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First, regarding Haiti: A CN reader recommends The 1994 PROJECT CENSORED Yearbook for info on Haiti. And indeed, turning to the table of contents we find, "10. Haiti: Drugs, Thugs, The CIA, And The Deterrence of Democracy". Turning to page 79, we find:

[Excerpts only]

Few Americans are aware of our secret involvement in Haitian politics.

Some of the high military officials [in Haiti]... have been on the CIA's payroll from "the mid-1980s at least until the 1991 coup..."

Further, the CIA "tried to intervene in Haiti's [1988] election with a covert-action program that would have undercut the political strength" of Aristide.

Next, a confidential Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) report revealed that Haiti is "a major transshipment point for cocaine traffickers" who are funneling drugs from Columbia and the Dominican Republic into the United States. The DEA report also revealed that the drug trafficking... is taking place with "the knowledge and active involvement of high military officials and business elites."

The revelations offer a disturbing look into CIA and State Department policy toward Haiti. [Patrick Elie, Aristide's anti- drug czar,] stated that he was constantly rebuffed by the CIA when he tried to alert it to the military's drug trafficking... Elie reported how the CIA-created Haitian National Intelligence Service (NIS) -- supposedly created to combat drugs -- was actually involved with narcotics trafficking, and "functioned as a political intimidation and assassination squad."

The Clinton administration's silence on the Haitian drug flow has led some congressional critics... to suggest that this silence reflects de facto support for the drug-trafficking Haitian military and a reluctance to substantively support the democratically-elected Aristide.

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CN -- It may be that Clinton has inadvertently crossed swords with the CIA by sending troops to Haiti. I have theorized that the recent crash of the Cessna aircraft beneath Clinton's White House bedroom window may, in fact, have been a "message" to Clinton from the CIA. Dave Emory, in a talk given by him (and posted via Conspiracy Nation) has theorized that the CIA sends its own sorts of "messages" to the President. So, for example, we have Emory pointing out:

One thing I really noted, it got very little publicity, but he [Jimmy Carter] said "We are going to have to go all the way back to the assassination of president Kennedy to get this country right." That was an extraordinary thing for a seated president to say. No sooner was Jimmy Carter doing that than in May, it actually began before the summer of 1979, but on a trip to Los Angeles there was an aborted attempt on Jimmy Carter's life. Two gunmen that had come up from Mexico, named Ray Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Ortiz, in other words, Ray as in James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey as in Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswaldo Ortiz were arrested for stalking Jimmy Carter with a rifle. They just seem to have disappeared. There was no follow-up on the prosecution or anything like that. I suspect that a message was being sent to Jimmy Carter, and I wonder, and I am not saying this is the case, but among the questions I have, I never..the e-coli outbreak at Jack-in-the-Box. I just wonder if Bill Clinton might be getting told something today. "Listen Bill, you know, lot of kids eat at fast-food restaurants and if you don't want anything to happen to Chelsea, you know, or something to happen to Hillary, or something to happen to you, you better shape up."

We have Clinton, perhaps unknowingly, taking on a CIA-backed regime. Motive? Perhaps part of it is that Clinton hopes to boost his ratings in the polls. Carter, with dismal polls of his own, launched his infamous October Surprise raid on Iran, hoping to rescue U.S. hostages. Again, at least part of the motive could have been to boost Carter's ratings for the upcoming election.

What happened to Carter's plan? The helicopters crashed in the desert.

Clinton begins sending troops to Haiti. At this same time a Cessna crashes into the White House. Name of the pilot? Frank Corder. Corder. Sounds like Carter. Message? Your plan to boost your ratings will fail, Billy Boy, just like Carter's plan failed.

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From the New Federalist, September 19, 1994:


Sept. 13 (EIRNS) -- "Statistically, Bill Clinton is one of the most targetted Presidents," wrote Alexandra Farkas, New York correspondent for Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper, in a feature today accompanying coverage of the Sept. 12 Cessna penetration of White House airspace, when a single-engine Cessna 150, piloted by Frank Corder, crashed on the White House lawn, killing the pilot.

According to the Sept. 13 Washington Times, "The number of threats on the President's life has surged," rising to proportions reminiscent of the period before the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

There have been 10 recorded incidents or threats against Clinton since 1993, according to Farkas. While most American press have played the Cessna episode as the work of a suicidal individual [a.k.a. "lone nut"], the Italian press is openly concerned at the threat to Clinton's life. The lead article of the Sept. 13 La Republica is headlined, "Fear for Clinton" and subtitled, "Maybe it was an attempt."

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More info on Haiti from the October 3, 1994 The Nation

by Allan Nairn
[Excerpts only]

According to documents and extensive conversations with U.S. military and intelligence planners, no matter how Lieut. Gen. Raoul Cedras is removed -- whether through invasion, coup or deal -- the United States intends to contain Haiti's popular movement, by force if necessary.

The occupation scenarios being discussed involve elements from the very Haitian armed forces and police who are today the ostensible U.S. adversary.

[After the main occupying force is withdrawn,] a host of U.S. military, C.I.A., and civilian advisers are slated to stay behind, participating in Haitian affairs more deeply than they have in years.

The United States has long demonstrated its aversion to mass politics in Haiti. Jean-Claude Duvalier, for example, was toppled, according to a colonel who helped do it, in an attempt to stave off "massive internal uprisings." Col. Steven Butler, the former planning chief for U.S. armed forces in the Caribbean, says, "In terms of maintaining the military as an institution, Duvalier had to be eased out."

Washington had backed Duvalier even though, according to Butler, U.S. radar had detected that his ranch was being used to run cocaine into the United States. Only when it looked as if the populace might sweep the system aside did Washington decide that he had to go. Likewise, it backed the military plotters who ousted Duvalier even though Butler says they too wanted a share of the drug trade. In both cases the United States preferred criminals to a spontaneous popular force.

In early September, speaking on background, one of the Pentagon's senior occupation policy-makers said that joint patrols between U.S. troops and "the rump of the Haitian police" will probably be used to maintain order in the event that "somebody from the hills decides to start an insurgency."

One U.S. Psy Ops official who specializes in Haiti predicts that, if there is an invasion, initially people will cheer the ouster of Cedras, but that "anti-U.S. sentiment" -- indeed, popular attacks on U.S. forces -- could be expected within a four-week period. This would be less likely if Aristide were to come back fast, but even then, he said, the danger of uprising would remain if popular expectations were not met soon.

A contractor who works for the State Department said that the naval task force now standing off Haiti has replaced its stocks of anti-armor weaponry with crowd-control gear including shields, gas masks and clubs. He said fears were running high in Haiti about the possibility of U.S. troops confronting organized slum dwellers, an encounter that would have "obvious consequences" for the unarmed Haitians.

[It is widely held that] Aristide's old reformist economic program had now passed into history and would probably not be permitted to be revived. If Bill Clinton had tried a minimum-wage hike the magnitude of Aristide's (from $2 to $4 per day)... "they'd be hanging him in Congress." The blunt fact is that "if you want to compete you do it the old-fashioned way: You have cheaper labor than Mexico, cheaper than Santo Domingo and the Caribbean... You've got to take advantage of what asset you have, and in Haiti that happens to be cheap labor."

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A CN reader points out the following anomalie:

Here is our governments untenable 2 point position re: Haiti.

  1. Haitian boat people are economic, not political, refugees. Therefore we must deny almost all requests for asylum.
  2. The current regime in Haiti is a brutal murderous dictatorship. Therefore we must commit 20 warships and 20,000+ troops to ensure that democracy and human rights are restored.

I have not heard a single news report that points to this fallacy.

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And, from another CN reader:

Strangest thing I've read about Haiti was the 2,000 zombies which Genl Cedras says he has readied for battle against the US. Maybe they'll try to take over a shopping mall.

(Reported in the Irish Times a few weeks ago)

The Irish Times for Sat. Sept. 10, 1994, in an article on Haiti: "In Jerusalem, the Haaretz and Maariv dailies reported that Mr. Clinton briefed the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Yitzhak Rabin, by telephone on Thursday night on US plans to invade Haiti."

That would have been Thursday, September 8th.

What business is this of the Israelis? Were I very conspiratorially minded I might assess that Clinton was asking permission from his Masters!

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