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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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...The Ultimate Evil. Subtitled, "An investigation into America's most dangerous Satanic cult". The book is written by Maury Terry, first name M-a-u-r-y. Last name, Terry. And the book is published by... It's a Dolphin book, published by Doubleday & Company. Copyright 1987.

So, Maury Terry's, The Ultimate Evil.

Now what this book is about, basically, is, it links many of the brutal serial killers of the last 20 years or so together. The subtitle of The Ultimate Evil is called, "An investigation of America's most dangerous Satanic cult, with new evidence linking Charlie Manson and the Son of Sam [a.k.a. "The Son of Uncle Sam"].

In the time that we have here we're not even gonna begin to be able to do justice to this book. In a nutshell, basically, what they're talking about with The Ultimate Evil is the fact that some of the horrible crimes which America has experienced over the last 2 decades or so are not, in fact, the work of "lone nuts" any more than the killing of President Kennedy was the work of a "lone nut". In fact, it appears that occultists -- specifically, Devil worshippers (and as we'll go into later in the broadcast, it appears that Devil worship is merely the front for this particular type of activity -- although many of the "dukes" involved at the operational level probably do believe in this kind of thing), but that basically, what we have here is an insidious form of organized crime, one which is explicitly Nazi and that touches on some of the occult connections to Nazism. And which appears to have links not only to local police departments and very influential professional people, but quite probably to our own intelligence system as well.

One of the things that we talked about in Radio Free America #5 [CN -- Note that this is not the same Radio Free America sponsored by The Spotlight and hosted by Tom Valentine. This is a different radio program of the same name.], which is going to be coming up in, on Wednesday, October 28th, on KKUP, 8 to midnight, was the fact that one of the things that our national security establishment has been involved in is the deliberate programming of hypno-killers. People who are particularly described as passive-aggressive personalities are subjected to increasing degrees of visual violence. They're shown films of people being mutilated, and killed in accidents, and things of this type, so that gradually they become de-sensitized to human suffering and bloodshed.

Now, as I say, we can't even begin to do credit to this book in the time allotted here. We'll probably go back to it next week and eventually we'll probably have to do an archive show on it. But in a nutshell, it appears that this Satanic cult (and we're gonna talk more about this in a second) is, in effect, an organized crime cabal, and specifically appears to have a mind control function. The people at the operational level are apparently practicing Satanists and Devil worshippers... You know, with blood drinking ceremonies, and the black mass, and all that kind of stuff. But it appears, as we're gonna look at, that the people controlling this may or may not believe in that -- but they certainly have ulterior motives.

The crimes that this organized crime syndicate is involved in include drug smuggling, murder, kiddie porn, prostitution, the making of "snuff flicks", weapons smuggling, cocaine smuggling from Columbia via Miami, heroin smuggling via Hawaii from Southeast Asia. Obviously, these are things we've looked at in the past, in connection with the intelligence services.

Now in a nutshell, the Son of Sam killings, the 44 killings in New York City, are linked in a hard way with this organized crime cult -- which is what I'm gonna refer to it as. It appears to be, to a considerable measure, an intelligence front as well. In addition, they link the Manson killings to this same group. And they point out that both Manson, and David Berkowitz, the man convicted in the Son of Sam killings... Well parts of this group were basically selected as fall guys -- in other words, the really powerful people are being protected -- they were simply run in as the "lone nuts", as the "Lee Harvey Oswalds", or whatever.

Now the cult itself appears to be an offshoot, that involved elements of a number of different occult organizations.

People, we're not impugning the Church of Scientology, nor are we endorsing it. But elements of the Scientology organization, in particular, apparently, spin-offs of Scientologists, have generated a cult called "The Process". We're gonna go into what The Process is. And then again, elements of The Process (not necessarily the whole thing, but most of it) have, in turn, hooked up with members of Alestair Crowley's OTO organization. (That was an occult group founded in Germany in 1902. Or actually, the Golden Dawn merged with Crowley's OTO.) Crowley was a so-called "black adept", a person who believed in black magic and participated in it.

As we're gonna look at in a future book about, uh a future program about UFO cults and... you know, the people that worship the (quote) "UFOs" and who in turn appear to be explicitly connected to the intelligence community and Nazi elements. Or that Alestair Crowley himself worked as an intelligence agent both for Britain and the United Sta... er, and Nazi Germany. So there are strong intelligence connections to Alestair Crowley.

The cult we're talking about appears to involve elements of Scientology -- primarily dissident elements -- and in particular, The Process itself, which in turn was founded by a couple of wayward Scientologists, people who were involved with L. Ron Hubbard's organization and then broke off, spun off, to form their own cult. In turn, elements of The Process (with a capital "P") hooked up with elements of Alestair Crowley's OTO. And this is the cult we're talking about. And I want to make a point clear: we're not necessarily pointing the finger at any or all of these organizations -- although The Process appears to be essentially an infernal... literally, a Devil worshipping organization. But you know, we don't want to say, "O.K. This is what the Scientologists do." We're talking about elements of these groups, in particular elements which spun off and formed their own organization.

But this is the organization behind the Manson killings, behind so many of these serial killings that we've been looking at. And one of the things that I think is so important about this book: it not only points out that these aren't the work of "lone nuts" but all of these killers are hooked together. They're part of a crime syndicate, they are protected by the authorities, and in particular, they are explicitly Nazi. This is the organization we're talking about here. Next week, perhaps, we'll go into the long series of killings [unclear] that were initiated to cover up the work of this particular organization. We're not, you know, we're not talking about "the Devil" here (although one could think about it that way). What we're looking at is something which uses the occult as a front. And it should be noted here, as we're gonna talk about in future broadcasts, that occult organizations have long been favored by the uh, by intelligence agents, as covers. Specifically because they tend to exist at the periphery of public scrutiny and are therefore good covers. Beyond that, because they do a lot of weird things. It serves as a very good cover for activities which might otherwise look very strange.

But this is the organization, again -- Berkowitz, Manson, and many others were involved with the organization. But equally importantly were not, not only were not by themselves, operating by themselves, but were not even the primary element here. The primary elements, the controlling elements, appear to be very, very well-off and very well-connected, with ties to organized crime, local police departments, and in all probability, our own intelligence system.

But again: the cult here is a combination of Scien... elements from the Scientologists -- primarily dissident, spin-off elements -- The Process church, and Alestair Crowley's OTO. Those are the groups behind, that's the organization behind, all these killings. And the point, for our purposes here, is they are explicitly Nazi.

O.K. We're gonna have some other names in here that will be unfamiliar because, again, we're starting with a section almost 400 pages into this book. And there's been a great deal done before that, and we'll get back to Dave and let him explain who some of these folks are.

Anyway, first they're talking about some ex cult-devotees, who are talking to the author.

[ be continued...]

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