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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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Radio Free America #23, where we went into this connection, at great length.

At great length.

And Louis Tackwood worked with, among other things, organizations that would later be involved in things like the SLA [Symbionese Liberation Army]. He had a lot to say about the way that the L.A. Police Department manipulated the prison systems and various so- called "left wing" organizations to put up... The same kind of things we've been talking about with the Italians -- using the "strategy of tension". And interestingly, something that we didn't remember, but, as mentioned before, one of our long-time co-workers found for us in The Glasshouse Tapes this reference, from Tackwood. Remember, a lot of the things that Tackwood talked about in this, at the time looked pretty strange. And several of them, like the attempt to scuttle the 1972 Republican convention, later turned out in fact to have been actual truth. And it just didn't sound like it at the time, 'cause they sound pretty wild. And here's another thing of Tackwood's that looked pretty wild for about 15 years. And now, with this publication of the Maury Terry book, is beginning to look a little prophetic. Tackwood is, again, talking about the L.A. Police Department and how they set up some of their provocations:

Tackwood had also said...

Oh! I should mention real quickly before I start reading from The Glasshouse Tapes. The copy that we have was a paperback, copyright 1973, published by Avon Books.

Tackwood had also said, "Then, like the dynamite deal, you don't know that there's a devil-worship cult in Pasadena. Actually, in Altadena. They are definitely on the L.A.P.D. payroll, 'cause that's how we set a cat up, that cat with the dynamite."

(This is a guy who's a member of the Weathermen [CN -- Armed faction of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society].)

"He was kind of leery, but I take him up to the temple

(Meaning this devil-cult temple.)

and these crazy-looking cats come out and say, 'We're gonna blow this up.' And he's scared to death. We shook him so, it was pathetic.

And then, how you do it is, from this taxi, that car and this car, to that car, and there's a mystic thing about it. And they go for it every time. I don't care if they're the leader of the Weathermen, if you catch them right, they fall for it. If you could show 'em, like if I caught the leader of the Weatherman clique and I had a lot of bread and guns and I showed them how they could rip-off a million dollars in gold and there wasn't gonna be anyone there, I could march a squad in there with enough money and enough guns. And if you lay it on right, and show 'em how easy it is, he's gonna march right in there and get all shot up."

So in this case, they're talking about, among other things, the L.A. Police Department using this devil cult as an operation with which to entrap people like the Weathermen. But obviously, when you're the L.A. Police Department, whose record of their dealings with the public has been less than laudatory and who, a careful reading of The Glasshouse Tapes and some of the other stuff that we've presented here on One Step Beyond will show you, the L.A. Police Department does not balk at using just about anything to achieve their ends. And the L.A. Police Department apparently seems to have their fingers in some pretty, pretty strange pies.

Now to give you an idea of the size and scope of this particular operation, this cult/mind control intelligence front as it really appears to be and an organized crime syndicate of a particularly heinous variety -- again, Maury Terry writes as follows, in The Ultimate Evil:

Cults, as many experts confirm, change names frequently as circumstances demand it. The actual name wasn't all that important, but the original theology and networking was. As for the claim that approximately 1,000 people nationwide belong to the cult, this figure, while startling and ominous, was not incredible. Berkowitz, as far back as Marcy in 1978...

(That's a prison in New York.)

...had said he believed he was protecting hundreds. And the original Process, with its cells in numerous American cities, stated as early as 1969 that 200 people in the United States actually joined the movement.

Additionally, the Process actively sought alliances with existing occult groups, such as the Crowley-worshipping OTO. So, with expansion and recruitment since then, it was not beyond the realm of possibility that offshoot or related ranks increased their numbers by some 7 or 8 hundred across the country by 1977. And of course, the figure may have been somewhat exaggerated by those who provided it to Berkowitz.

Vinnie and Danny [prison informants] also quoted Berkowitz as saying Charles Manson was a member of the cult. This, too, blended with everything we learned or would learn, including Berkowitz' "offshoot of Scientology" remark.

Author Ed Sanders and Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi both believed Manson was affiliated with the Process. In his book, Helter Skelter, Bugliosi said that two Process members, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, visited him to disuade him from that belief. Those same two Process-ans then called on Manson in prison, after which, Manson stopped talking about The Process.

I would indicate that other elements in this book -- and we're gonna go into the many killings committed to, or apparent murders committed to cover up this crime. The claim of 1,000 members may even be an underestimate. It appears that this is a very large, and very powerful group. And again, people with tremendous wealth: show business people, professionals, as well as elements of police, military, and [the] intelligence community, appear to be deeply involved.

Now the next section of the book that we're gonna read is the description of Arliss Perry, one of the victims of this particular organization. She apparently had come across one of the branches of this cult in North Dakota, where she lived. She then moved to Palo Alto, with her husband, who was beginning his sophomore year at Stanford. She was a Christian activist and spent a lot of time in church. And apparently she was followed to that church and was murdered in the Stanford church in October of 1974. Berkowitz was aware of all of the details of her killing.

Uh, this is by way of making people aware of the nature of this particular beast. This is gonna be some rather disturbing information you're gonna hear. The point you want to think about is that this appears to be a group which has very strong connections to our government, or elements thereof.

Ask yourselves whether what you're about to hear is the kind of world you want to have your children live in, or perhaps live in yourself. Think very carefully about that.

Yeah. If you have any children up right now, or if you yourself are weak of stomach, you might not want to listen to this next part.

Again, this is a description of the Arliss Perry murder. Talking about, again, this is in the Stanford Memorial Church, in 1974.

Again, just down the road. In fact, it was 13 years ago. [CN -- Now 20 years ago.]

That's right.

In the words of a church official who later viewed the scene, the site was "ritualistic and Satanic". And indeed, it was a vision from Hell.

Arliss was lying on her back, with her body partially under the last pew in the left-side alcove, a short distance from where she was last seen praying. Above her was a large carving which had been sculptured into the church wall years before. It was an engraving of a cross.

The symbolism was explicit. Arliss' head was facing forward, toward the main altar. Her legs were spread wide apart, and she was nude from the waist down. The legs of her blue jeans were spread-eagled upside-down across her calves, purposely arranged in that manner. Viewed from above, the resulting pattern of Arliss' legs and those of the inverted blue jeans took on a diamond-like shape.

Arliss' blouse was torn open, and her arms were folded across her chest. Placed neatly between her breasts was an altar candle. Completing the desecration, another candle, 30 inches long, was jammed into her vagina.

But that wasn't all. She'd also been beaten and choked.

However none of that butchery caused her death. Arliss Perry died because an ice pick had been rammed into her skull behind her left ear. Its handle protruded grotesquely from her head.

Now. Thoroughly unpleasant thing to have to think about, but again: these are the kind of people that we're talking about. This is the kind of thing that these people do. Again: particularly to cause terror and revulsion. Also, to pass a message to people who would talk about their organization. As apparently Arliss Perry knew enough to have caused them some trouble.

We're gonna talk about, next week, about some of the killings this group committed. It's a staggering... It's like the JFK assassination.

However, again, as you think about whether or not you want to contribute your support to KFJC, just ask yourselves: How many media voices are even gonna deal with something like this?

And again: those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And beyond that, those who never look at the past are also condemned to repeat it. [CN -- Also, so-called "historians", paid by the assassin government to tell us lies about the past, keep us in ignorance about the past and thereby condemn us to repeat it.]

[The] clock is ticking, and you're not gonna be able to ignore this kind of situation for very much longer.

Think about that. Think about what's happening in America.

Maury Terry closes his book with a very eloquent assessment of the situation in this country:

Their numbers are growing. And this time, there is no insulating middle-America. This time, it isn't an inner-city eruption that can be written off as the inevitable fall-out from poverty and slums.

No, this battleground is elsewhere. The list of the dead tells that story. The killer cults were born and nurtured in the comfort zone of America, and are now victimizing it at will. Manson's haunting testimony, and a later warning from David Berkowitz, echo loudly across the years. Two statements, made on opposite coasts, nearly a decade apart. Yet the dire message is the same:

"What about your children?" Manson challenged the Los Angeles courtroom as the 1970s began. "You say there are just a few? There are many, many more, coming in the same direction. They are running in the streets, and they are coming right at you."

In New York, Berkowitz would write, "There are other 'sons' out there. God help the world."

Sometimes, late at night, one can know the truth of their words. Through the darkness, a foreboding wail can be heard. Faintly at first, then more insistent and near, the reverberations ring through urban canyons, roll across the shadowed by-ways of Scarsdale and Bel-air, and are carried on the night wind to the remote reaches of rural countrysides. It is a mournful, curdling cry. It is the sound of America -- screaming.

[ be continued...]

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