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KINSEY, CRIMES & CONSEQUENCES: The Red Queen & The Grand Scheme By Judith A. Reisman
The Institute For Media Education, Arlington, Va* 326 PAGES; soft cover; $24.95 US

Reisman's latest research on the man who seduced America Presents sinister material . . . .

"No man of our century may have contributed so much to the public acceptance of his own private disordered imagination and harmed America and all of its citizens as much as Indiana University sexologist Alfred C. Kinsey" -- Dr. Judith A. Reisman

KINSEY, CRIMES & CONSEQUENCES: The Red Queen & The Grand Scheme By Judith A. Reisman . . . Reviewed by Kevin E. Abrams Alberta & BC Reports, Canada, June 29, 1998

The 1960s sexual revolution was based on the most elaborate and carefully crafted scientific fraud of this century, writes author Judith Reisman. Early sexologist Alfred C. Kinsey, with his two famous reports of just 50 years ago, seemingly legitimized both profligacy and deviancy, and thus established "the sexual license he [personally] espoused." Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male (1948) and its female equivalent (1953) kicked off no-fault divorce, the wife-swapping era, the gay rights movement, classroom sex education, sex "therapy" as growth industry, explicit imagery in the media and entertainment industry, and an avalanche of pornography and obscenity.

Although Kinsey, was a sexual revolutionary, Dr. Reisman contends he was falsely portrayed by Indiana University where he worked, and the Rockefeller Foundation which funded him, as just a normal American guy/husband/family man who simply 'discovered' that 'really' most American men commonly engaged in sexually aberrant and outlaw behaviour. Kinsey's 'research' alleged that 10% of American males were homosexual, that all of us were bisexual, that children were sexual from birth and could engage in sexual activity with adults without harm, plus a whole broad spectrum of things taught today in our schools and practiced today in courts of law as fact and as true... It was fraud then, it is fraud now and it revolutionized this nation and turned us into Kinsey's [psychological] clones."

His "Grand Scheme" was to eliminate normal families in favour of selective breeding predicated upon racial and sexual eugenics, Dr. Reisman charges, and his "scientific conclusions" were concocted to advance it. The reference is to the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland who wanted the sentence (beheading) carried out first and the verdict anounced afterwards.

Disturbing information about Kinsey's work and private life has been accumulating since his death in 1956 at age 62. (The official cause was pneumonia due to overwork, but his extensive homosexual and sadmasochistic activities were likely contributors.) Dr. Reisman revealed much of it in 1990, for example, in Kinsey, Sex and Fraud. Even last years resolutely non-condemnatory biography by fellow Indiana University scholar James H. Jones---Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life (Norton)---is replete with gruesomely shocking details.

Kinsey: Crime and Consequences cannot be described as noncondemnatory. Its central figure, Dr. Reisman asserts, "fits the classic definition of a sexual psychopath." Had the public known that he and his male population were sexually abnormal, the popular use of their data to change [our] law, education and public policy would have come to a screeching halt..." But he blackmailed into silence associates who knew about "his extensive use of deviants, his large prison population or, worse, his active child molesters."

Still, she thinks, his "findings" should have roused suspicion. "When I first read Kinsey's research, I thought this man is not reporting on America -- he's reporting on himself and then projecting that onto the nation. Kinsey prostituted his own wife Clara....into acts of sodomy with fellow 'researchers,' which Kinsey filmed. He seduced his own students at Indiana University -- male, not female, students. He devised sexual activities with his 'co-workers,' who then became his co-authors. He [personally] engaged in violent sadistic activity, in which he harmed himself terribly...and appears to have died, frankly, as a result of the trauma to his body."

But his famed reports were carefully phrased to obscure the fact that words like "contacts," "partners" and "sex play" could signify grown men sodomizing children. He was also both racist and cautious about his colleagues, avoiding Jews, blacks and moral traditionalists. Dr. Reisman quotes Kinsey co-author Wardell Pomeroy, (Kinsey and The Institute for Sex Research, Harper & Row 1972), on his hiring technique: "As usual...we took his sexual history first...[Then] Kinsey put down his pen and said, 'I don't think you want to work for us.' 'But I do,' the researcher insisted. 'Well, Kinsey observed, 'you have just said that premarital intercourse might lead to later difficulties in marriage, that extramarital relations would break up a marriage, that homosexuality is abnormal, and intercourse with animals is ludicrous. Apparently you have all the answers. Why do you want to do research?'"

Biographer Jones describes Kinsey as "one of the scholarly eugenicists of pre-WW II" who favoured mass sterilization for the lower classes and selective breeding for the "better classes." Moreover, Judith Reisman emphasizes, the Rockefeller Foundation was early interested in population control and in using the media to popularize it. The Reece Committee, investigating U.S. tax-exempt foundations in 1953-54, concluded that this "plutocratic control" was accomplished by "funding the 'right' university research by the 'right' researchers, then by funding mass media dissemination of the 'right' science data to the public..." Kinsey's numbers made him a perfect fit for anyone eager to alter what he would call human "breeding patterns."

Dr. Reisman, a specialist in content analysis studies of written and visual media, lost many family members in the Holocaust. In that context she raises further sinister questions about Kinsey's data. For instance, who was the "lone pedophile," the "elderly gentleman," cited by Kinsey for his sexual molestation of 800 children? Who were "The Children of Table 34" and what became of them? How did Kinsey's "technically trained" observers gain access to the claimed 1,800 American children for illegal genital experiments? "To this day," she observes, "the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University have repeatedly... refused to reveal any names of the subjects or the experimenters..." Nor has any one of these children ever come forth, although the institute seems an excellent target for lawsuits.

Even in the destitute 1930s, at the cited rate of a dollar a day, she doubts that children as young as three months were obtainable in such numbers around Bloomington, Indiana. She suggests an ominous but credible alternative: a collaborative link between Kinsey and Nazi Germany, then a police state where such "experimentation" could have easily been conducted "as part of an on-going collegial, cross-cultural, multinational, `fact-finding' research project." She cites significant links, such as one George Sylvester Viereck who worked for the German Embassy in Washington D.C. Viereck established Nazi front groups, and is known to have been a Kinsey correspondent. Furthermore, the Rockefeller Foundation was simultaneously funding eugenics projects in Berlin.

Kinsey consistently kept secret his hypotheses and the basic facts upon which his conclusions rested, Dr. Reisman charges. "Neither Kinsey nor any of his team can rightly be termed `scientists.' Their methodology was not scientific, for it was neither able to be replicated nor validated. Their data was anonymous, forced, secretly altered at will and fraudulent. With the aid of the elite academic world and institutions and the support of public funds and the social planning foundations, Kinsey and his associates, who served as his own private male harem, conducted thousands of sexual interviews to present a false view of American sexual behaviours."

Amazingly, however, use of Kinsey data as authoritative has never been seriously challenged--until now. It must not continue, Dr. Reisman declares: "There [must] be a full and open public investigation into Kinsey's fraudulent data and its impact upon lawmakers, the military, the church, the press, the academic world, the family and all our institutions."

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Kevin E. Abrams
Vancouver-based writer Kevin E. Abrams is co-author with Scott Lively of THE PINK SWASTIKA: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party.

**Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences* can be ordered by calling 1-800-837-0544

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