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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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[laughs] George.

Again, for those of you who haven't had a chance to: go out and get this book. (Which is probably most of you since it is very new [CN -- ca. 1987].)

And again, if you want an example of something we've talked about in the past, it's the way that these kinds... If you're wondering how these things can crop up and then they just get ignored this way, or they get downplayed, or why don't people think about, talk about these things -- well. We talked in great length about the fact that John Hinckley, [who] took a shot at Ronald Reagan, not only had heavy connections between his family and George Bush's family which, let's face it, no Agatha Christie-type mystery in the world would get away with something as obvious as that as far as a plot twist. But then on top of it, John Hinckley was a member of a Nazi group! And had a Nazi uniform and went to Nazi rallies. And there were interviews in the newspaper with his Nazi buddies who said, "Gee. We always thought the guy was the 'heat'. We thought he had to be a government agent, he was so crazy." And then, when John Hinckley's trial came along, both the defense and the prosecution agreed that the Nazi part of John Hinckley's career was entirely a figment of John Hinckley's imagination! And even after there'd been national newspaper articles with his old Nazi bund mates talking about him. Then they managed to, the prosecution and defense managed to agree that there was no such thing as John Hinckley's Nazi past.

So if you folks think that, if you wonder how something like the uh, some of these details about David Berkowitz or the Manson family can "scoot by" under the table, just remember that one, which was only seven years ago [CN -- now, ca. 1994, approx. 14 years ago].

One of the most ominous connections here is that there are connections to very powerful elements, including elements of police, elements of the military and intelligence community.

I would have preferred that Maury Terry went even farther than he did. But this is a masterpiece of investigation and really is gonna open up a whole new area of political research for people.

Now one of the things that's most important for us to understand is that the Satanism is largely a cover. In other words, the people used at the operational level (God have mercy on them) do appear to believe in this sickness. But that the point is, the people who run it, the ones who do not take the falls like the Berkowitzes and the Mansons, apparently do not believe in Satan, or if they do, they're using this group for ulterior motives. And basically, it's an organized crime syndicate that's not only involved in murder but other things. A couple of sections will give you an idea what we're talking about.

This again, from another one of the prison informants who helped break the case:

Drugs are involved. I feel the real key to exposing the group is through drug and porn connections. Illegal weapons are also [involved]. But not as good 'cause that's sporadic. And they already have arsenals. But they need steady supplies of drugs for their own parties and to make money.

And remember: those who head this may not believe this crap about Satan. They believe in how people can be led and used; used in a very effective way. Sickeningly effective.

(And developing still further, skipping down into the book; from the same prison inform... or actually, a different prison informant):

The motive is drugs. I have all the details. Some 44 shootings were "hits". Pornography is also involved. Also, "snuff films" on videotape...

(I would interrupt that a "snuff flick" is actually a film of an actual killing. Usually, the victim is female and [is] dispatched in an explicitly sexual context. But it's an actual film of an actual killing.)

Also, "snuff films" on videotape. And that, sir, is proof. This is not just sick. It is big business. Someone has gotten rich off the bloodshed, and I can back up every single word. I'll give you facts. What you do with them will determine how much you get. You see, I don't trust you. I trust what [Abraham] Lincoln said, "You can't make [expletive deleted] out of the people forever." I think that's how he said it. That's how I say it.

The authorities are elected to protect, not to censor and cover up. Gannett newspapers is always B.S.-ing, "You care about the public's right to know." Prove it. I've got my [expletive deleted] on the line. We have a deal to talk. And my writing this letter is a committment: I'm risking my life. Does that maybe "challenge" you? Even if they "waste" me, you've got a story. The children...

(And these are the "sons" alluded to earlier in the Nazi references.)

The children were very literally being raised to kill.

(This was a reference to wall writing in Berkowitz' apartment: "My children I'm raising to be killers.")

Wait 'till they grow up.

For very real reasons, there is a "Black Master". Only he is not an illusion. Dr. Abrahamson also came close to this realization. Berkowitz feared...

(That's a psychiatrist assigned to Berkowitz.)

Berkowitz feared [that] Abrahamson knew; that he'd figured it out. Check the ballistics report. More than one weapon was used. They can't "argue" about that one. Those conflicting composites do not prove [that] eyewitnesses are worthless. Perhaps they prove the cop/D.A. political mentality is dangerously prejudiced.

"Sam" was a "Squeaky" Fromme, nothing more glamorous than a "patsy".

(That's a reference to Berkowitz here.)

He laughed when he was apprehended. Sure. Why not? It was orchestrated. Do you believe he actually transported guns like that? No. And the note, left out in the open. The visible gun. It was a setup. The apartment was a setup, made to look like he was "nuts". They (the cult) don't want a trial or an investigation. Things were getting hot. Too many experts were involved. If the investigation continued, the truth would have been found out.

And I would say here, take note of this statement from this prison informant; that perhaps they prove the cop/D.A. political mentality is dangerously prejudiced.

Another one of our listeners has done a fabulous piece of research which would indicate, perhaps, some of the people who "protect" this particular group.

This is a piece of writing that will not be unfamiliar to long- time One Step Beyond listeners. We've brought a great deal of attention to it, off and on, in the past.

The book itself is entitled, The Glasshouse Tapes. And the book is by "The Citizens Research and Investigation Committee", which included, among other people, Mae Brussell and Donald Freed(sp?). And uh, "written with Louis E. Tackwood". And the glasshouse tapes themselves are the revelations of Louis Tackwood, who was a former L.A. Police Department informer and, in fact, basically a secret agent and provocateur -- most important for our purposes.

[ be continued...]

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