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We are back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum", patriotism in action.

We're talking with Terry Reed and John Cummings. The book is Compromised, and we're gonna make this book available through our organization. [...Donahue extols the book...]

Um, you have a list that your publisher sent to me: The key figures in Compromised. And many of them are the same figures we're hearing in the Clinton cabinet, and through Whitewater, and beyond "Whitewater rafting".

Let's talk about some of these figures and how they play a role and what the media should be looking for, beyond "Whitewater rafting".

Are you speaking to me now, Tom?

Who do we have now?
This is Terry.
All right, Terry. Go ahead.
Well I was actually thrust right into play with a lot of the key people that are now surfacing in Whitewater. Uh, Seth Ward, a man that I believe USA Today described as the mystery man in the Whitewater scandal, a man that was deeply involved in the land acquisitions and I think was a director of Madison Financial Corporation.

Uh, Seth. Of course Seth's son-in-law is Webb Hubbell, number 2 man, was number 2 man or 3 man in Justice, that as you know resigned. {1}.

Bob Nash, a key Clinton economic aide, was a man that I directly reported to. Nash is now with the Department of Agriculture; another person that got a nice, fat-cat job.
And Bob Nash was the former director of the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority [ADFA], where Larry Nichols once worked.
That's correct. Yeah, the same cast of characters keeps reappearing throughout not only the Clinton administration but in this book. Because I was put into play with them in a totally different capacity. I saw this operation from the inside out, and John [Cummings] reports about it from the outside in, which is quite an interesting style. We're being told that it's very effective to describe what was in the news during that time frame and what the headlines of Arkansas read, [and] what was going on behind the scenes, that were generating the cover-up of the Mena scandal and things like that.

But John and I did not start out to write an Iran-Contra book... I mean a Whitewater book. We were... I was working on this through my memoirs, trying to get down on paper what was happening to me as a result of my criminal indictment. And I was keeping good notes, and just sort of to have a good record, 'cause things get pretty distorted in a courtroom environment.

I want to get into that, in just a couple minutes here. And I jumped ahead, myself. I want to go back to the Bush brothers.
The Bush sons. And also, you talk here about "Bond Daddy" Dan Lasater. He was also involved with drugs. And let's talk about the drug figures that you know, and what you do know, and share that with us.
O.K. Lasater's name... I met, in fact the first day I met Barry Seal, he was in the company of Dan Lasater and Roger Clinton. Roger was the driver for Dan Lasater at the time; was his chauffeur in Little Rock. But Lasater, the moment the money laundering connection started to develop I realized it was Lasater that, where Seal was doing all his "banking", and taking, you know, initially briefcases full of cash for deposit there. And then later on, duffel bags full of cash.

A bond trader, that worked for Lasater, was a man by the name of Finis {2} Shellnut. Now Finis is Seth Ward's, or was Seth Ward's, son-in-law at the time. And Seth Ward owned a piece of property west of Little Rock called the "Triple S Ranch". And that is the ranch in which Seal was jettisoning the large, large... what's called a B-4 bag in the military, a large duffel bag, that can hold about $3 million, complete with radio transmitters so you can locate it. That money was being kicked out of Seal's planes onto the Triple S Ranch. And the man that was retrieving the cash was Finis Shellnut and, who worked for Lasater. And I feel that was the direct conduit from that point into Lasater's company.

Does anybody know where this money went to? Has anybody been on the money trail?
Oh yeah. I think that's what the federal people are doing right now. You've got creation of ADFA, Arkansas Development Finance Authority, cropped up in the middle of all this. And the source of the funding has always been secret. ADFA's records only show what they loan out.

When they have a bond issue, primarily at the state bank, for practical purposes its mandate was to attract and finance industry for Arkansas. What it became was a vehicle to loan money to friends of Bill Clinton and a way to get quiet "campaign contributions" [a.k.a. "bribes"] back, as L. J. Davis pointed out in his article. I believe it was 25 percent? Or one-fifth, I guess it was, of the 1990 campaign chest for Clinton came back to him in the form of "contributions" from the recipients of ADFA loans. So I think that's a style that you're gonna see developing more and more, surfacing more and more, throughout the investigations {3}, is how Bill was able to stay in power, and keep his campaign chest full, while people that tried to surface, to compete with him, were literally strapped for cash.

This is quite an incestuous web there in Arkansas, and the same web or cast of characters have moved on to Washington, D.C., to run the country.
Yeah, we've been told, this is a phrase that we were -- now I'm gonna steal from someone else -- but on the surface, it looks like a game of chess. But what you have to do is look vertically -- and it becomes a game of vertical chess -- to see the relationships under the table of the King and the Queen and the pawns, and see how they're co-orbiting with each other. And not only... I mean incest is a sort of a worn-out term these days, but that certainly does fit the style of politics and banking that exists in Arkansas. It's just hand in hand; it's like wearing a glove.

[ be continued...]

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} Webb Hubbell was, as I recall, deputy attorney general. He may have been, in effect, Clinton's eyes and ears at the Justice Department -- moreso than Janet Reno anyway, who is not part of Clinton's bunch of Arkansas buddies that he brought with him to Washington.

{2} Finus: pronounced FI-nus, with a long "I" sound as in "high". For example, His Highness, Finus.

{3} "...throughout the investigations..." Was that what that was? That thing that flashed by this summer, that whitewash? Was that the "investigations"?

What's Starr up to these days, or won't the media be covering that until after the November elections?

BTW -- Get set for Clinton to invade Haiti right around election time. What a coincidence, huh?

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