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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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CN -- Dave Emory continues his coverage of the suspicious murders directly traceable to the Son of Sam case. Rather than give a word-for-word transcription, here is a partial summary of points I found salient:

*** A mailman named Andrew Dupres(sp?) [doo-PAY] who delivered to Berkowitz' and Carr's addresses on a daily basis reported having seen something which troubled him greatly. He also is quoted as saying that "they" were threatening him and that "they" were going to "get" his family. He wound up, apparently, committing suicide.

*** The previously mentioned Carr family, two of whose members died violent deaths and who seem to have been connected to the Son of Sam killings (i.e. John Carr and Michael Carr), also had two members on the Yonkers police force. Quoting from Emory's reading of The Ultimate Evil: "I'd have contacted the Yonkers police force with the information I have, but I think you know as well as I it would've been another mistake considering the force employs two members of the Carr family: sister Wheat, and brother-in-law John McCabe."

*** May 8, 1982 -- 4th anniversary of Berkowitz' guilty pleas. Leon Stern, Berkowitz' chief counsel at the time of these guilty pleas, was shot dead when he apparently surprised two burglars who had broken into his home.

*** Some indications that The Process may have been a front for intelligence operations. Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes), then adds his own comments:

"Sanders said that the FBI, Israeli Intelligence, the California Beverage Control Board, the Los Angeles D.A.'s office as well as the L.A.P.D. and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, all mounted probes of the [Sharon] Tate murders, with the Treasury Department involved peripherally. And those were only the ones he knew about."

Well now, what conceivable interest would Israeli Intelligence have in looking into the Manson killings, if, if we are to take those killings at face value. And I'm not at all sure that we can.

*** The existence of an elite hit squad amongst Satanists, known as "The Black Cross". Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

"At the same time, police in the Los Angeles area and two former L.A. Satanists sent word that an east coast cult branch, allied with the Chingons, the Black Cross, was operating as an elite hit squad for various U.S. satanic groups involved in drug and pornography enterprises... And as for the Black Cross itself, it appeared to be closely linked to the 'Sam' cult in New York, and existed for one purpose: murder. Its function, the California contact said, was the elimination of defecting cult members or other enemies, including innocent people who inadvertently learned about a given group's illegal activities. [CN -- For example, the above-mentioned mailman, Andrew Dupres, who after inadvertently discovering some secrets, apparently was forced to commit suicide when 'they' began threatening his family.] Murder, anywhere in the country, was now but a phone call away..."

*** Dave Emory reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

"Now one of the interesting things concerning the Son of Sam investigation as well as the Manson family investigation was that it became very apparent that both Charles Manson and David Berkowitz, convicted in the Son of Sam case, were basically 'railroaded' by the law enforcement officials. They basically 'took the fall' for what was obviously a very very large conspiracy. Although involved, they were not the main people. They were tools. And yet the people in the positions to put them away simply did not investigate the conspiracy."

*** Dave Emory comments, then reads from Maury Terry's book (in quotes):

...Queens D.A. John Santucci was convinced that David Berkowitz did not act alone and he wanted to pursue a conspiracy. However, the conspiratorial aspects were basically "deep sixed" by [Bronx D.A.] Mario Merola.

"While at Police Plaza, Santucci sat in on some of the questioning of Berkowitz and formed the opinion that Berkowitz was lucid and not 'demon possessed' as he then claimed, and that the .44 case might well go deeper than it was presented to be. His own evaluation of the evidence left him with nagging doubts concerning Berkowitz' alleged sole responsibility."

"Santucci then pressed for a Berkowitz trial, but was persuaded by Eugene Gold in Brooklyn and the Bronx's Mario Merola to allow Berkowitz to plead 'guilty' without any dissidence. Santucci's reluctance to yield to the pressure reached the media and he was criticized by 'its sources' for his stance."

*** Emory and Terry both think that Mario Merola deliberately ignored evidence of a conspiracy behind the Son of Sam killings. Regarding Merola, Emory makes the following observations:

  1. During World War II, Merola was in the O.S.S., the forerunner of the CIA:

Well one of the interesting things about his background in the OSS -- the late director of the CIA, William Casey, was in charge of all secret intelligence in Europe for the OSS. Now a number of people who were in the OSS went on to careers with CIA. And I think it's a safe assumption that not all of those are a matter of public record. The CIA has long sought to have people in various positions that could be of use to them. District Attorneys are one of the positions that they like to be able to control. Also, coroners, is another one that they like to be able to control. It may be, I say it may be, that in fact Mario Merola never really left the intelligence community at all and continued to work for CIA. An even more likely possibility, I think, is that he reacted the way many people who are veterans of the OSS reacted -- although not actually in the service, they continued to do favors for the intelligence community [i.e. an "old boy network"].


Mario Merola was the prosecutor in the Raymond Donovan case. Donovan got off, scot free. And in politically charged and/or intelligence related cases, one of the ways of throwing a case is often to have a deliberately weak prosecution. [CN -- see, for example, the Chuck Harder/Linda Thompson interview, in which Thompson charges that that is exactly what happened, i.e. that the prosecution was deliberately weak for some of the defendants in the Waco trial.] Now in the David Berkowitz situation, Merola definitely messed the bed very badly by accepting, basically, an incredible "lone nut" confession and ignoring the obvious indications of a much broader conspiracy.

DAVE EMORY [Continues]:
Had the Son of Sam case really unravelled the way it might have... an entire aspect of American history and political science would have been revealed that is not only unknown to most people, but frankly, would seem incredible to an awful lot of people under the circumstances.

One of the points that we've tried to make, throughout the course of our discussion of The Ultimate Evil, is that, again, the Satanism is one of the things that throws people off. The intelligence agencies have long used occult groups as a front for activity. For one thing, occult groups exist at the periphery of public scrutiny and therefore are ideal to use as intelligence fronts. In addition to that, because of the unusual activities of occult groups, any suspicious activity on the part of an intelligence agent using these groups could be laid simply to the bizarre nature of the group itself. [CN -- also, first amendment protections for "religious" freedom would help shield them from investigation.]

Now specifically, vis a vis mind control, many, many of the cults on the scene today are, in fact, mind-control fronts for the U.S. Intelligence and Military communities.

[ be continued...]

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