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We're back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum", patriotism in action.

Terry Reed, John Cummings, the authors of Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA -- How the presidency was co-opted by the CIA.

And gentlemen, I have to admit I wish I had the time to read 550 pages of small, fine print that's in this book, and all the documentation. I didn't. I've scanned it. Some day I will [read it.] I highly recommend it though.

Great. If I could just finish with that one thought here, Tom, about why Clinton may have done this: You know, certainly, if he assumed power and became Governor, he had a full agenda of trying to turn that state around. And certainly, if he wanted, if he had this secret ambition all along to become President, he had a lot of work cut out for him. He had to build an industrial base and literally drag Arkansas up into the 20th century. And I think one way he did that is by, through cooperation with the CIA -- which we get into deeply in the book, about the money laundering aspects and actually government, certain industries, getting involved in the manufacturing of weapons components.

So anyway, with that said, I'd like you to talk to John [Cummings]. John's a great journalist and came to me, hounded me for 2 years, to do this book. And I finally gave in. And, but John's responsible for forcing me to sit down and put this thing together with him. So...

One more question before we bring John into the discussion here: What was going on in Mena, Arkansas? In a nutshell, tell us what transpired and what you observed.
O.K. Let's talk about what was supposed to have happened versus what I think did happen.
All right.
Certainly as I... I was working there for approximately 15 months, flight training. In the course of doing that, I became aware that Barry Seal was flying weapons down to staging areas in Central America. The weapons components, that were going into making the completed weapon, were being drawn from National Guard armories, in Arkansas, with the exception of some critical parts that do have "tracking" built in -- for, not only for D.O.D. [Department of Defense] purposes, but also for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [i.e., ATF]. Those pieces, that you literally could not pull out of the Army inventory without triggering some kind of an audit, were being built, initially, by a company called Iver Johnson Firearms, which was up north of Little Rock.

So you had weapons procurement, and assembly and manufacture. You had the transportation of those weapons. You had the contra pilot training, that I was involved in. And later I discovered that Seal was flying back in cash, in large quantities, on his way back in from Central America.

That's what I saw, were those elements.

What about the drug connection? What about drugs for arms? Did that happen?
Well I'm not gonna say it didn't happen. I didn't observe it in Arkansas.

Now later on in the book, when I get down into Mexico and get on the other end of the pipeline -- I was on the receiving end of the pipeline up in Arkansas, and certainly those operations that I just outlined were very compartmentalized, and not a lot of overlap in personnel, with the exception of probably me. Because of my background in manufacturing, I was able to sort of get an overview of 3 facets of the operation. But once I went down to Mexico: Yes. I came head to head with the fact that the people that had sent me down there were trafficking heavily in cocaine. That resulted in me divorcing myself from this entire thing. And I think it's what's been causing me a lot of pain and suffering ever since.

I understand the small banks in Mena and surrounding communities were swelling with cash deposits.
Yeah. This IRS agent Bill Duncan, who we have in the book and who was on this Pat Robertson show yesterday -- I don't know if you saw...
No, I missed that.
...Pat Robertson did a 26-minute news segment on this whole story yesterday and Bill Duncan was sort of the centerpiece of that show. Because through his investigation, his investigative efforts, you realize not only did this happen, just as we say in the book, but secondarily, the containment mechanism that's been put in place to keep this thing from going to court and getting people charged for the money laundering aspects that Duncan discovered is what I think is most interesting now. Because that does show Clinton being involved in the short- circuiting of funding for the grand jury. It shows him turning a blind eye to requests coming from prosecutors, you know, requesting state funds. Just by his share of... Well, just by his attitude of...
He put the kabosh on it [i.e., put a lid on it, stopped it from happening].
Yeah. He certainly did. He became part of the mechanism that hammered the hammer, hammered the...
I never thought an IRS agent could be a hero, but maybe [laughs], maybe... Maybe one of the Internal Robbery Services best and brightest might have been a hero!
Well he's a C.I.D. agent, which is an undercover type...
[laughs] I've dealt with 'em, believe me! Most of 'em are morons, but nevertheless, uh...
...We'll talk about the IRS another day, Internal Robbery Service. We've done enough hammering on them.

We're gonna come back, and bring John Cummings into the mix. The book is Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. Don't go away. Back in seconds.

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John, how'd you get involved with Terry Reed? And, it's a mammoth book. I know you're a prolific writer, an award-winning writer. You worked for Newsday and you've authored or penned several books.

Well. I came to Terry, following a trail that really started many, many years ago, when I, as a very young reporter, was assigned to cover Cuba and the Cuban exile machinations which climaxed in the Bay of Pigs. And in the course of observing this in Florida, I watched the CIA co-opt local officials and even the Governor at the time, in Florida, to make sure that their operations were not interfered with and that they could operate with impunity.

And so I came to this gradually, knowing, you know, what the telltale signs were.

Um-hmm [understands].
If you say this to people, just like I just did, well they say it sounds implausible. But when you observe it over many years, you begin to see that they use the same methods over and over.

[ be continued...]

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