Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 10  Num. 98
                     ("Quid coniuratio est?")

U.K., French, Journalists Confide:


This is Sherman Skolnick.

In the last few days I have interviewed, extensively, well-informed United Kingdom (UK), French, and other journalists. (And I promised never to use their names because of the nature of what was discussed.) They told me that many of the distinguished journalists in the United Kingdom are aware, from their own reliable sources in key places in the government and elsewhere, that British Intelligence had assassinated Princess Diana.

They went over details, of the specifics of how they, as journalists, from their sources (separate from me), know about the technical information on how the assassination was carried out.

But first of all, we have to discuss why the real story is not being told, in print, or on the radio, or on television, in the UK.

Not many know that in the UK they have the Official Secrets Act. By that Act, the London government has the power, throughout the UK, to order that certain subjects are absolutely forbidden to be discussed. Currently, the forbidden subject is any discussion of possible foul play in the death of Princess Diana and her intended husband Dodi Fayed.

Further than that, any discussion is forbidden about how the Official Secrets Act exactly works. When there is a subject that an editor, publisher, or station manager believes would be covered by the Official Secrets Act, they must immediately inform the London government. And if the London government issues what they call a "D Notice," then these media outlets throughout the UK are not only forbidden to go forward with any story that they're working on; but also, the D Notice serves as a potential seizure: it authorizes the UK, through their various operatives, to immediately seize and close down any printing plant that is in the process of printing such a story, any radio station, or any radio or TV transmitter. They are immediately seized by the London government, closed down, and the publisher, the editor, and the key personnel (including the writer of the story) are immediately put under arrest.

And the worst part of it is, the rest of the media is not even allowed to mention that these people have been arrested and their publishing and transmitting facilities seized. In other words, it is forbidden to discuss the D Notice and also forbidden to discuss the technical operation of the Official Secrets Act. So, there is censorship regarding the instruments of censorship.

The journalists I spoke with generally agree with what I found out from other sources about how Diana was assassinated. Apparently another car, a supposed "decoy car" which was to protect her, in fact carried agents of British Intelligence. It came up behind the Mercedes which Diana and the others were in and hit it in some way. And there was already an arrangement through others that a chemical slick was put on the roadway within the tunnel. Ahead of the slick, a heavy construction truck, on signal, backed into the tunnel and dropped or placed an obstruction of a very heavy nature in the roadway. So any which way it turned around, the Diana car could not have gotten away.

Thereafter, British Intelligence planted disinformation (and continues to do so) throughout the world. (For example, "The car came from a junkyard; it was formerly stolen; it's a defective car," "The driver was drunk," "The speedometer was stuck at 120; the car was going over 100 mph.") There's been a flood of these fake stories promoted worldwide by British Intelligence, in which the CIA has seen to it that the American press replicates these stories.

Leading journalists in the UK agree with stories by me and others that Diana was assassinated. And the simple reason for the murder is, British Intelligence is pledged to protect the monarchy. The monarchy was not going to have a new step-father for the heir to the throne, Prince William; they weren't going to have a Moslem.

Further than that, it comes out that Diana had already been given an engagement ring by Dodi Fayed. What has not come out is that she was 3-months pregnant.

So when you put that together, British Intelligence, under their rules, was "justified" in wiping these people out for the purposes of the monarchy, protection of the realm, and "national security."

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