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[Editor's note: Fred Celeni (pronounced suh-LAN-ee) worked as a federal intelligence agent, he says, for the office of U.S. Congressman John D. Dingell. Celeni was interviewed for public access television in Los Angeles, and that interview was later re-broadcast on Sherman Skolnick's television program, "Broadsides," in Chicago. Following is my own abbreviated transcript of Celeni's remarks. (Possible spelling errors exist and are not noted.)]


INTERVIEWER [continues]: We have another interesting situation. In August of 1994, you got a call from your old friend and cohort, Nathan Arnold, Jr. What did he tell you?

FRED CELENI: He said that he needed some advice. I said, "Why?" He said that a couple of months ago they had been involved in a situation where Mark Fuhrman had gone off. I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "The same thing as McCullough." And I started laughing. And I said, "I hope you didn't leave your fingerprint on the door knob again." (Because during this McCullough murder, they left their fingerprint on the latch that shuts the lock on the front door.)

INTERVIEWER: Tell us some details about that McCullough murder.

FRED CELENI: The McCullough murder was an intelligence operation for narcotics. These guys were involved: Mark Fuhrman, Tom Lange, and Nathan Arnold, Jr. During the course of an interrogation of an old woman in Santa Monica, it got out of control. And this old woman had her head cut off, with a knife. And this knife was a very large Bowie knife. And Mr. Arnold was well-known for carrying this Bowie knife.

If you look at the murder book (a murder book is a file, with all the pictures and information of a homicide) of the McCullough murder, and take a look at the murder book of Nicole Simpson, you can switch the photographs and it will be the same murder.

INTERVIEWER: Did Arnold ever admit to you that he had killed Nicole Simpson?

FRED CELENI: Yes, he did.

INTERVIEWER: What else did he tell you?

FRED CELENI: He indicated that they were following up on information for a woman named Faye Resnick. And Faye Resnick had been arrested in Las Vegas about a year before, by the Metro Task Force there along with the DEA. Possession of cocaine and possession of hashish.

INTERVIEWER: Was Faye Resnick a renowned sniffer?

FRED CELENI: Faye Resnick is a renowned freak. She sniffs cocaine; she sniffs dirty underwear. She sleeps with boys, girls, dogs, farm animals. Faye Resnick is a very strange piece of work. And that's a well-known fact.

-+- Video of the Ron & Nicole Murder -+-

And that evening, they had gone over to the house; there were four people: Tom Lange, Mark Fuhrman, Nathan Arnold, Jr., and another man, in a truck.

Now the truck that they used was a Bronco truck. The difference is that it didn't have a tire pit on the back. But what happened was, in the course of the investigation, Nicole got out of hand. Her dress was pulled down (she was wearing a slip/nightie kind of dress), and some words got said. She said to Nathan Arnold, "You niggers like to see white women's tits." He slapped her. She fell back, onto a couch. And just as he went for her, they got a call on the radio that said that someone was coming in the front gate. And Mr. Lange was waiting outside. Mr. Fuhrman and Nathan Arnold were inside.

They then proceeded out of the house. At this point, as they come out the front door, the truck has a dash-mounted video camera. And you can see on the tape (it's in black-and-white; there's no sound), you see her start down the steps. He's standing behind her, holding his arm around her.

INTERVIEWER: Nathan Arnold's holding Nicole?


And they go down the steps and disappear behind a bush or a tree.

INTERVIEWER: You've =seen= the video?

FRED CELENI: I've seen it on one occasion.

What happened was, you see a scuffle. You can see a bald(?) individual because the light from the windows is hitting his head. And he's fighting with somebody. You can't tell who that somebody is...

INTERVIEWER: You've got to presume it's Ron Goldman.

FRED CELENI: You have to presume that.

And this individual goes down. You then see Mr. Arnold come back and take her by the hair, and pull her and slice her.

INTERVIEWER: Is Goldman killed first?

FRED CELENI: Mr. Goldman died first.

INTERVIEWER: Who killed him?

FRED CELENI: Well the estimation, if you watch the tape, is that it was Tom Lange and Nathan Arnold. My guess is that it would be Nathan Arnold, and the reason I say that is because of the knife wounds.

INTERVIEWER: How can Nathan Arnold be holding Nicole and cutting Ron's head off at the same time?

FRED CELENI: What happened was, as they came down the stairs, he put her into Fuhrman's arms. And Fuhrman locked his arms around her.

You've got to see Nathan Arnold. Nathan Arnold (and I don't mean this in a racial way) is a gorilla. He is 6 foot 6. He has shoulders out to here, arms that are as big as your legs. He is a =big= son-of-a-gun. And if he hits you, one swipe with =anything=, he's gonna bring you down.

And you've got to understand that all this action, the entire videotape, lasts no more than a minute.

INTERVIEWER: So when Ron Goldman is killed, what does Nicole do? Is she screaming?

FRED CELENI: You can't see her; she's behind an obstruction.

INTERVIEWER: Did Nathan tell you that she was screaming?

FRED CELENI: No, what he said was that she was basically in shock.

And the FBI has that videotape.

INTERVIEWER: You assume then that Nicole Simpson was murdered because she witnessed a murder?

FRED CELENI: I don't think that they ever meant to kill anybody. I think it was just something that got out of hand.

If you talk to Nathan, Nathan tells this story. You've got to understand cop pride. Assuming that Mr. Goldman is who's in that video: first of all, he got the best of them, it's as simple as that. Apparently what happened is, as he came through the gate he had his back to wherever Lange was standing. And as Lange came forward, according to what I've been told he did not identify himself as a police officer. So Goldman thought it was a mugging.

-+- Frame-Up of O.J. Simpson -+-

INTERVIEWER: Nathan Arnold, in August 1994, two months after the murder, told you some more details about a frame-up of O.J. Simpson.

FRED CELENI: What happened was, they went to O.J. Simpson's property. Now if you listen to the limousine driver, he describes a large, black male coming over a fence. Well the large, black male is not O.J. Simpson; the large, black male is Nathan Arnold, Jr. That's who came over the fence. But he was inside that house.

INTERVIEWER: Nathan has admitted this to you?


He was inside that house at the time Simpson came home. (Simpson was at a fast food restaurant.) Simpson had nothing to do with that murder.

INTERVIEWER: How did Simpson get in his house, then, without the limo driver seeing him?

FRED CELENI: He came in the other gate. There's two gates: a front gate and a side gate. And the limo driver (if you pay attention to the limo driver's story), he got back in the car. He wasn't paying attention to everything that went on.

INTERVIEWER: Did Nathan Arnold explain at all the "thump, thump, thump" heard by Kato Kaelin?

FRED CELENI: No, we never really got into that subject. But according to [an FBI source], here's what he says. He says that Fuhrman was so out of control that, his hair was sticking out, he was running around like a madman. So I'm gonna guess who the "thump, thump, thump" is. But you have to know Mark Fuhrman in order to understand the events of that night.

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