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("Quid coniuratio est?")


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The battle, I believe, in the current period, since the time I was born, 1947, or even a little earlier, is for the last frontier that's being explored; it's the one where we have to do battle in order to survive; it's for what George Orwell called "the space between our ears." It's that little space, and what's in it, that the government finds the most valuable. Believe me, the Defense Department does not sit around in fear of the Soviet Union, who are technologically and militarily well behind us on every critical point. If they plan anything in relation to the Soviet Union, it's full-scale nuclear, biological and chemical warfare attack in the year 2000. They don't sit and quake over the people in Nicaragua, in Central America, in Africa, in the Middle East. They do genocide against them with impunity. The only people that they're afraid of is us. Because if we figure out what's happening in this society, if we figure out the real politics, if we call the lie and open it up, then the gig is up. That's why Oliver North was so careful to shred everything. It didn't matter, as the Committee pointed out, that the Cubans already knew, that the Nicaraguans already knew, and that even the Soviets already knew. The problem was if the American public should get hold of the information on the secret government and its activities. That's the danger.

The history of the establishment of privilege in societies probably goes back as far as there was history. Back at least to multiple groups of people trying to cooperate, or live together. In the earliest part, those privileges were established at various points by religious beliefs that were asserted, or held sway, by outright lies, by force and the threat of force, and from time to time by the discovery of new technologies, which allowed a particular group an advantage or privilege over another group. The maintaining of that privilege, once it was held in a few hands, by a particular class, race or sex, was maintained then, by deception; by a distortion of earlier history; and by a method that became more and more effective as history progressed: the implementation of force, the threat of force, and implied violence.

This continued until all of those things became part of the State apparatus. They became centralized as huge functions that didn't rely on a particular fiefdom or how many thugs you could hire to fence off your land, protect it and call it your own, or how many soldiers you could get together under your leadership to die, so that you could take over some other property. The accumulation of wealth and control became centralized not only in a few hands in this country, but by a few societies, a few empires, over time.

We live in one of them. We live in the most advanced one. We live in the most dangerous one, in terms of the future existence of the planet. {1}. Current military and intelligence machinery of this society make the Nazi/Hohenzollern machine look like a rubber band affair.

We're 40 or 50 years down that technological pike from whatever it was that frightened us in the 1940s. And as Thomas Merton said in 1936: "If we fight the Nazis, we will become the Nazis."

Under current theory, rather than distorting history it has become the practice, I believe, to destroy history altogether. History, especially after the year 1945, no longer exists. It's not taught in school. When I was in school I was lucky to get up to the end of the Civil War. The furthest you could get in school was, maybe, the beginnings of World War II. Then there was something called Current Events that started in 1960. Now the kids in high school have history as an optional topic. You know, it's either that or I don't know what... typing... or something else. But even if they go into the history, I don't know if you've picked up an historical text from high schools {2} that mentions at all the 1940s on... It's just so distorted as to be unrecognizable. It's down what Orwell called the "memory hole." So it's more than just changing or distorting the history; it's the destruction of history itself so that history no longer exists.

In World War II, techniques were developed for the deception of the enemy, for the control of the human mind, and for war stress. They did an analysis of soldiers. It was that period, and the period directly following, that marked the massive growth of psychiatry as an industry. And of prisons. And of the whole centralized institutional response to political and social problems, that handed them over to experts in the society and to institutions. And that touted those people who stood up in any way, or fought back against their oppression, into these institutions, under definitions that blamed the victims themselves.

Blaming the victim is what mass psychiatry, militarism, and many of these other forces do. "You end up," as Malcolm X said once, "by reading the newspapers for long enough, loving the people doing the oppressing and hating the people that are being oppressed."

And then add to that, and those factors and those tendencies, the technology of television. As I often say, Goebbels probably would have given his saluting arm for that one. Because that's the ticket, see? We're no longer going to read. We no longer have to do anything except turn on that electronic machine. And as early as 1948, according to my investigation and research, that television was exactly the instrument described in 1939 in Orwell's book 1948, which was changed here in the U.S. to 1984 in the first Harcourt and Brace edition. But '48 is the year it's talking about. All the technology that Winston faces in Orwell's society was in place, and in the hands of, and functional for, the intelligence agencies; the averrant conditioning, the telescreen that watched him...

By 1948 we had Operation Octopus (in secret), which allowed machinery in a particular neighborhood to cover a 25 mile radius, and any television that had its tubes hot could be listened through and seen through by this technology. This is what Hale Boggs' staff was investigating at the time of his disappearance in the middle of Watergate. He was also one of the Warren Commission members.

Beyond watching us, the television also controls us. Not only with constant subliminal messages, and the message of the commoditization of all human experience, and the message that cops are our friends, no matter what they do. You know, the overt and the covert propaganda. But just the fact that we spend so much of our time absorbed that we, in a sense, leave the driving to them... on the brain circuit.

With the brain itself, the procedures were: drugging, cutting, implanting, microwaving and perfecting control. Whether it was end of memory, lapse of memory temporarily, creation of second personality, training of assassins... whatever control they wanted, first on the individual, and then on the mass level.

Other programs that the CIA, Navy and Army Intelligence called MK/ULTRA, MK/DELTA, and MK/NAOMI, ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, they had a lot of names, Project Often; they were done on prisoners, on veterans... who are still being experimented on in those institutions right now, in ways that won't be seen in the civilian world for several years.

But they took it, obviously, from that individual level to a mass level. As early as 1956 Allen Dulles bought 50 million tabs of LSD from the Sandoz Corporation. Now that's not experimental level. They were going to do something with it.

And what they did with it, to just give you one example from an article that I found at the time of... you remember the mass murders that were attributed to the Son of Sam (Mae Brussell calls him the "Son of Uncle Sam"), this fellow up there in New York, David Berkowitz. Berkowitz was an army clerk in Korea. I have an article about his military background from his best friend in the unit. He decided he didn't want to be there any more and he applied as a conscientious objector, the friend says. And then he says, interestingly enough, "the brass gave him acid." Does the brass give you acid? No, the brass gives you MK/ULTRA.

This fellow Gary Heidens, who was just convicted of the mass murders and torture of the women in the basement in Philadelphia. Did you read about that? He had been part of the MK/ULTRA experimentation in the army. He had 100% medical disability from the V.A. [Veterans Administration]. He had V.A. records so sensitive that the computers sent out a warning beep whenever anybody tried to access the file. His brother was also on 100% disability from the V.A. And when Perutto, his lawyer, tried to introduce any of that, it was quashed by the judge.

These so-called mass murderers not only don't commit all the murders (it's easy for the government to commit a lot of murders and then blame them all on one person), but the murders that they do commit are under the influence, not of some purported mental disease, but of programming of the mind, and distortion by the government itself.

The print and other media in this country, especially since the period of the Depression, have been in the hands of fewer and fewer people. All you need, really, is the assignment editor and the final copy editor in your pocket. And then you can have as many honest reporters as you want, as long as you've got 2 or 3 CIA reporters and intelligence reporters to cover the right story. And to make sure that nobody else slips into the wrong one.

The wire services are certainly easy enough to control. And now the ownership, which had been secretly held, through interlocking directorates, by the Rockefeller family, for all four major television networks since the 1940s, has passed openly into the hands of General Electric (remember, "what's good for GE is good for the country") for NBC, and to Capital Cities, Bill Casey's stock investment company, ABC is under their auspices. So now we're going to be open about the fact that we live in a corporate world.

The future envisioned by the people that are paying hundreds of millions of dollars of money (NASA and Navy Intelligence) was outlined by Dr. Jose Delgado. A Fascist from Spain, an expert in brain implantation on animals and humans, Delgado suggested to the Congress in 1972 that we could have a society of electronic remote control of workers and laborers in the field, and soldiers out on the front lines. A society run from behind by a group of technocrats at the top, with almost all of us implanted {3} with electronic devices to control our brains and human responses. And he told Congress that he didn't see why anyone would feel adverse to having an implant that would make them both happy and productive. He said: "After all, they take their Swine Flu shots, don't they?"

I didn't.

Disinformation is an art developed by us and now blamed on the KGB. To give you just one example of how it works, it distorts history so much from the beginning, that the common left-wing response to the propaganda merely maintains the lie.

KAL 007, for instance, was not blown out of the sky by the Russians. Was not within 300 nautical miles of the stealth plane that actually invaded Soviet air space and escaped that air space because it deflected the radar information to the missile fired by the Soviet pilot. KAL 007 was blown up over the Kurile trench by the U.S. Intelligence agencies simultaneous with hearing the Soviet pilot say, "The target is destroyed."

Not only are we not privy to that information, but the KGB and the Soviet Union are blamed for shooting it down. According to the New York Times, in those days there was no excuse, under any circumstances at any time, for a sophisticated and developed nation to shoot down a civilian airliner.

Now, we've suddenly changed all that to a situation where there's "nothing else the pilot could do. After all, it was 9 miles away." And it was "ascending," or "descending," or doing something... And so, "we had to knock it out of the sky." [CN -- Here Judge is referring to a different incident, where a U.S. Navy Missile Cruiser shot down a civilian Iranian airliner over the Persian Gulf.]

But if our only criticism rests on the idea that the Soviets blew up the plane, then we can only counter with the fact that we shouldn't have done the same. If we get to [the] bottom of history, we're in a different situation.

I used to wear a button that said, "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we really need him?" You see, I wanted him to testify... because he could tell the truth to the American public. He was innocent of the crime. He didn't fire a gun that day. But whenever I'd wear it, people thought I wanted to kill the President. If I'd wanted to say that, I would have had to wear a button that said, "Where's Jack Ruby when we really need him?" He took the guns up the back of the grassy knoll. But if I wore that button, they'd think I wanted to kill Sirhan Sirhan. So you see, once you distort it, there's almost no way back unless you get to the core of the information and revise it toward truth.

One of the most interesting articles in the last year was in the Boston Globe, outlining five stories supposedly planted in the international press for distribution by KGB disinformation agents. Those stories included the exact research conclusions of Dave Emory, Mae Brussell and myself, and other key researchers in this country. These "KGB disinformation stories": that Jonestown was a CIA mass murder, that the AIDS disease is a chemical/biological warfare weapon, that the deaths in Cameroon resulted from a test of the neutron bomb... were stories that almost no one except the independent American researchers were putting out. So, if anything, the Soviets are our dupes. But I doubt it. I suggest that probably the Soviets didn't plant the "disinformation" but that that article [i.e. in the Boston Globe] was the real disinformation.


--------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------- {1} " terms of the future existence of the planet." They always say this, but I think it was George Carlin that pointed out: "The planet ain't goin' nowhere... but we are."

They always say "save the planet" when what they mean is "save us, the humans." Like Carlin said, the planet will still be here long after we're gone.

{2} "...I don't know if you've picked up an historical text from high schools..." That might be interesting, to read a high school American history text. But where could you get hold of one?

By the way, I made inquiries about a year ago and it seems that the high schools are still teaching... guess what? That Lee Harvey Oswald did it.

{3} "...with almost all of us implanted..." Brings to mind reports of so-called "abductees" who report having received implants. I can't remember the source, but I recall reading a paper in which it was opined that these "abductees" are really persons who have been (1) abducted or otherwise captivated by CIA or some other shadowy government agency; (2) worked on, implanted, brainwashed, etc; (3) then given a cover memory by these quite terrestrial manipulators so that they seem to remember having been abducted by "spacemen".

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