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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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Right. The "Danny" and "Vinnie" mentioned here were prison informants who had been providing the authors as well as police investigators a lot of information about this group. It's big. A lot of people know about it. And some of the people that helped unearth the investigation by Maury Terry and others were informants in the prison, imprisoned with some of the people connected with the cult.

O.K. "According to Danny and Vinnie," writes Maury Terry, "the cult originated in England. They didn't know the names 'Process', 'Chingon'" (which is a, who's a high muckity-muck code name in the cult) "or 'OTO'. But the English origin information was enough to put it over the top. Both The Process and Alestair Crowley's OTO were rooted in England."

"The group had a main headquarters near Los Angeles. And both confirmed that 'Manson II' was from L.A. and was involved in the Arliss Perry(sp?) murder."

Yeah. "Manson II", by the way, was a fellow linked with Charlie Manson. He appears to have been one of the main Son of Sam killers, and a primary controlling element in this particular cult.

Arliss Perry was a woman from Bismarck, South... er North Dakota who was a devout Christian activist and was murdered in the Stanford University church in 1974 in a ritualistic killing by this group.

By the way, one of the points that they make in this book is that some killings are performed for ritualistic, Black Mass purposes. Other killings are specific assassinations; that's, individuals have been targetted by one element or another, for one reason or another. And that other killings are performed simply to cover those up -- they're simply random killings, meant to obscure the others as kind of a "deadly camouflage".

O.K. "The group had a main headquarters near Los Angeles, and both confirmed that 'Manson II' was from L.A. and was involved in the Arliss Perry murder. He was also involved in at least one Son of Sam shooting, they said: that of Christine Froine(sp?)."


It's also interesting that this particular cult went underground after the assassination of Robert Kennedy. One of the things we've spoken about in Radio Free America #12: first of all, Robert Kennedy's campaign managers in the L.A. area were Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski. The evening before he was assassinated, he [RFK] revealed in a dinner at their home that he'd have to wait until he got in the White House before he could re-open [the investigation into] his brother's murder.

In fact, [the investigation into] his brother's murder was eventually re-opened and it basically endorsed the results of [Jim] Garrison's investigation. However, Robert Kennedy was not to live more than 24 hours after that, and Sharon Tate was not to live a whole lot longer after that. Polanski lucked out and was not at the house at the time [i.e., when Sharon Tate was murdered].

Another thing we talked about in Radio Free America #12 was how Ed Butler, the U.S. Army Intelligence agent who was instrumental in painting Oswald "red", turned up in Los Angeles, in the employ of Knight of Malta Patrick Frawley(sp?), and began publishing in a right-wing paper that this was obviously the work of the Black Panthers or other left-wing radicals.

And it's worth noting, too, that another thing we talked about in Radio Free America #12, was how Charlie Manson now is a tremendous hero among certain California Nazi groups.


Berkowitz signed a threatening letter to neighbor Glassman(sp?) with "Brother" (another Process level) and he'd written "H.H." on the envelope of one of the anonymous letters he'd mailed to Sam Carr(sp?) (that was also a neighbor): "This, I would later learn, signified 'Heil Hitler' -- a Process demi-god."

"Regarding Hitler-Process links (which also brought Fred Cowan into the fold), I would learn that an associate of Berkowitz told police in 1977 that Berkowitz frequented the White Plains Road area of the northeast Bronx and 'possessed and wore Nazi insignia.'"

So again, more Nazi connections to David Berkowitz and the Son of Sam cult, running out to the Manson family, and very, very powerful elements thereof.

And I believe Fred Cowan (if I remember correctly) was somebody who himself was a mass murderer and killed, like, 6 people and just happened to have at one point either lived in the same house that Berkowitz had lived in, or they had mutual friends of some kind?

We're about to review that connection.

Ah! O.K. Good. Here we are. All right, reading another section here. O.K. Maury Terry, the author, is talking to a man by the name of Mitigger(sp?).

He's a fellow investigator, Jim Mitigger. I believe a former New York City policeman, but I'd have to check. A lot of his investigators were former or active-duty cops.

O.K. Now the... There's a reference to "I" -- that's Maury Terry talking about himself:

Now what's this about Jack Cassera from New Rochelle? Mitigger explained that Cassera, from whom Berkowitz -- (again, that's David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam) -- from whom Berkowitz rented a room in 1976, was a co-worker of Fred Cowan, an avowed neo-Nazi who murdered 6 people before killing himself during a day-long siege at the Neptune Moving Company in New Rochelle on Valentine's Day, 1977. Moreover, Berkowitz kept a file of news clippings on Cowan in his Yonkers apartment, and had referred to him as "one of the sons".

"Did you know that?" Mitigger asked.

"Yes. I found that out in August. I'd been saying up here that if I was Cassera, I'd of written a first-person article for Reader's Digest on "My Most Unforgettable Character".

Mitigger laughed, and then turned serious.

"What do you think the odds are that one guy, Cassera, would have Son of Sam living at his house, and work with Fred Cowan during the day? And then, have Berkowitz with a file on Cowan?" I cut in.

"I'd say the odds were incalculable. And you don't know how the hell Berkowitz ended up finding Cassera's place either."

Mitigger was on the edge of his seat now. "Maybe Cowan knew from Cassera [that] the room was available, and that's how Berkowitz found out. It makes sense. It's certainly possible. I think there's a lot of smoke there and there just might be a fire to go with it."

Mitigger and I agreed that if the scenario was correct, Jack Cassera, then in his mid-60s, was almost certainly an innocent link between the two murderers [Berkowitz and Cowan]. But we also concurred that it was too much to think that there was no connection between Cowan and Berkowitz. Especially in light of Berkowitz' comments about the Hitler-worshipping killer.

And again, due to the limitations of time, we're not gonna be able to do justice to this book. We'll come back to it during part of our prepared portion next week. Eventually we'll have to do an archive show, I think, on this type of material -- this book in particular.

Mae Brussell has been pointing out, for a number of years, her thesis -- which has endured, by the way, a lot of scorn at the hands of many people -- that in fact all of these serial killers were, in fact, a form of agent provocateur. What this is, basically, according to Mae's thesis (and it appears to be borne out in terrifying fashion and degree by this particular book) is that this is a type of application of the "strategy of tension". That is you take a society and you unleash all of these horrendous screwball killers -- or killers we're told are screwballs -- it has the effect of driving the political spectrum to the "right". People want "law and order". They want stronger laws, more cops, more jails, quicker capital punishment. And in general, it predisposes them to accepting the incredible. It's just, "Well with all those 'nuts' out there, you never know who's gonna do what." So, if 900 people "commit suicide" in the jungle under preposterous circumstances, or if "lone nuts" come foreward and begin killing politicians, it... there's a context in which that occurs.

But again, this is a way of driving people to the "right". These horrible killings, these apparent screwballs running all over the place, just gives the impression of a society that is decaying. "What we need is 'law and order.'" "We need a Fuehrer." "We need someone to set this right." We need....... George Bush!!

[ be continued...]

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