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"Mr. Skolnick:

I was moving two boards in the garage over to the wall on the other side. And I moved a big green bucket and found four containers: St. Mary's bag, yachting bag, brown bag, one other. I had two friends here who helped me move the boards (cement boards) and saw this. The briefcase brown bag had legal files in it, for my case. These were removed in the last few weeks to a month.

(signed) Jonathan Pollard, GYR."

The above cryptic message, purportedly written by Jonathan Pollard, will be interpreted later, in this issue of Conspiracy Nation. But before doing this, it is necessary to give some background to the Pollard case. Also, incidentally, Conspiracy Nation extends best wishes to both parties, Palestinians and Israelis, that the most hopeful news of their recent peace accord will bear fruit and that this accord will truly lead to peace.

Conspiracy Nation has covered the deeper implications of the Jonathan Pollard story for years now. In attempting to summarize all the information, the problem is -- where to begin? The story goes much deeper than just "Pollard: A Spy Who Got Caught." It begins with the OCTOBER SURPRISE, moves from there to IRAN-CONTRA, involves the late VINCE FOSTER, and includes the classic series of articles written by J. Orlin Grabbe: "NSA, Foster, and Bank Transactions Spying," as well as the connected series, "Fostergate", written by ex-Forbes Magazine senior editor James Norman. (Grabbe's multi-part series is obtainable at the Conspiracy Nation website:

Go back to mid-1980. American citizens were being held hostage by Iran. If President Jimmy Carter could somehow have freed the American hostages, his hopes to be re-elected president would have been improved. But George Bush and others connected to Ronald Reagan worked out a deal to delay the release of the American hostages; they feared an "October Surprise": an October 1980 release of the hostages might boost Carter's approval rating and get him re-elected. So the Bush-Reagan forces secretly met with the Iranians and negotiated that the American hostages not be released until after the election. In return, the Iranians received money and the promise of future weapons shipments. Involved as middlemen in the negotiations and eventual transfer of weaponry to Iran were the Israelis.

Best now is to resurrect portions of past issues of Conspiracy Nation (CN):

== CN 4.82: "The ramifications of the Systematics story could bring down the Clinton presidency. Just prior to Foster's death, Hillary reportedly told Foster that his spying for Israel was known; that he was about to be indicted on charges bordering on treason, making him another Jonathan Pollard."

== CN 5.39: "Now the medium-sized newspaper that was -- they have about 300,000 circulation. And they were supposed to publish, probably, one of the most important stories of my life: the fact that White House aide Vincent Foster, jr. -- according to the report -- was involved in stealing and selling nuclear secrets of the United States, together with a known spy who has since been punished and sent away for a very long time to jail. But during this other person's trial, there was a 'Mr. X' mentioned, and never identified. That, apparently, was Foster." (CN Interview with Sherman Skolnick, 6/30/95)

== CN 5.40: "But were the story to be distributed worldwide, on a big basis (which was my original intention), then this other spy that's been sent away for the rest of his life, Jonathan Pollard, they most likely would have to re-open his case and bring Hillary Rodham Clinton to some kind of a trial, or investigation, upon the re-opening of the case, in that it appears, from this secret, government report, that Hillary and the late Foster were involved in treason on the highest level in the history of the United States." (CN Interview with Sherman Skolnick, 6/30/95)

== CN 5.45: "Mr. Grabbe, a journalist of some sort (to divert myself for a moment), contends that Jim Norman's story was squelched because the publisher emeritus [of Forbes Magazine] (in other words, the sort of semi-retired [unclear] but still there) is Caspar Weinberger, who's involved with the Pollard case and therefore has got a conflict of interest. But anyway, Norman's story, which he couldn't get published, called 'Fostergate' (I have a copy, too)... But that's a very, a much watered-down version of the secret, government report that I have." (CN Interview with Sherman Skolnick, 7/4/95)

== CN 5.46: "Now, what is this all about? I started to tell Spotlight's people that a further segment that I'm abstracting from the secret report deals with the fact that [Vince] Foster did not release the documents to Pollard on his own. He did it upon the authority of Vice-President George Bush and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Those that may recall the Pollard case know that Caspar Weinberger so much as said that, if there was a law authorizing the rope and the gallow, that he wanted Pollard put to the gallows."

"But Israel got involved in the October Surprise, okay? So there's this relationship: Bush-Caspar Weinberger-Israel-Foster. Foster was not an independent force. Nor was Pollard. Pollard was at the bottom of the thing. The other reason is, they did not want to know. I started to tell Spotlight's people that other segments of my story, based on the secret report (which is upwards of 50 pages), deals with Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, and Vice-President Bush, in the '80s, more or less supervising Foster and more or less letting Foster know that it was 'O.K.' to release these secret documents to Pollard. And Pollard, apparently, made them available to Israel. But in other words, the whole chain of situations. And apparently, Foster was the 'Mr. X' mentioned in hearings on the Pollard case. However, other people believe that it was an American, Jewish businessman. I don't believe it. I believe that 'Mr. X' or 'Mr. Y' or 'Mr. Z' -- mystery people in the Pollard case, not previously identified -- included Foster, Caspar Weinberger the Secretary of Defense, and George Bush the Vice- President. So if anyone committed treason, it was Weinberger, who was born a Jew but converted to another religion, and George Bush, who was fighting around with Israel. And, the story is incomplete and unfair, and I don't think they want to know about the Caspar Weinberger, George Bush connection to Foster to Pollard. Because it would mean that the other ones, higher up, are moreso guilty of treason than Pollard was." (CN Interview with Sherman Skolnick, 7/4/95)

== CN 5.49: "Foster, Bush, Weinberger -- and Pollard" by Sherman H. Skolnick: "Remember the 'October Surprise'? That was secret dealings in October 1980 by vice presidential candidate George Bush, to delay release of the American hostages held by Iran. Purpose: to screw Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election. Of course, Israel was brokering the deal to arm Iran in its war started in 1980 against Israel's bloody enemy, Iraq."

"In later years, Bush owed Israel a favor. So he and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger authorized Foster to release top nuclear missile secrets to Israel -- used was a pliable analyst in the Office of Naval Intelligence, Jonathan Pollard."

"The purpose was to make Israel a nuclear power before their own research would have. Sort of a buffer against the Soviets. It was a violation of the espionage laws, and when the deal unraveled, Pollard was made the patsy and got life in prison. Weinberger, secretly himself in arms smuggling, demanded Pollard get the gallows or the firing squad."

"A new inquiry into the Jonathan Pollard affair may blow open the whole mess."

== CN 5.54: "Secret Report Links Foster to Pollard" by Sherman Skolnick: "The Clinton's close crony, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was being tracked as a possibly traitorous spy assisting Jonathan Pollard, long before Foster's position as deputy counsel in the Clinton White House, a secret government report states."

"Surveilled under orders of a clandestine court meeting in a soundproof facility in the beltway area, Foster had coded Swiss and other accounts ostensibly put there for him by Israeli intelligence. Deposits at Foster's account at one bank on the Swiss-Italian border, at Chiasso, Banca Della Svizzera Italiana -- and accounts elsewhere -- held at times between 2, and 7, and as much as 10 million dollars between them, the report states. The deposits were put there ostensibly for Foster's co-operation with 'the institute', the Mossad. Foster may have been blackmailed or tricked, however, by way of the existence of these accounts to supply top-most U.S. secrets to Israel and to work jointly with Jonathan Pollard, now serving a life sentence for spying for Israel, and to work jointly with Robert Maxwell, a high-level Mossad official under cover of being a publisher. Others may likewise be blackmailing Israel."

"A federal agency finally commissioned current and retired intelligence agents to put together a report on Foster never supposed to be referred to or see the light of day. The report, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which authorizes the clandestine court in Baltimore, shows among other events:"

"-- Foster, as spy chief, assisted Pollard at the Office of Naval Intelligence and elsewhere, or directly caused others to assist Pollard, to get great amounts of the highest level U.S. secrets on nuclear weapons, including tracking and targetting details and satellite co-ordinating codes and data."

"-- that Foster assisted Pollard, or directly caused others to assist Pollard -- both Foster and Pollard apparently were paid for this -- through the use of PROMIS software and other means, to supply Israel with such data long before Israel had developed its own proficiency in the same field."

"-- in so doing, Foster enabled Israel to be perceived as a genuine nuclear threat to the Soviet Union."

"-- that the so-called 'publisher' Robert Maxwell assisted in these joint efforts. (When Maxwell died mysteriously, he was buried with top honors as if he were the head of Israeli intelligence.)"

== CN 5.55: "Secret Report Links Foster to Pollard (Part 2)" by Sherman Skolnick:

"Part of the deal -- called treasonous by some Americans -- was to secretly ship arms to Iran, by way of Israel, starting on or about February, 1981, or even earlier. Some of the weapons and supplies were taken from NATO supplies stored in various places in Western Europe."

"Thus developed a secret linkage between the Reagan administration and Israel. U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger himself reportedly had a financial interest in the weapons business. As later became clear, Vice-President (and later as President) George Bush at the same time received personal financial benefits from arms sent from the U.S. to Iraq. Part of the Saddam Hussein/George Bush private joint business ventures, as secret partners, were part of suppressed bank records in the Chicago federal court case involving stopping the release of records of Banca Nazionale Delavoro [BNL], Italy's largest bank owned in part by the Vatican. This author was the only journalist reporting on the federal court proceedings, particularly the federal appeals court."

== CN 5.83: "But the point is, he hinted at things that were already in my story ['Foster, Bush, Weinberger -- And Pollard' by Sherman H. Skolnick; see CN 5.49] and which [James] Norman knew about. Namely, that Weinberger and [George] Bush were involved with Vincent W. Foster, Jr., the White House aide; that before he got into the White House, Foster was an NSA official, and with the help of Weinberger and Bush had released nuclear secrets to Pollard, who gave 'em to Israel for money." (Sherman Skolnick)

== CN 5.98: (Interview with Sara McClendon, 8/30/95): CONSPIRACY NATION:
What about Jonathan Pollard? Is Pollard just a bit player in all this? Like, he took the fall for this? SARA McCLENDON:
Pollard is a very strange person. And I understand, I think it's about September the 12th that there's a hearing for Pollard (I think in Washington); a parole hearing. And Pollard's friends think he's gonna be out of prison by November. CONSPIRACY NATION:
It's almost like they had to find somebody to be guilty for it. And so they just took him to be the one as the scapegoat for all this.
That's apparently right.
I think we have yet to find out some cause to all this. We should follow the Foster investigation so thoroughly that we finally get back to Bush and Weinberger and find out what really happened!

== CN 6.08: "General Colin Powell -- Is He Mr. Clean" by Sherman Skolnick: "ITEM: About 1985, VINCENT W. FOSTER, Jr. was the secret link between Bush & Weinberger and JONATHAN POLLARD, a low level Naval Intelligence analyst. Foster, on behalf of the vice president and defense secretary, arranged for Pollard to take large quantities of nuclear launch code secrets right out of one of the intelligence agencies and turned over to a foreign power."

"From 1983 to 1993, Foster was the equivalent of a military general in the super-secret NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY, including the few months he was Clinton White House deputy counsel."

"Only Pollard himself was blamed for this treason. At a hearing, Weinberger, to cover up his own complicity, wanted Pollard to get the gallows or the firing squad. Pollard got life in prison. Bush & Weinberger belong moreso in prison than Pollard. Weinberger reportedly had or has a secret Swiss account with the blood money."

== CN 6.46: (By Sherman Skolnick, 11/9/95): "George Bush and Caspar Weinberger pressed Foster into service as the middleman to release nuclear missile launch codes and tracking data to Israel: the highest U.S. secrets. They used a low-level Naval Intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard, who sold the secrets to Israel to keep up his own high lifestyle. They helped Israel jump ahead with their own nuclear development and become a 'Mideast bulwark' against the Soviets."

"Some claim Israel set up accounts of millions of dollars, for Foster, in banks in Switzerland and the Caymans. A beneficiary was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Either it was true, or the NSA created false records to blackmail Foster and Hillary, as well as Israel, into silence."

"Now look at the timetable: 1986, a year after Pollard was caught, the prime minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, wanted to go public on how a major Swedish weapons maker, Bofors, was involved in the October Surprise and what later was called the Iran-Contra scandal. Palme was assassinated, and it was blamed on a 'lone assassin' who was caught but later released. The murder remains an unsolved mystery."

"Israeli prime minister, Itzhak Rabin, wanted to go public, once and for all, with details explaining away Israel's role in October Surprise, Iran-Contra, and the Jonathan Pollard mess. Rabin, like Olof Palme, was assassinated. And it was blamed on a lone assassin (or a small group of nobodys, as plotters)."

== CN 6.57: (Interview with Sherman Skolnick): CONSPIRACY NATION:
Reuters NewMedia carries an article ["U.S. Weighs Israeli Citizenship Move on Spy", Wednesday, November 22, 1995, 7:13 AM EST], sent to me by a CN reader, stating, in part:

During his last trip to Washington in September, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated this month, said he hoped [Jonathan] Pollard would be released and allowed to go to Israel. But President Clinton rejected the request."

[Skolnick claims they were quiet about this until after Rabin's death.] It sort of exposes the Bush-Weinberger connection. Because if [Pollard] gets his Israeli citizenship and is transferred to Israel, he may be released there and he may begin speaking openly that he was the 'low man on the pole' and [that] [Vince] Foster and others were involved. CONSPIRACY NATION:
Do you still see Vatican involvement? [e.g., see CN 6.45] SHERMAN SKOLNICK:
The Vatican and the western bankers are the ones that put up the money for the deal with the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization]. And some Israelis were joking a little too loud -- because others heard it -- about, somewhere down the road, after they had taken the money, that they may renege on the deal and get the land back. And so, maybe that was one of the reasons for killin' him.

== CN 6.77: (By Sherman Skolnick, 12/14/95): "Item: The Jonathan Pollard case. George Bush as Vice-President and Caspar Weinberger as Secretary of Defense made an arrangement with a top official of the National Security Agency, Vincent W. Foster, Jr. Bush and Weinberger owed Israel a favor left over from the 'October Surprise' when Israel trans-shipped U.S. weapons to Iran which agreed to delay release of the hostages to help install the Reagan-Bush ticket. Foster was the middleman in releasing nuclear missile secrets to Israel by way of a low-level Naval Intelligence analyst, Jonathan Pollard, who got life in jail for the deal and the matter was closed up. When he got into the Clinton White House in '93, Foster wanted Clinton to 'blow the whistle'. Foster was assassinated to shut his mouth."

== CN 6.83: (From The Japan Times Weekly, 12/2/95, by Sherman Skolnick): "The Israeli radio journalist, who had predicted a bloodletting at Mossad, had called the Chicago investigator because that morning's edition of The Washington Post had published a front- page article listing some of Skolnick's allegations about the connection between the mysterious death of White House vice counsel Vince Foster and its connection with the Jonathan Pollard spy case as well as other scandals involving the Israeli intelligence service Mossad."

"The links between the Rabin assassination and Foster's possible murder shed light on the infighting between different factions of the CIA and Mossad, which intensified following revelations of secret transfers of U.S. nuclear technology to Israel, covert military dealings with Saddam's Iraq and Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran, and the alleged delay in the release of American hostages in Tehran, which enabled Ronald Reagan to win the 1980 presidential election. The murder of the leader of Islamic Jihad, just weeks before Rabin's assassination, certainly indicates that rogue Mossad operatives have been working overtime to destabilize the Mideast peace process."

== CN 8.48 (By "Ru Mills") "The scenario for Hillary's demise had been laid months ago. Rumors have been fed into the rumor mill that she and Vince Foster were lovers. DNA analysis of the hairs found in Vince Foster's underwear show that they match Hillary's. Other sources, rumored to be allied with the CIA, have published articles stating that Hillary and Foster have been Mossad moles within the National Security Agency for years. Foster is said to have sold Israel the codes used by the President to launch nuclear missiles. A rogue group within the CIA is said to have uncovered Foster and his partner in the White House. According to the same article, this group of Rogues drained the Swiss bank accounts of Foster. All of this is supposed to make the public think that Foster was just about to be exposed as an agent of a foreign government. When Jonathan Pollard was discovered selling secrets to the Israelis, he was sentenced to life in prison. Could Foster expect any less? Not wanting to heap shame and ruin upon his family, he chose the noble way out..."

== CN 8.66: ("Getting on the White House 'Enemies List'" by Sherman Skolnick): "And while you are at it, say that Foster was the mysterious Mr. X or Mr. Y in the Jonathan Pollard spy mess. And that Foster arranged for Pollard, a low-level naval analyst, to get nuclear missile tracking secrets to give to a foreign power. That Foster did this on behalf of then vice president George Bush and Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration. The foreign power, Israel, was owed a favor by Bush for their role in aiding Bush in the 'October Surprise,' delaying the release of the U.S. hostages in Iran so as to wreck Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election as president and to put in the Reagan/Bush ticket. (Israel was the go-between for U.S. weapons to Iran, and Iran delayed release of the hostages until a few minutes after Reagan's inauguration as president, 1981.)"

== CN 9.02 ("The Secret Report and the Death Warrant" by Sherman Skolnick): "Surveilled under orders of a clandestine court meeting in a sound-proof facility in the Beltway area, Foster had coded Swiss, Grand Cayman, and other accounts, ostensibly put there for him, with Hillary Rodham Clinton as a beneficiary to the accounts, by Israeli intelligence. Deposits at the purported Foster accounts at one bank on the Swiss-Italian border -- and accounts elsewhere -- held at times between 2, 7, and as much as 10 million dollars between them, the report outlines."

"The deposits were put there ostensibly for Foster's co-operation with 'the institute,' the Mossad. Foster may have been blackmailed or tricked, however, by way of the apparent existence of these accounts to supply top-most U.S. secrets to Israel and to work jointly with the low-man on the intelligence totem pole, Jonathan Pollard, later sent to jail on a life sentence for supposedly spying for Israel; and to work jointly with Robert Maxwell, a high-level Mossad official under cover of being a publisher. And, of course, others may likewise be blackmailing Israel."

== CN 9.52 ("Great Britain: Puppet-Master of Israel?") "On the other hand, Zionists need not be Jews. Zionism is simply a homeland in the middle of all the rest. Britain set up trans-Jordan (now called Jordan) and Palestine to irritate the Arabs and keep them off-balance for the oil business. That's the reason that they allowed Jonathan Pollard, with the help of [Vince] Foster, to give 'em the nuclear missile secrets. Why? So that Israel could threaten not only the Arabs, but the Soviets."

"Do you see the point? Israel started out with a million-and-a-half people (they've got 5 million now), they're surrounded by 50 million Arabs. How do you control all these Arabs? Put the so-called 'Zionists' in the middle to irritate them. And you give them the nuclear stuff. Nobody points this out. Because, when anyone points this out, they says, 'Oh! You're a renegade Jew.' They go after you -- the Amy Zisooks of the world -- they go after you. Why? They don't want 'family secrets' to be dragged out." (Sherman Skolnick)

== CN 12.38 (by "Ru Mills"): "Evidently there is more behind the 'release of Pollard' than meets the eye. No sooner had newspapers around the world printed the story of his release, than other articles appeared stating that the 'release' story was 'planted.'"

"My conspiracy mind says that someone is playing hardball with someone else, and Jonathan Pollard is a pawn in the game."

"If Pollard was connected to Vince Foster, as some say, then Jonathan Pollard could be the weak link in the Clinton chain fence of obfuscation and denial."

This Is A Developing Story

The Pollard case has so many interconnections with so many other matters that a succinct summary is nowhere near finalization. It is part of "The Octopus" (see, e.g., The Octopus by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith. (Portland: Feral House, 1996. ISBN: 0-922915-39-3))

But going back to the cryptic message received today (10/23/98), purportedly written by Jonathan Pollard, here is how Mr. Skolnick (with help from "Rhea Fortean" (pseudonym)) deciphers its meaning:

"I was moving two boards in the garage over to the wall on the other side."

(Garage is where grimy work gets done. "Two boards" are Arafat and Netanyahu(?). "The wall" is "The Wailing Wall" in Jerusalem.)

"And I moved a big green bucket and found four containers: St. Mary's bag, yachting bag, brown bag, one other."

("Green" -- money -- bucket. Contributions of money from Vatican (St. Mary), British (yachting; Britania rules the ocean), CIA (brown bag), and one other.)

"I had two friends here who helped me move the boards (cement boards) and saw this."

("Two friends" are Bill and Hillary Clinton(?) "Cement" indicates danger, such as "cement overcoats"(?))

"The briefcase brown bag had legal files in it, for my case. These were removed in the last few weeks to a month."

(Suppression of information(?) Pollard no longer able to finger Weinberger et al.(?))

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