Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 15

("Quid coniuratio est?")

I received the following from an anonymous tipster. I leave it to the reader as to how much credence to attach to it. I merely pass it along as being of note. -- CN Editor.

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The following is a transcript of a phone conversation on Sept. 17th, 1994. Caller B is a close freind of mine. Caller A is a very reliable source. Copies have been made and given to others. Please distribute to as many as possible.

Wake me up when the smoke clears...

Intelligence Report
17 Sep 94 2130 hrs

Editors notes in brackets:

Transcribe from phone conversation:

Caller A: People who had access all the way through Desert Storm without interruption (both military and civilian) have been denied access [VERIFIED IN OIHO].[can't verify which air base] Recently they have observed and outflow of both nuclear weapons and large white cylindrical canisters about 3 feet by 6 feet which are going out on C 130s, C 141s and C 5As.

I got today just a few hours ago from a Chief of Staff to a congresswoman in Washington who is a patriot that these canisters contain cyanide. [The color and size of the canisters usually mean some type of nevre gas]

Caller B: (sigh)

Caller A: Also all of the Air force personnel at Kirkland - and non combatants (civilian clerks and even drones) are being outfitted now on a priorty basis with body armor and chemical suits.

People in Los Angles - the combined Former Special Forces 5th and the 6th - have said that the word on the line there is that when Jessie Jackson gets to L.A. with Nelson Mandela, in 4 to 5 weeks, he's going to be assassinated.

Caller B: (Laughed) What they couldn't pull off with the L.A. riots. By the way, I had a sergeant from L.A. (who is no longer with the department for obvious reasons) he put out a report and he talked about the situation in L.A. He told me how they went about setting it up, who they contacted two to three days before hand, what other action took place throughout the United States and Canada simultaneously... and they couldn't pull it off. So the Jessie Jackson scenario could possibly be one scenario.

Caller A: They trying to warn him through the First A.M.E. Church in South Central which is very closely connected.

Also I am talking to people here which you know units and ad-hoc groups [militia] are trying to spring up everywhere. But the Washington source today told me emphatically... she said, "I speak with authority, the countdown has begun. Expect things to start happening on the day of the dead". (that's Halloween) which is the holiest day to the Satinists. She also said that their time table is rushed now because they cannot afford to let a new congress come in , which is going to happen in January.

Caller B: Yep, that's right. That election takes place in November.

Caller A: She said the countdown has begun, emphatically. She said it's done. She doesn't know how long the countdown clock is, but it's started. There is a lot research and a lot of work going testing with the ELF waves (extra low frequency waves) at Sandia Labs, not far from Alamagordo which is the microwave stuff that will induce vomiting, headaches, nausea, paranoia, agitation, and so forth.

Caller B: Right.

Caller A: This source also advised that she knows that there are crematoriums at Federal pens - and new ones going up.

Caller B: What about at the Federal Transfer Centers ?

Caller A: She specifically referred to one in Oklahoma. She had the plans. She had seen the plans... looking at them when she called me about two weeks ago and said there is on that Federal Regional Detention Center a runway capable of accommodating 747s... it's inside the grounds and concealed from public view.

Caller B: She might have got the plans from me. I'm not sure.

Caller A: She said there they also got some guy in San Diego (a Patriot) woke up and there were 400 to 500 all black APC's (armored personnel carriers) parked in fields behind his house. He took photograph through a window of one of them. a booklet on the seat was labeled FSD. [ The information concerning FSD is being obtained.]

Caller B: Reno has been popping off that there will be actions taken now that the Crime Bill is passed, look for this stuff to start happening about Oct 1st. It's anybody's best guess, but I was in the smoke filled room (I would love to be a little fly there) but would love to hear-... but from all indications it look like they are going to start a little bit early. Remember, we're dealing with a bunch of communists here. Every time they have ever put out a date, it's always happened before hand. So if there saying it's Halloween (which is the 31th of October)

According to our source in California :

All undergound satellite tracking facilities will be turned over to the United Nation within 30 days. Dated: 30 Aug 94

Also: A congressional source has leaked word out that,

"Some of the members of Congree and their assistants are waking up to what is happening to this country. They are very frightened of it. They talk among themselves but do not know what way to go. Nobody puts anything in writing any more ! thay are very attuned to shortwave." Dated: 30 Aug 94

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