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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues reading from The Ultimate Evil]:

We then realized we hadn't learned just what had happened to Carr. For all we knew, he had been ill or hit by a bus. Mitigger volunteered to call the Minot police to find out.

A long, nervous hour later, he was back on the phone. "Listen to this carefully, 'cause you're not gonna believe it. It was violent. Gunshot. And they think it's murder, although there's a chance it could be suicide. But they're treating it as a homicide. Either way, the guy is dead, violently, right in the midst of our handing him over."

I was too startled to answer.

(And still later...)

Meanwhile, implying he was an official investigator, Mitigger cultivated a source within OSI, the Air Force police agency. OSI was involved in the case, because Carr's death occurred in the bedroom of a housing unit on the Minot Air Force base. Carr, it turned out, had left the Air Force 16 months earlier. The home was that of his girlfriend, Linda O'Connor, whose estranged serviceman husband, Craig, had moved off the base.

One thing that's not mentioned in this particular section of the book is the fact that John Carr had obviously been involved with a branch of this satanic cult, The Process cult, while in the Air Force and working as an F-16 maintenance man at Minot... or not an F-16, but I believe F-106, maintenance man at the Minot, North Dakota, Air Force base.

That's one of the deaths that we're gonna be dealing with. Now just as John Carr... By the way, he ultimately was found to have been murdered. It was made to look like a suicide. But a lot of these circumstances suggested that, in fact, John Carr had been murdered. Then upon examination of the corpse during autopsy, there were actual questions raised whether or not this was John Carr. Because a lot of things did not jibe with what was known about the living John Carr. So it's perhaps possible that John Carr is still alive today.

Now John Carr's brother, Michael, another son of Sam Carr, was also being investigated and also appears to have been involved in all of the Son of Sam activities as well as the various Process satanic cover activities. And just as the investigators were getting close to him, he too died.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil:

Ward county police politics was about to become the least of our worries. At 4 a.m. on October 4th, Michael Vale Carr III, a prime suspect, was racing toward a rendezvous with infinity. As he sped north on Manhattan's rickety, ancient, west side highway, at 70th street something happened. His pale green Buick plowed headlong into a streetlight stanchion at nearly 75 miles per hour. The impact dislodged the steering wheel and ripped the engine out of the car. At 27, Michael Carr was finished.

Dave Hartley(sp?) of the Yonkers Herald-Statesman called me at 8:30 a.m. "I've got a photographer down there now. Maybe the pictures will tell us something."

"Why, Dave?" I asked. "Aren't we sure that this is merely a coincidence?" (Actually, I was dazed by the news.)

"Too many coincidences," Hartley replied.

Again, there are many, many coincidences here. And we're gonna take a look at some more of these deaths that... of people, who dogged this investigation at every step of the way.

Again, one of the things that's chilling about this particular organization is how effectively they were able to eliminate suspects in the investigation. It appears probable from the circumstances surrounding this wave of killings that this group had strong connections within the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Now one of the attempted murders that, fortunately for this investigation, did not come off, was that of David Berkowitz himself. He had been actively co-operating with Maury Terry and others seeking to re-open the investigation. He [Berkowitz] himself narrowly escaped death when his throat was cut.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil:

In May, I received word from a source that Berkowitz' life was in danger. I immediately phoned Jim [Mitigger] who contacted Felix Gilroy. Gilroy sent a formal advisement to the correction department warning that reliable informants said that an attempt might soon be made to end Berkowitz' life.

It happened at about 8:15 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, July 10th. Berkowitz, in a segregated Attica cellblock reserved for high security-risk prisoners, was carrying a pail of hot washwater as part of his inmate's job as a porter when the razor slash came. The cut, which caught Berkowitz from behind, extended from the left side of his throat to the back of his neck. It required 56 stitches to close. A bit deeper, and he would've been dead.

Berkowitz, with typical aplomb, walked up to a correction guard and said, "I'm sorry, but I've been cut." He was taken to the infirmary for treatment and refused to co-operate with prison officials in their investigation. He never revealed the name of his assailant, who was another inmate.

And fortunately, David Berkowitz survived. A lot of other people, however, didn't. There's a huge, huge number of apparent suicides, or accidents, or obvious murders in connection with the investigation of this particular cult.

Now one of the, one of the places where this cult was very active was in Minot, North Dakota. And there appears to have been a whole ring of The Process umbrella cult there. And as the investigators began to probe into the Minot connection, many of the people there died.

And, just one second... uh, there's another, I believe... I've gotten my place a little bit confused here. Let's see... Yeah. Now we'll move along. This is... we're in order here.

More killings. Again, this is... These are killings in connection with the Minot branch of The Process umbrella cult:

The newly deceased was Jerry Berg, a cult-connected friend of John Carr's whose name surfaced early in the Minot investigation of Carr's satanic associates. Berg, Carr, the now-deceased Donny Boon...

(And Donny Boon died under circumstances not described here.)

...Phil Falcon, a person known as "The Wiz", and a young man named Larry Milenko, comprised the inner circle in Minot.

Jerry Berg, a short, stocky man with curly, blondish hair, was a native of Bismarck who moved to the Minot area in the mid-1970s to take some courses in Minot state college, where Carr, Falcon, and some of the others also studied part time. An accomplished outdoorsman, Berg had been on the wrestling team while at Bismarck junior college [BJC], from which he graduated in 1972. He was three years older than Arliss Perry, who entered BJC in the fall of 1973.

Interrupting: Arliss Perry was a person, apparently a Christian activist, who had been attempting to convert members of this satanic cult to Christianity. She was... When she moved out to Palo Alto, with her husband, who was entering his second year at Stanford university, she was murdered in the Stanford church in October of 1974. So this is a case which intersects directly with the Santa Clara valley and within our listening radius here.

That's who Arliss Perry is, however.

On December 27th, 1979, Berg and Milenko were chopping trees in a wooded area outside Minot. According to Milenko, the pair had separated and were about an eighth mile apart. Milenko said the sound of Berg's saw stopped, and then he walked over to where Berg was working and found him crushed to death beneath a large tree.

Milenko, ever respectful, then put the body in his truck, drove it to a hospital, dropped it off, and left. He immediately hired a lawyer.

"Berg was an experienced woodsman. He'd been in that business," Gardner said. "It just seemed very strange to have something like this happen to him -- let alone at the same time [that] we're poking around about John Carr and Arliss Perry."

[ be continued...]

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