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Sherman Skolnick was interviewed on Radio Free America (Shortwave, 5.810 mHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst) on September 2, 1994. Mr. Skolnick is a veteran investigative reporter from Chicago and founder of the "Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts" in that city. Following is my transcription of that interview. Host/Interviewer is Tom Valentine.

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It's Radio Free America, the talk show for intelligent Americans, with your host, Tom Valentine.

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And now, the newspaper that "tells it like it is" presents Tom Valentine.

Somebody sent me a thing that says, "Forget the Alamo. Remember Waco." I don't know if Texans would go for that one! But we do, must, remember Waco.

Hey everybody! Welcome back, to Radio Free America.

Right now we're going to remember something that... almost as bad as Waco. Waco had 90 citizens killed by the feds, I believe. A total of 90, with 4 federal officers killed. In the Inslaw case, we have about 42 to 45 people killed! Surreptitiously. Quietly. Controversially.

I am going to introduce those of you who are new to this show to an old friend and old guest of Radio Free America. Every time things seem to be slowing down, you just make a call to Chicago and talk to the man who founded the uh, "Citizens for Clean Up the Courts" [Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts, here also referred to as CCCC], the "Commission to Clean Up the Courts". And that's Sherman Skolnick. And you bring him on, and he is 24 hours a day, believe it or not, 24 hours a day that he and his sources (they're all over the country) [are] digging into the corruption that goes on in this country.

And I want to welcome you back to Radio Free America, Sherman.

SHERMAN SKOLNICK: pleasure to be on your show again, Tom.

Hey! How's your television show goin'? I understand you're still one of the most popular things in Chicago...
...public access channels here, and our Monday night show, which is a non-commercial show, out-polls three of the commercial channels. So some of the commercial TV stations in Chicago are not happy with us!
Well they oughtta learn that the people are sick and tired of the pablum and would like to get something genuine and something to sink their teeth into and make them think! And that's what you're doing.

Now, the reason you're talking today is that we talked in the past about the Inslaw scandal and the cover up by the United States government when they assigned the Inslaw investigation to a "special counsel" and they named a federal judge that you are very familiar with up in Chicago. And that's Judge Nicholas Bua [pronounced BOO-ahh]. Correct?

Yes. For those that may not be familiar with the Inslaw thing: that was a super-duper software, designed originally to be used to keep track of the caseloads of federal prosecutors. But it was later modified and used so that, through satellites and others, they keep track of people worldwide!
Yes. It's a great spy system and uh, oh just all kinds of good things.
Well it was given, secretly, to spy agencies all over the world: the Iraqi secret police, the Israeli secret police, the Mossad, Sweden, France...
Canada. The Canadian Royal Mounties.
And the ones that designed the thing didn't know that, contrary to their copyright, it was being sold or given away in violation of law! And it was done by persons connected with the Justice Department! [Unclear] the buyer of the original software, which was designed (as I said) to keep track of federal prosecutors' caseloads.
Good ol' Ronald Reagan outfit... Edwin Meese.
But what happened was that in 1991, a federal grand jury was set up in Chicago. And the special counsel to it was a recently resigned federal district judge, Nicholas J. Bua. The Justice Department put him up to do something which most of us this afternoon would consider rather foolish -- and that was, for the Justice Department to investigate themselves. [laughs] You know, on the surface you could see that there is something wrong with that.
And what happened is, they brought in witnesses from all over the world...
All right, let me stop you right here and ask you: Is it true that when you want something "fixed" and you need a good "fixer", you can't do better than to go to the city of Chicago and get a genuine "fixer"?
[laughs] Well, I know what you're getting at, Tom: in other words, if you want to "fix" a case. Our [CCCC] opinion is that federal cases, federal litigation, is transferred from other places in the United States to Chicago, because here is "the big fix".
The big fix. Now. Is Judge Bua, is he kind of a rookie at this sort of thing? He's never "fixed" anything before?
Well, in the 1970s he was a state court judge, and he was given the case that involved relatives of those that died in a plane crash in Chicago, where, among others, 12 Watergate figures died.
We'll cover, we'll talk about that, too. My guest is Sherman Skolnick. Sherman is the director of the Committee to Clean Up the Courts. I'm Tom Valentine. This is Radio Free America.

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All right. We are back, live. My guest is Sherman Skolnick of the Committee to Clean Up the Courts, in Chicago. We're gonna be discussing the Inslaw scandal.

Many Americans, I'm amazed, just don't understand that scandal. But in a nutshell (Sherman, I don't want to spend a lot of time on this, filling in so they have the background. I want to get to the latest news. But) briefly, the Justice Department: It has been proved, on the record, that the Justice Department stole Inslaw from the Hamiltons.

That's enforced their company, Inslaw, into bankruptcy. They made what the layman would call a "counter claim" against the Justice Department. And the bankruptcy judge made an extensive trial and findings that there was deceit and fraud by the Justice Department, in stealing this highly complicated software created by the Hamiltons...
Yes. And it was converted by people high up in the Reagan administration and friends of Ronald Reagan into a money maker around the world.

Now Sherman, one other thing: One of the most... One of the few still respected people in Washington would be Elliot Richardson. Would you say that's true?

Yeah. He was the former attorney general under Nixon, who was forced out in what was known as the "Saturday Night Massacre" {1} in October '73, when they were investigating the Nixon White House. And Nixon "had their heads chopped off", so to speak.

[ be continued...]

-------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------- {1} Skolnick actually says "October Massacre" but I am fairly sure it is really known as the "Saturday Night Massacre".

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