Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 49

("Quid coniuratio est?")


My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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Returning to this passage:

"He was about to help the cop, Santucci; to tell it all. And he was gonna make a copy of the videotape, and stills! They 'wasted' him. It served a double purpose." The dead man was, logically enough, a photographer. He was referred to twice in the coded Vinnie letter: first as "Ronald", next as "Sissy Spacek". His name, Ronald Sisman. And Vinnie had written down his name two weeks before the murder, which occurred on the night of October 30th, or shortly after midnight, on Halloween, in Sisman's Manhattan brownstone at 207 West 22nd street, on the fringe of Greenwich Village. Technically, the neighborhood was known as the Chelsea section.

(I would interject at this point, too. One of the things that The Process umbrella cult does is commit murders at or around times of satanic holidays, or occult holidays. Halloween is one of those holidays.)

In December, Vinnie, not even realizing that he listed Sisman's name in October, wrote to the same friend to whom he'd sent the earlier letter. "The name, I believe, was Sisek. A girl and he were shot, a co-ed from Massachusetts. Sisek was planning a deal with the D.A. [District Attorney]. He was gonna produce [deliver] the videotapes."

Vinnie wrote that Berkowitz hadn't told him personally about the motive for Sisman's murder but that a mutual associate had filled him in. And Vinnie later said to me, "Berkowitz had told me about Sisek, and he told me an inside job was in the works for Halloween. But he didn't say that Sisek..."

(Remember, that's the coded name for Ronald Sisman.)

"...But he didn't say that Sisek was the planned victim. I don't think he knew it. He was getting info from outside, but there was a lag sometimes. But he knew Sisek before. He'd been to his brownstone with Michael Carr. He told me that Sisek was dealing [selling drugs] and that there was a party going on when they got there. He saw the chandelier. Berkowitz waited while Michael Carr got the stuff."

As a confirming note, the building was indeed a brownstone and there was a chandelier on the premises along with a hanging tiffany lamp. According to Vinnie, Ronald Sisman had been at the scene of the Moscowitz/Violante shooting and may have videotaped the attack himself. If not, he assisted whoever operated the camera. "It was either him, or that guy Mickey." ("Mickey Mouse" in the coded letter.) "I have no idea who he is. I also think 'Manson II' might have assisted the filming, but I'm not sure."

Interrupting again: "Manson II" is the code name for a man named Phil Benson(sp?), who was one of the links between the Berkowitz killings and the depredations of the Manson family out in California. Remember: these both operated under The Process umbrella cult.

Sisman, 35, was a Canadian native whom police described as a photographer, procurer, and dope dealer. He and Elizabeth Plotzman, 20, a Long Island resident and a student at posh Smith College in Massachusetts, were both shot in the back of the head, execution style. Her hands were bound behind her with a cord; his weren't.

The apartment, as Vinnie also predicted, was totally ransacked.

And still more killings, that were being committed to cover up this group, are to come here. Now we're gonna get into quite a few more. As I said, it's a numbing total. And one of the things that's so disturbing is the evident power of this group. And remember, it appears to be strongly connected with organized crime and elements of our intelligence system [and] law enforcement. It is very well-connected. And again, explicitly Nazi in nature.

Returning to The Ultimate Evil. The sort of "grand-daddy" of the New York wing of this cult appears to have been a man named Roy Raden(sp?). Now Raden was very much involved with film production. He was involved with production of a film, "The Cotton Club", and other movies. He also achieved quite a bit of notoriety in the, in relation to a sexual molestation incident out on Long Island. A woman named Melanie Hallard(sp?) who, I guess, used to star in the "Welcome Back, Kotter" television show, was apparently drugged and sexually violated, and her violation [was] videotaped, at Roy Raden's mansion.

When this began to come out, Raden... I've forgot off-hand whether he was actually convicted on the charges or not. He was indicted on a lot of different things. [He] escaped most of the charges.

In 1983, as the investigation of the Son of Sam/Manson/Process link was proceeding, Raden went out to California and he was murdered while... [He] disappeared, he was found murdered while in California.


So, so much for Roy Raden. And again, he was a very well- connected individual, [and] appears to have been only one of the people involved in this particular situation. Obviously, there are many others around. Raden was killed to prevent them, prevent the investigation from going still further and involving them.

Another of the deaths that appears to have been a murder, committed to cover up the growing investigation into The Process umbrella cult, was that of a man, a journalist, in Minot, North Dakota, named Jack Graham. Maury Terry describes his death as follows:

Jack Graham was, at 29, fondly considered the "bearded giant" of the Minot Daily News. The husky, bespectacled, brown- haired reporter and the native of Washington, D.C., joined the Son of Sam fray with an intense passion for ferreting out the Minot links to the case. For a year, he worked closely with Jeff Nyes(sp?) and me. Among other contributions, he was instrumental in tracking down John Carr's friend, Phil Falcon, on the west coast.

In August and September of 1980, Jack and I worked on an investigation of Larry Milenko, John Carr's cult-connected friend who was toiling in the woods with Jerry Berg when the falling tree crushed Berg to death. In early September, at a party he'd managed to infiltrate, Jack had an angry confrontation with Milenko. "We're gonna get you, you bastard," Jack told him. Two weeks later, Jack was vacationing in Michigan, visiting his family in East Lansing, and attending Jeff Nyes' wedding.


...his car crossed the center line on a slight curve on U.S. 2 near the small community of Vulcan, Michigan, and slammed headlong into an oncoming 18-wheeler trailer, whose driver was unhurt.

Jack was pulled unconscious from the wrecked Datsun and rushed to Dickinson County Memorial Hospital in Iron Mountain. He didn't make it.


And we're gonna come back with more of the killings that were committed, apparently to cover up this particular investigation, in a few minutes. We're gonna take a musical break right now.

[ be continued...]

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