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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues]:
Apparently, child molestation and Satanism is a growing association in the United States. And the cases in the military are anything but isolated.

Reading from the San Francisco Chronicle of Thursday, November 5th of 1987, it's an article by Edward W. Lempinen. It's headlined, "Satanism Linked to Scores of U.S. Child Abuse Cases".

Satanism and cult rituals have been linked to scores of child molestation cases nationwide in the past 5 years, including dozens in California. Children as young as 2 and 3 years old have come forward with harrowing tales of drinking blood, animal sacrifices, and sexual abuse as part of rituals, according to law enforcement investigators, child abuse experts, and parents. Others have even talked of cannibalism and ritual sacrifice of children.

After hearing similar tales over and over from people across the country, many investigators and child abuse experts now have come to believe in the unbelievable. "It's a highly explosive issue," said Roberta Sachs, a psychologist at Rush- Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago, who has given therapy to dozens of people apparently abused in cults. "It's filled with atrocities comparable to, and greater than, some of the concentration camp stories we have heard of. There has been every kind of imaginable and un-imaginable torture."

In San Francisco, police confirmed last week that they are investigating reports by a 3-year-old girl, who claimed that she was taken from a daycare center at the Presidio Army base and driven to a home where she was molested by 2 men in costume. Police suspect that the home was the headquarters of the Temple of Set, a Nazi-Satanic group, and they have listed the temple's high priest as a possible suspect. No arrests have been made.

Investigators and parents have declined to give details of the cases of at least 58 children who attended the Presidio child development center, fearing that they might jeopardize the prosecution of a former daycare worker. But in other cases across the nation, experts say there is striking evidence of ritualized sexual abuse that recurs in case after case.

At West Point, New York, Army families have pressed an investigation into widespread child abuse at a military daycare center in 1983 and '84. One parent has charged that her daughter was "involved in a satanic workshop where there was a marriage to the Devil, and a dog's tail and back paw was cut and burned in front of her." In therapy, the girl said that she had been drugged and molested by 2 teachers.

In 1985, children who attended the McMartin pre-school in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County, said they were involved in rituals that included black-robed adults who chanted and killed animals on the altar. One of the pupils said that she was forced to drink blood. Some children also alleged that a McMartin teacher cut the ears off rabbits to scare them. [CN -- I recall that they were searching for underground tunnels in this case and that at first they found nothing. I seem to remember that, later on, they did indeed find the underground tunnels. Can anyone confirm this?]

Investigators raided the home belonging to the girlfriend of one suspect, and found a pair of rabbit ears, a black cloak, a black cape, and black candles.

Despite the allegations, the prosecution's case has been discredited by defense attorneys, and more than 100 of the charges initially filed have been dismissed.

In 1984 and '85, nineteen Bakersfield children reported that they had been abused, and many of them told stories of animal sacrifice, blood drinking, and "church" service with prayers to the Devil. Eventually, 77 adults in Kearn County were implicated by children. Investigators, however, were unable to substantiate the children's charges of Satanism.

Law enforcement officials say other cases have been reported in Illinois and in Miami, Florida, El Paso, Texas, Omaha, Nebraska, Carson City, Nevada, and Sacramento.

(Skipping down in the article...)

Sandy Gallant, an intelligence officer with the San Francisco police and one of the nation's most influential experts on cults, cautioned that many cases are proving unfounded. But she says there have been 60 to 70 "solid" cases of ritual sexual abuse in the past few years nationwide. She and others have heard hundreds of children and adults -- people who have never met and who live a continent apart -- tell stories that are fundamentally the same. "Independently, the victims are describing incredibly similar circumstances," said Catherine Gould, a clinical psychologist in the Los Angeles district of Encino, who has counselled dozens of children who claim they were molested in rituals. "They talk about animals being mutilated and killed, and having to drink blood," said Detective Kurt Jackson, a nationally recognized cult expert with the Beaumont, Riverside County, police department. "They talk about being put in boxes or coffins, in mock burials. They talk about being forced to drink human urine and eat human feces. The biggest thing that they have in common is, they say they are made to worship the Devil."

Gould, who is now counselling 20 children who apparently were involved in ritual abuse, regularly hears stories of cannibalism and child sacrifice. Many children report that they are photographed during the ceremonies, leading to the certainty among some experts that the rituals and sexual activities are sold for pornography and possibly used for blackmail.

A number of things to talk about in this article as well. One of the things... The kinds of activities they're talking about there, the horrible sadism, the bestiality, the having to eat feces and drink urine -- those are typical of many of the kinds of activities described by Maury Terry in The Ultimate Evil. The Process people are solidly into that kind of thing: the animal mutilation, child sacrifice, and things of that kind.

Now during the phone-in section of last week's broadcast, among the motives of the kiddie porn and videotapes and the snuff flicks were to... well, we "kicked it around" with a listener. And one of the things that I mentioned at the time was that there are basically... American politics is run by 4 "b"s -- bullets, broads, beds, and blackmail. And I voiced the opinion that among the things that, among the intelligence activities being covered by "The Process" were, in fact, political blackmail. That many people have bizarre sexual tastes and that these kinds of things are ideal -- meaning videotapes of this kind of thing -- are ideal blackmail devices. So this also is worth thinking about.


We are, however, gonna include the following long excerpts from Frederick Tupper Sausee(sp?)'s, "The Politics of Witchcraft" -- his postscript to James Earl Ray's book. And we're gonna include this in our archives. At this point I don't know which archive show this will be included in, or whether it will stand as a separate archive show. My inclination at this juncture is to include this as part of "The Ultimate Evil" tape. And perhaps, maybe we'll add one more section to that in addition to this. I don't know exactly if this is where we'll fit it in. But I think it would be a very appropriate postscript to "The Ultimate Evil" tape as well as to James Earl Ray's book.

Now again, the title of this afterword is, "The Politics of Witchcraft". We're not gonna use the whole thing, we're just gonna read long sections of it. And as Frederick Tupper Sausee indicates here, the witchcraft here is both at a literal and a figurative level; he's using it literally and he's using it figuratively. The two intersect, and that's one of the things that I think is so important here.

And again, for the benefit of people that hear this later, on tape, and did not hear the first part of tonight's broadcast: one of the quotes that we've used frequently, in conjunction with this type of research, is one from comedian Mort Sahl. Mort Sahl was one of the first people, first public figures, to raise questions about President Kennedy's assassination. And one of the things that we took a look at was Mort Sahl's book, Heartland, in which he asked the question, "How many lies can you allow yourself to believe, before you belong to the lie? Is it too late for America?"

And we're gonna basically take a look at lies, the politics of lying, and the tragic developments in this country over the past few decades.

[ be continued...]

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