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Thanks to a CN reader for forwarding the following to me. If all goes well, look for my transcription of the Skolnick interview of October 20, 1994 in about a month.

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=================== The Moose Island Affair ====================== ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The guest on Radio Free America (WWCR 5.065 Mhz 22:00-24:00 EDT) last night was Chicago crime investigator Sherman Skolnick who heads the Citizens Committee to clean up the Courts (CCC) and whose investigative TV program on cable in Chicago routinely beats all Network fare in the ratings.

He revealed a new U.S. Government run drug operation which dwarfs the Mena Arkansas operation written about in the Tue. 18 Oct. issue of the WALL ST. JOURNAL which was the center of a question about gun and drug running asked of Bill Clinton in a WH news conference some two weeks ago by Sarah Mclendon.

The operation is a heroin ring involving at least 4 Federal Judges, 2 Congressmen and former Illinois Governor JIM THOMPSON. Skolnick relayed a lurid tale of Treasury Agents stonewalled and then told to "stand down " on the investigation of the ring importing unknown tons of heroin through the JOLIET MUNICIPAL AIRPORT in Joliet Ill. and also using river barge shipments to drop loads at MOOSE ISLAND for distribution throughout America.

The Treasury Agents became so frustrated in their attempts to curb the trafficing of drugs they turned over 2000 lbs. of investigative and support documents to a local citizens organization after a major Intelligence arm of the Government blocked their every move and told them the heroin had to be allowed to flow as they had some Chinese Intelligence Agents under observation and stopping the flow of tons of heroin would interfere in their watching these Chinese who had jobs as "Scientists and lab technicians" according to Skolnick.

A certain ROBERT TEEZAK (sp?) was named as a major figure and it was stated that INTERNATIONAL GAMES (of Chicago and the Cayman Is.) may have been the major facilitator with HOUSEHOLD INTERNATIONAL ( of Prospect Ill. ) being the main launderer of the dope money. A signed affadavit by another major player, a JOHN GEARHAM (sp?) was given to Skolnick which implicated officials of the Clinton WH, including the First Lady, Hillary, who hails from the moneyed organized crime suburbs of Chicago. The party stated to Skolnick that he feared he was being "set-up to take the fall" for many financial crime schemes in Chicago which had ties to the Clintons and Arkansas.

Armed with this and other information Skolnick demanded and got a meeting with the local Assistant to the Federal Prosecutor and the head of the Regional Organized Crime Task Force whom he briefed for nearly an hour before, he claims, the Organized Crime Task Force operative, MARK PROSPERI told him he "wasn't interested" and warned Skolnick to "mind your own business".

While U.S. papers have shown disinterest, the HAMBURG OBLIGHTEN has carried a full review of the local corruption in Chicago and named the parties that Skolnick does on his CCC Hotline at (312) 731-1100 where he has a 5 minute rundown on local events which changes 2-3 times per week and is a free service to the public.


Sherman Skolnick -Radio Free America (5.065 Mhz nightly) 20.10.94


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