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Good day. Welcome, America. Tom Donahue program. Thanks so much for joining us.

Two special guests -- they were with us the first hour as well -- the co-authors of Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA (How the Presidency was co-opted by the Central Intelligence Agency).

We're gonna start off with Terry Reed, where we left off. And Terry, we left off with the Bush family, "The Bush crime family", as I call them, involved in the drug trade.

We know, through Bo Gritz and through many -- the Christic Institute and Lyndon LaRouche, among other authors and writers and journalists -- that we, 90 percent of the heroin trade came through, came from Burma, and that the CIA was found to be involved with General Koonsall(sp?). As a matter of fact, General Koonsall's greatest customer was the CIA. And he wanted [to get] out of the drug trade, but he just wanted some financial assistance from the international community.

And George Bush's cohorts, Theodore Shackley, Richard Armitage, were involved heavily. And Bush, I guess, acted like he didn't know anything. But you're saying that his sons were involved in cocaine peddling of some sort.

Well I'm saying, and I don't want to sound like a conspiracist, Tom, because that's where I really get cross-wired: with a lot of people that allege to know more than they claim they know.

Um-hmm [understands].
Let's go back to Thailand for a second. I can speak firsthand. I was in Air Force Intelligence. We had an intelligence courier service code-named, its code-name was "Scatback". And Scatback was a series of Lear jets that flew classified material base to base, just for intelligence purposes. And in 1970, Scatback was "busted" as they say: All the pilots were put on house arrest. It was found that they'd been couriering, in addition to classified material, cocaine... er, heroin. One of their landing points was, in fact, the M.T.(?), in Laos -- the headquarters of Air America's operations.

So that's firsthand. Now this transition to the Bush family: I can say this: John [Cummings] and I are deeply involved right now into the ongoing investigation of the people that were assassinated the very same day that Barry [Seal] was killed. In fact, within 2 hours of his death, 4 other people were killed worldwide. We're interviewing witnesses right now. We're pulling Zapata Petroleum records. And it's my premise, based upon talking to some other people that I can't mention over the radio here, that Seal, that the Zapata Petroleum, was hauling a lot more than petroleum. Certainly, you build a network of pipelines and tankers, and what better way to trans-ship cocaine than to have it submersed in crude oil.

Especially a company that was set up by, or at least we're told was set up by, George Bush in "pulling himself up from his bootstraps".
Yeah. Interesting "bootstraps".
How was that set up? What do you know about Zapata Oil?
Well, just from their records that have disappeared. As you probably know, the material that was all supposed to be part of the SEC [Securities Exchange Commission] public record when Bush announced his -- I think it was actually shortly after his pending place on the ticket, to run for vice-President. That material was all shredded, allegedly by "accident". But we have people in Houston, right now, that are piecing together what records that can be found. We're finding a very, very interesting linkage to Mexico and organized crime out of Mexico. Zapata [Petroleum] was given preferential treatment for drilling rights at a time when they were basically, were banned from doing so -- uh, I mean American corporations were. Zapata sold an oil rig to the ex-President of Mexico. There was just strong, strong connection there. And we're getting into, John and I are making the connection [in] the next book, into what, why Kiki Camarena -- if you remember the DEA agent that was tortured to death? In Mexico?
Um-hmm [affirmative]. Right.
Yeah, we've got a Mexican source that's telling us lots of interesting material that I really can't go into in this conversation, but we'll be happy to, once we get it fully organized and hopefully get our manuscript out there; we would love to talk about it.
O.K. Let's talk about the Bush boys, the sons. And we were just starting to touch on that and we were out of time, in the first hour.
Well all I know is what Seal... At this point, all I know is what Seal told me: that there were surveillance videos and that he'd made his, you know, in intelligence parlance and police language you have what is called your "safe kit" -- material stashed somewhere to get you through an ordeal. To basically make you, as Seal said, "invinceible". Obviously, that didn't work for him.

But I do believe that with the combination of the audio tapes, that John Cummings and I presently have, a strong case can be made that they wanted Seal dead. In fact, the working title of this book is Fatal Knowledge. You can see from that title selection that the knowledge Seal was amassing, to keep him safe, ultimately led to his demise.

[ be continued...]

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