Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 22

("Quid coniuratio est?")



We're back. Tom Donahue, "America's Town Forum".

Clinton is a man of many contradictions. And I certainly think that this book proves that he was a CIA asset. A CIA connection here for sure. Maybe this might be his darkest secrets unveiled. But we find many bodies that are showing up. Uh, Barry Seal, among others.

I want to go back to a final word from John Cummings before we go to Terry [Reed]. Go ahead, John.

I just wanted to make the point, you were talking before about "bringing the American people into the equation" and the decision to go for Bill Clinton and the "getting the right media" -- One of the things, obviously, that had to be done was to silence Terry and to trash him and to keep him from talking. And Time magazine did that for Clinton at a very critical time in the Presidential campaign in 1992.

Didn't he use his best friend, Strobe Talbott, his former roommate and who became ambassador-at-large and now second-in- command at the State Department?
That's the... That's who Strobe Talbott is.

And Time magazine, you know... It's astounding. A lot of people pick it up and they said, "Why did they spend a whole page trashing a guy that no one ever heard of?" {1}. And Mr. Clinton obviously was very worried. One more scandal after Gennifer Flowers and he was finished.

Is Compromised the true story of Bill Clinton's political sellout to the CIA?
Well I mean, Bill Clinton obviously did business with the CIA -- either for himself or because he felt he needed to do it for his state. To me, I think of it as Bill Clinton's Faustian deal, which just about everyone has to make to rise in the political power world.
Bill Clinton denounces the '80s as the "decade of greed", and we now know that he and Hillary participated greatly in that. He also denounced the Iran-Contra figures and the mission and purpose. And lo and behold! Bill Clinton pops up!
More political hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy indeed.

John, I thank you for your participation today in the Town Forum. And Terry, uh I want to take a quick call here. Alan, from Boston. Go ahead, Alan.

Alan, you still with us?

Go ahead, Alan.
Hi. You know, I do find it somewhat amusing that both of your guests and yourself will criticize Clinton and Bush, but you exempt President Reagan from any culpability or criticism in this whole matter! I mean, it's under his stewardship that this policy was invented!
Uh, I would agree "under his stewardship".
But you exempt him from any criticism here just because he's a right-wing icon!
No he's not... I... He's no hero to me!
I mean, it makes no sense to me!
Well let me ask our guests, and see what they think.

Reagan's involvement. Do you think Reagan knew very much? Was he... It is under his watch.

Well let me talk about the Reagan Doctrine. This man, Jack Wheeler, who wrote the Reagan Doctrine (which was secret, by the way, because you couldn't make it public because the Soviets would know what our plans were)... The plan was to bankrupt the USSR in 8 years. They figured out that the USSR would, in fact, as he put it, "engage in mindless, senseless violence around the world." They would get involved in Vietnam-style action as a way of promoting their own policies. And the Reagan Doctrine was, in fact, encouraging that kind of behavior: Afghanistan, Angola, Nicaragua were examples of that. {2}.

One final note: On Ollie North -- Did Reagan sell him out? And also, should people support Ollie North for United States Senate?
Well I... Was he a scapegoat? Certainly. Did he take a fall? Yes. He was basically the G. Gordon Liddy of that scandal. Would I vote for him? Yes. He's qualified, he's a liar. {3}.
Hmm... O.K.

I hope that you'll be in peace. I hope that you'll be in good health. Because many that have exposed Bill Clinton found themselves, not only their reputations besmirched (which they try), but dead. I hope that you don't end up in a body bag.

And I thank you, Terry Reed, John Cummings. The book is Compromised. It's available through us [...] Well worth your time and read, when you have the time!

Tom Donahue, for "America's Town Forum".

--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} Regarding Time magazine: Also did a smear on Uri Geller in the 1970s; also praised Posner's Case Closed to the skies; also did a ridiculous story on Larry Nichols quite recently. As my uncle used to say: "Life [magazine] is for people who can't read. Time [magazine] is for people who can't think."

{2} Reed's answering of the caller's original question is cut off by Donahue due to time constraints.

{3} "[Ollie North] Would I vote for him? Yes. He's qualified, he's a liar." Reed's last statement is enigmatic. Because time has run out, clarification never follows the "He's qualified, he's a liar."

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