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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues reading from The Ultimate Evil]:

In searching through Berg's possessions, police found further evidence of his satanic interests. In a letter Berg hadn't yet mailed to two friends in North Carolina, he said he was having difficulties with his brother and he was thinking of "putting a black magic curse on him." He also talked of looking up his black magic teacher, Aquarius Hador, who was "now in Minneapolis. I'm sure he's as evil as he's ever been," Berg wrote.

Ironically, he closed the letter by cautioning his friends to "be careful in the woods."

Police were never able to prove that Berg's death was a murder. But the total of violently dead now included four who were directly linked to Berkowitz and the Son of Sam case: Jerry Berg, John Carr, Michael Carr, and Howard Weiss(sp?). Additionally, the Yonkers mailman who committed suicide a month after Berkowitz' capture, Andrew Dupres(sp?), was strongly suspected of having been threatened by the group.

And then there were the near misses: sniper attacks on Gardner(sp?) and on the police officer substituting for Wheat Carr's husband...

(Wheat Carr's the sister of John and Michael Carr.)

...John McCabe, and the incident in which Darlene Kristienson(sp?) and Tom Taylor reported they were run off the road near Minot. There was no absolute proof that the latter incidents were related to the Son of Sam investigation, but strong indications were certainly present.

Another incident, which occurred less than two weeks before Berg's death, was also highly suspicious. This one happened in New York.

A letter I later received said, "Dear Maury Terry, please look into this double killing. Carol was asking people about OTO a year prior to the murders."

Interrupting: The OTO was Alestair Crowley's cult. That's one of the organizations which intersects with The Process.

"Carol was asking people about the OTO a year prior to the murders. I can't accept that the people responsible for this are still walking around free. I'm afraid that the problem will not go away and that minds this unbalanced may perpetrate additional horrors. Forgive me for not signing my name. I haven't gotten over the fear."

The writer was apparently a woman friend of one Carol Marron, 33, a Brooklyn resident. Marron was a secretary at the Pratt Institute [CN -- Doesn't the Pratt Institute have some NWO connection?] in Brooklyn and designed clothing to supplement her income. For seven years she lived with Howard Green, 53, an abstract painter who drove a cab for his steady paycheck.

As the letter writer said, for more than a year Marron and Green had been delving into the occult. Their small basement apartment at 270 DeKalb Avenue was spiced with various items of satanic influence. Chances are excellent that this paraphernalia was purchased at a certain occult store located not far from their residence -- a store that served more purposes than one for certain occult adepts.

In the early evening hours of Saturday, December 15th, Marron and Green were spotted by an acquaintance on a subway train in Manhattan. The friend left the train at 59th street, but Marron and Green kept going. The subway they were riding would carry them past Columbia University before continuing to the end of the line at the Bronx/Yonkers border.

Sometime later that night, Green and Marron returned to their Brooklyn apartment. The next time they were sighted was at 7 p.m. the following evening. They were lying next to each other off route 80 in West Patterson, New Jersey, not far from New York City. Both were bludgeoned on their left sides. Both had right eye wounds. And both clutched clumps of hair in their fists, a satanic symbol.

And there was one other similarity. Every drop of blood had been drained from the bodies of Carol Marron and Howard Green with a veterinarian's syringe.

And again, there were, as indicated in this particular passage that I just finished, there were a lot of other near misses for many people. I'm not even gonna go into those now, due to time. But it's a pattern which becomes numbingly familiar when you've investigated political conspiracies for awhile: just witness the flood of corpses that pursued the Iran-Contra investigation.

Now again, another murder here that appears to have been involved to cover up the Son of Sam, Manson family, Process operation was that involving... Again, bear in mind that the activities that this group was involved in, the Satanism is just a cover and an apparent mind-control device. The actual activities are murder, drug dealing, pornography, call girl operations, and kiddie porn in particular.

"Vinnie" here, by the way, is a prison informant who helped to break the case. Now one of the points that he makes is that certain people are selected for definite reasons and killed, and other killings are committed at random to cover up the significant killings.

Now again, "Vinnie" here is a prison informant:

Vinnie named Donna Lorea(sp?), slain in the Bronx on July 29th, 1976, as one of those deliberately selected for death.

I'll interrupt: Donna Lorea was one of the victims of the Son of Sam, one of the .44 caliber killing victims.

He further stated that some of the .44 shootings occurred at random, to cover up the targetted incidents. He also said that a major leader of the group lived in a large, free- wheeling mansion in either New Jersey or Long Island; that the group was involved in drug, porno, and call girl operations involving college-age girls; that shipments of illegal weapons were sometimes part of the picture, and at least one Son of Sam murder was filmed or videotaped by the group.

Without exception, these allegations were explosive to put it mildly. They were also so complex and elaborate that we immediately suspected there was at least some truth to them.

In the coded section of Vinnie's letter he was, I later learned, describing the murder of Stacey Moscowitz and the blinding of Robert Violante.

(Those were two other victims of the .44 caliber killings.)

Some of the coded names were said to refer to participants in that attack, which was alleged to have been videotaped by the cult. As Vinnie later wrote me, "Videotapes, snuff films... The killing of Stacey Moscowitz is on film. It draws a high price, the sick bastards. But this is business. The whole Moscowitz killing was orchestrated. The whole capture was."

(By the way, that's the capture of David Berkowitz.)

"Analyze the events yourself." (Vinnie didn't know Berkowitz had already revealed details of that operation to me.) "You'll feel like a fool for ever having believed differently. Sickeningly, this whole nightmare is real. I have a good idea where the films and ritual book, the log of coven crimes, are. But a premature leak could get them 'lost'."

Lost was one thing. Dead was another -- as in, murdered on Halloween. As Vinnie later wrote, "I had two locations -- Brooklyn Heights and the Village." (Greenwich Village). "I didn't know which was to be the place, except it was to be one of them. Berkowitz didn't know either. And he didn't know it would be that guy. When I sent out that code, I didn't know that the guy that turned out to be the victim was among those names. And why was he killed? He was afraid he was 'going down' [i.e. "taking the fall", being the "patsy" for crime involving persons higher up] on drug dealing. He was about to help the cop, Santucci(sp?); to tell it all."

(By the way, Santucci is John Santucci, the District Attorney of Queens, one of the 5 counties that comprises, or boroughs, that comprise New York City.)

[ be continued...]

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