his betrayal of Austria in promised return for cessation of further Nazi land grabs in Europe. World War II Nazi Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of their intelligence organization, Abwehr, was also, says Ru Mills, then-head of the Knights Templar. Admiral Canaris reportedly began taking plane trips about twice a month to Spain, via Switzerland. In Switzerland, Canaris unloaded what seemed to be gold bars into Swiss bank vaults secretly registered to Hitler and the Nazis. But according to Ru Mills, the supposed gold being unloaded in Switzerland was really only cheap metal painted over with gold. Reportedly the actual gold -- much of it from the Austrian treasure trove -- travelled on to Spain. (For further background, Ms. Mills suggests a book named, "The Canaris Conspiracy.")

The gold was kept in Spain, a nation then under the domination of the Nazi-friendly dictator Francisco Franco, until the end of World War II. Then the gold was reportedly smuggled out, by submarines, to Paraguay. In this allegation there is some corroboration: recall Conspiracy Nation Vol. 6 Num. 89 (CN 6.89) where Trenton Parker also insists that Nazi gold was hidden in Spain. Parker's scenario, however, has the gold staying in Spain after World War II, then being converted into South African Krugerands in the 1970s when Franco finally died. Ru Mills explained the apparent discrepancy in accounts, but I forget exactly how. (Stay tuned to Conspiracy Nation for updates.)

According to Ru Mills, in 1954 word leaked out that the gold was hidden in Paraguay, so it had to be moved again. The horde was taken to the Phillipines, where aboriginal natives were tricked into believing it had been placed there by "Gods from the sky" and that it was their duty to protect it. Certificates proving ownership of the gold were also stashed in the Phillipines.

Forces in Austria wanted the gold back. It was feared, says Ru Mills, that openly recovering the treasure might lead to claims by Israel that the gold rightfully belonged to them; that it originated not in King Solomon's Mines but rather from Jews murdered by the Nazis in their death camps. Clearly, to get the gold back to Austria, savvy intelligence-type operatives would be needed.

Enter Gunther Russbacher. His father, claims Ru, was one of the Canaris conspirators, connected to an attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler. Karl Russbacher, Gunther's father, reportedly faked his death in 1944 to avoid revenge from Hitler. In the U.S. State Department, Cordell Hull is said to have hated "Wild Bill" Donovan of the OSS -- forerunner of the CIA. When President Roosevelt favored Donovan in that feud, Hull allegedly created his own intelligence agency within the State Department, known as "Consular Ops." Hull and his Consular Ops reportedly assisted Karl Russbacher, helping smuggle him into the United States after he faked his death. Later, at age 11, Ru Mills was introduced to Gunther Russbacher, then aged 17. Since Ru Mills' grandfather is linked to Cordell Hull, and Hull reportedly helped Karl Russbacher's father enter America, was this youthful introduction between young Gunther and Ru arranged for a specific purpose, such as a planned eventual marriage between two up-and-coming families?

One of shady-character Charles Hayes' girlfriends, known as "the Revlon model," also, says Ms. Mills, just happens to be Gunther Russbacher's half-sister. Hayes, you will recall from past issues of CN, was convicted and sent to jail under suspicious circumstances -- to say the least! And the real Gunther Russbacher is God knows where at the moment. Is he the new Director of Covert Ops for CIA, and a double is living with "Jane?" (See CN 10.81 for background. "Jane," by the way, may have had close contact with Father Malachi Martin, said by some to have once headed Vatican intelligence.)

Listening to Ru Mills' narration brought to mind early conversations I'd had with Sherman Skolnick: one thing would lead to another until the situation seemed hopelessly complicated. Yet I am confident that given time, slowly and surely the picture will come into focus. At any rate, we now have gold to be smuggled into Austria, Gunther Russbacher, and Ru Mills who, she says, only gets bits and pieces of what goes on, partly through tangential contact with the actual players involved. The gold is and/or was said to be going through an area north of Athens, Greece, on its way back to Austria. In Greece, reportedly, a smelter is converting it into a more easily-disguisable form.

Ru Mills speculated that Israel may be somewhat knowledgeable about the recent history of the gold horde. If so, a deal may have been worked out whereby that embattled nation gets a portion of the gold and/or access to secret Swiss accounts.

Ru made a minor correction to my last report. According to her fax source, August will be the month of the long knives, and not the night of the long knives as I had erroneously reported. Late-breaking news from the fax source is that the crash of Flight 801 in Guam is the beginning of things to come, vis a vis previous predictions of political upheaval in August and through the Fall.

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