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SWISSAIR FLIGHT 111: Accident or Sabotage?

Part of Murder Plot Against Al Gore?

By Sherman H. Skolnick

One of the most suppressed subjects of aviation and elsewhere is "The History of Airplane Sabotage". In 1973, I wrote and sought to have published a book by that title. It was stopped in the print cycle and never available in book form. At the time, every airline wanted to hang me, including United Air Lines, the parent firm of which had then as its largest stockholder the Rockefeller family.

Among the topics in the book was a documented study of United Air Lines FLIGHT 553 (see "Everything Is Under Control" by Robert Anton Wilson), which pancaked just short of Chicago's Midway Airport, one month after Nixon was re-elected President, in 1972. Murdered by way of the sabotaged disaster, or later killed on the ground by an elite FBI team, were 12 Watergate figures on that flight, including Dorothy Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt.

On a separate, paid-for first class seat right near her, Mrs. Hunt had a suitcase with two million dollars in money orders and cashier's checks, traceable to Tricky Dick [Nixon]. (To aid blackmailers, the suitcase was stolen from the crash site by mobsters specializing in airline baggage thefts, and re-sold on the blackmarket for 5 million dollars, above the face value of the securities inside the suitcase. Nixon or his cronies had to buy back the contents for a huge price. The reputed thieves, the Joseph Sarelli gang, were later silenced by being prosecuted for an unrelated airline baggage theft of great valuables. Having already investigated the Sarelli gang, I was the only reporter at the trial.)

Mrs. Hunt, among other things, was the courier of Nixon White House "hush money", conveyed to witnesses who knew too much about Nixon's grab to be an Imperial President. Her husband, reportedly himself in some way linked to the conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy, had reportedly blackmailed Nixon on his role in or near Dallas in November, 1963, Nixon being part of a high-level group meeting on a ranch outside Dallas to arrange and supervise the hit.

The motive for blowing out JFK's brains? The oil monopolists, the secret political police like FBI and CIA, aided by Chicago gangsters assisting CIA, perceived JFK as a closet Communist. (He was not.) Wiping him out was thought to be "patriotic".

Because of threats of harm against us by FBI, to stop our work uncovering foul play in the Watergate Plane Crash, including that we had "liberated" the entire government file of 1300 pages of documents and pictures supporting our contention of sabotage, I and an associate of mine fled to Canada where we sought political asylum. The worldwide publicity of our plight, however, enabled me to safely return to Chicago, my lifelong residence.

Since 1963 I have been the founder and chairman of Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, investigating, researching, and seeking to disclose certain instances of judicial bribery and political murder. For an example, since the early 1970s we had been studying what was labeled the Phoenix Project, assassination of supposedly key persons among civilians in Viet Nam. Headed by Director of Central Intelligence William Colby, it was a training apparatus how to snuff out dissidents. Also called Pegasus, they had groups of killers trained in specific methods of murder. In the 1980s, officers of the Office of Naval Intelligence, assigned to CIA, were part of "Operation Clydesdale". Their specialty? Murder disguised as something else, such as so-called vehicle "accidents". That is, arranging to push a target in a car into a culvert, like the murder of Karen Silkwood, a plutonium plant worker who wanted to publicize dangerous methods, violating safeguards. She was snuffed out on the way to meeting a New York Times reporter. (Remember my story, "Reporters and Assassins"; i.e. their interrelation.)

A key operative of "Operation Clydesdale", Gunther K. Russbacher, was, in effect, being thrown away by his bosses. Although he said he was a Naval Intelligence Commander, his bosses, by way of being rid of a deep cover operative like him, had him labeled in the press as a "con man". He was jailed in Missouri for basically operating an espionage money laundry, where huge sums appeared and disappeared.

Some who knew a lot about Russbacher concluded he was being parked in jail to protect him from the associates of those he and his teams murdered. His work included wiping out pedophiles, porno kings, dissidents, and "enemies of the state", perceived as being too time consuming and cumbersome to prosecute by lawful methods. Acting as both judge and jury, convincing themselves their work was "patriotic", they believed some of their targets had too much money to be easily put in prison. So Russbacher and others saved the time and money of government prosecutors, taking it upon themselves to cancel the Constitutional rights of their targets, and had the targeted vehicles pushed off cliffs, in front of trains, into trees, or some assassination less ordinary.

Their type of teams consisted of covert operatives, American, British, and some Israeli contract killers, CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence, MI-6, Division Five (FBI Counter-Intelligence), aides to the Mossad (Israeli intelligence), and others.

While he was in prison in Missouri in 1993, a lawyer friend of ours volunteered to seek to defend Russbacher on the "con man" charges. Spending about four months, interviewing Russbacher in jail, the lawyer made some 58 audio tapes, promising Russbacher not to reveal the same but nevertheless making them available to our research and investigation group.

That lawyer, Paul Wilcher, took up residence in the District of Columbia thereafter, and confronted Attorney General Janet Reno with a lengthy written report of various crimes committed by the U.S. government against the people of the United States. A month before the strange death of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., where he was found dead (was that really "suicide"? ---- or murder?), Wilcher himself had been found dead in his apartment sitting on the toilet. Law enforcement refused to investigate. How did Wilcher, six feet tall, not fall off the pot if that is where he died, before rigor mortis set in? The local coroner was just too busy to inquire. Russbacher had told friends of ours, before Wilcher's body was discovered, that WIlcher would be found dead as later discovered by a team of some 20 CIA, Justice Department, and other officials.

By the summer of 1997, teams of operatives, similar to those like Russbacher had served with in the past, were preparing to help the Queen of England resolve the sticky issue of divorced Princess Diana of Wales planning to re-marry to an Arah, Dodi al Fayed. Diana's oldest son, heir to the throne, someday would be King of England. Would Buckingham Palace tolerate an Arab step-father to the King?

"Operation Clydesdale"-style teams arranged to steal the Mercedes used by the Ritz Hotel in Paris, a hotel owned by Dodi's father, Mohammed al Fayed. They re-arranged the electronic mechanisms so that an external signal could cause the car to suddenly speed up and have the power steering turn to the left. A perfect arrangement for shoving the Mercedes at high speed into the steel pillar of a tunnel in Paris.

Killing Diana and her intended new husband that way would, in a sophisticated manner understood by profound thinkers, give her the final respect. She was slaughtered at the Pont de l'Alma bridge, traditional spot where the kings of Europe fought each other. According to legend, the winner was actually the one killed there and he went straight to Heaven and sat next to Jesus Christ.

Mentioned in an early story by me about American and British covert operatives that helped push the Mercedes into the pillar---using another car and a motorcyclist posing as a photographer to flash into the face of the Mercedes driver---was that some of the team was headquartered in Bristol, England and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Russbacher called me shortly after the tunnel incident story, stating he was "retired" in Bristol, does not do such work anymore, and said if I did not get off the Diana story, "Color yourself gone, Sherman." He said he still has connections in the States to attend to me. (I played the tape of that phone talk on some radio shows I was later on.)

Showing foul play or sabotage in a plane crash sometimes takes months, even years, or cannot be convincingly enough shown to stop simple-minded critics who do not know about such happenings from sneering.

Onboard Swissair 111 reportedly were part of an "Operation Clydesdale"-type team headed for Geneva, Switzerland, to link up with a K-Team, of Israeli contract killers, not representing the State of Israel or even necessarily the Mossad. There is believed to also have been on-board an opposing team.

Their apparent purpose: to carry out, or the opposing team to stop, an assassination plan to murder Vice President Al Gore, Jr., when he visited Moscow.

Among the casualties of the crash reportedly was Prince Bindar (or a body double). Prince Bindar is/was Saudi Ambassador to the United States. In most news reports his name was disguised through spaces omitted. Was this a motive to the crash, since he opposed Clinton? Bindar's mansion was just across the road from where the body of White House Aid Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was discovered. The sister of an important campaign finance investigation witness was scheduled to get on the plane but refused to board the flight. Did she know something?

There are twists and turns in the underlying circumstances. At this early stage we can only speculate as to what happened. Some Saudis and Kuwaitis, at this late date in world history, still practice chattel slavery. Reportedly, such slaves were being used as prostitutes in the basement of Prince Bindar's mansion, itself adjacent to Fort Marcy Park, where the body of Vince Foster was found in July 1993. Where, it can be asked, did Mr. Foster enjoy his last sexual pleasure, shortly before he died? Whose blonde hairs were all over Foster's corpse? "Independent" Prosecutors Robert Fiske and Ken Starr both failed to question Prince Bindar and his associates in their "investigations" of Foster's death, even though Bindar's mansion is right across the road from where the body was found.

More twists and turns: Early reports stated that a bomb had brought down Swissair 111 and that there were 35 survivors. (It remains to be seen whether the crash was the result of sabotage or was just an unfortunate accident.) Prince Bindar is linked to support for George Bush's Persian Gulf War of 1990-91. Supposed terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, however, was strongly opposed to the use of hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops in that region. Did bin Laden order the death of Prince Bindar? And what secret group uses sophisticated manipulations to steer intended victims =all= onto the same doomed plane? And why did a certain tennis star suddenly decide not to take the ill-fated flight -- was he steered away by the same secret group?

Swissair 111- sabotage or accident? We hope to tell you more about it. Stay tuned.

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