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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues]:
Now we're gonna come back to The Ultimate Evil. We're gonna examine it next week, in connection with the Presidio child molestation case. It's a very, very important case and we're gonna be talking about that next week.

And again, I think one of the disturbing aspects of dealing with this is this whole satanic business. And as we talked about, in the first section of The Ultimate Evil that we read a couple of weeks ago, the people running this thing don't believe in this satanic nonsense. That is a combination of a cover, it's to bemuse the dupes who get used at the operational level (and then [get] bumped off as the cases begin to unravel). And it also appears, in my opinion, to be a form of bestial mind-control conditioning. Again, hearkening back to Radio Free America #5, people who have been selected by the national security establishment for assassin training are often subjected to films of violent accidents, people being mutilated in various ways, in order to de-sensitize them to violence. Now many of the satanic cult activities -- the mutilation of animals and people, the drinking of blood, the deliberate cannibalistic practices used by some of them -- are, in my opinion (in addition to satisfying people who obviously are sexually deviant -- all of this occurs in a sexual context), are ways of conditioning people to overcome their natural conditioning, their socialization against performing this type of activity.

But again, this is, The Ultimate Evil is a terribly important book. I apologize for perhaps not being able to tie it up a little better in terms of explaining all the various details and personalities. But it's very, very involved and it's just not easy to do off the top of one's head.


Now last week, one of the things that I mentioned was that this week we were going to begin looking at the Presidio child molestation case, against the background of the "satanic" activities of The Process, the umbrella cult which is strongly implicated in the Son of Sam killings as well as the Manson group killings.

Now this past week, that Presidio child molestation case has broken wide open. I mean, it has exploded. And we're gonna be talking about that case, that... At the time, last Sunday, I had a hunch that the Presidio child molestation case would intersect with The Ultimate Evil, with the umbrella cult of Satanists. And again, the "Satanist" cult is simply a cover. While the jerks that are used at the operational level believe in that, in point of fact the satanic activities serve to mask much more, shall we say "terrestrial" activities, such as kiddie porn, prostitution, the making of "snuff flicks" (films in which someone is actually killed on film, usually in a sexual context), drug smuggling, gun running, political assassination, and activities more befitting the intelligence organization that The Process, basically, appears to be.

Again, when you start talking about Satanism, people tend to get a little weird. Certainly it's an off-beat kind of thing, and I want to re-emphasize (as we'll state it again) that Satanism here is really mostly the cover. It does serve as a unifying glue for many of the people that are used at the operation level. But again, the people that pull the strings, the people up top, are not... well some of them may believe in Satan, but it appears to be much, much more to it.


Now this first article (research credit goes to Mae Brussell), this first article was not in my copy of the San Francisco Examiner. It is from the San Francisco Examiner of November 2nd of 1987. That's last Monday.

When Mae xeroxed this for me, she didn't xerox off part of the title. The title of the article says, "(something) to Observers, Presidio Satanist a Scarey Enigma". And the article is by Ivan Sharp and it's a special to the Examiner.

The article reads,

His pale face and eyebrows that snap upward like the horns of the Devil and shiny black hair shaped into a permanent widow's peak over his forehead make Michael Aquino look more like a 1930s actor playing dracula than what he claims to be -- Satan's earthly lieutenant, the Prince of Darkness [CN -- Note: the "Prince" himself recently posted a follow-up to an earlier portion of this series].

He was a wacko to many who saw him at the Presidio officers club, wearing the black shirt and clerical collar with the satanic medallion around his neck. To those who know Lieutenant Colonel Aquino as one of the Army's experts on psychological warfare, he is more of a scarey enigma.

Police, the FBI, and the Army have long been curious about the activities of the high priest of the satanic Temple of Set, a man who believes he is the second beast of Revelation.

The August 14 police search of his Russian Hill home in connection with the Presidio child abuse case gave a more serious tilt to the Aquino mystery. Aquino and his wife, Lillith, a former New York coven leader of the Church of Satan, have not been arrested since the 3-and-a-half year old step-daughter of a Presidio assistant chaplain identified the couple as the "Mikey" and "Shamby" who allegedly molested and photographed her in a black-walled room with a cross on the ceiling. However authorities confirm that there is an investigation and that the Aquino's are still [ca. 1987] suspects.


Until last July, he [Aquino] was a full-time student at the Pentagon's National Defense University in the District of Columbia. That is considered a distinction for a reserve officer. "The United States just paid me the highest honor it could by sending me to that post. And then to return to my home and have this police raid happen to me is just unbelievable and outrageous," Aquino said in a telephone interview.

By all accounts, Aquino apparently has had a dazzling Army career. He was a psychological warfare officer in Viet Nam, earning the Bronze Star, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal. He also qualified in the Airborne, Special Forces, and Intelligence fields, graduating on the commandant's list from the Command and General Staff College, and wrote R.O.T.C. textbooks.

He retired from the regular Army in 1972 to try his hand as a stockbroker, but returned to active duty as a reserve officer a few years later.

Aquino now [ca. 1987] is a staff officer with a top-secret clearance at the Army Reserve Personnel Center in St. Louis, after serving 5 years at the Presidio coordinating active- duty tours and reserve training.

"He is a competent, capable officer," said Colonel Ben Waller, a 6th Army spokesman, when questioned last year about the Army's probes of Aquino and his Temple of Set.

A San Francisco police query prompted an Army review of his top-secret clearance. However, confidential Army documents show that not only was Aquino's status re-affirmed, but that he was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel a year before he left the Presidio in July of 1986 to study in the District.

The Army says Aquino's devilish appearance and weird fantasies are protected by the first amendment. "We're dealing with a man's religious beliefs, and if that's the way he wants to practice them, that's up to him," Waller said.

However, city police intelligence memos obtained by the Examiner indicate that as long ago as 1981, authorities were noting the Temple of Set's obsession with Hitler's Nazis, that Aquino claimed to be reporting directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and that a number of Temple of Set Satanists were in military intelligence.

Aquino proudly shows visitors to his Leavenworth Street home a ritual dagger once worn by an SS World War II General, and boasts about a ritual he performed in the Hall of the Dead at Vabelsburg(sp?) Castle in West Germany during a 1982 tour of European NATO bases. During World War II, the Westphalian(sp?) castle was an occult sanctuary for Himmler's SS elite.


Even his admirers and some former Temple of Set members admit that Aquino has some odd quirks. He once urged the Pentagon, in a controversial psychological warfare study entitled "Mind War", to overwhelm enemies by mobilizing every means of domestic and foreign propaganda, including brainwashing the U.S. public. He argued, "In mind war, there is no substitute for victory."

Aquino explained, "The mind war scenario, which could be used sensationally in a couple of contexts, was a theoretical paper which was circulated within military-academic circles. The mind war paper is not a product of Satanism. It's not a product of the Temple. It's a military and psychological question."

[ be continued...]

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