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My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues]:
And again, I will reiterate something that I've said several times over the years, or many times over the years, which is -- without studying this country's political assassinations, it is impossible to correctly understand what's going on. You may get some idea, but you won't understand the depth of what's going on. And you really cannot understand the substance of American power politics in the last 30 years without studying this country's assassinations.

During the phone-in session of a One Step Beyond show a couple of weeks ago there was a spirited exchange between myself and one of our callers who uses the air name, "George", who's in fact a researcher who has co-operated with us on some of our scientific work on AIDS in the past. However, I know George, having worked with him, and I knew that he has never studied the Kennedy assassination. And he took serious issue with my statement that you cannot understand America's power politics without it. And he then proceeded to illustrate in dramatic fashion why that is the case. He does not understand the Kennedy assassination. In fact, as he later indicated, he doesn't even understand the Kennedy administration when he maintained that Kennedy had never dismissed any important CIA officials. Kennedy not only dismissed Allen Dulles, by far and away the most powerful CIA director in history, who then, less than 2 years later, or 2 years later, served on the Warren Commission and handled the liaison between the Warren Commission and the CIA. He [JFK] also dismissed deputy director of the CIA, Charles P. Cabell, who was the fellow who put together the organized crime assassination teams with Robert Maheu -- supposedly to use against Fidel Castro, but as it appears (when we looked at [it] in "The Guns of November"), they were used against President Kennedy instead. Cabell was fired by Kennedy; Cabell's brother, Earle, himself a former CIA operative, was the mayor of Dallas at the time of Kennedy's assassination, helped arrange President Kennedy's motorcade route, and was in that motorcade. The point being, of course, there's an inextricable link between Kennedy's firing of these officials and his assassination. And we went into a number of other aspects of the Kennedy assassination, including its precipitating of the Viet Nam war, or our large-scale involvement in it, and a number of other things. And again, it's not to personally attack George, but the fact of the matter is... The call served as a very dramatic illustration of just how poor the understanding of even knowledgeable people is when they have not looked at this country's assassinations.

One of the points that Tupper Sausee makes here is that lies build on themselves; that what we're facing now in this country is layer after layer after layer of lies. And I'll maintain that the "left", so-called "progressive" forces in this country, are just as wedded to the lies as the "right". And for most of the same reasons. At this point [1987], I think America belongs to the lie. I think even the so-called "progressive" forces have allowed themselves to believe so many lies that, at this point, for them to take a look at the truth, and admit the truth, would be tantamount to a Copernican revolution of American political "science", so to speak. That, as it stands now, even the so- called "progressive" forces are almost totally disoriented in terms of their understanding of what's actually going on, how bad things have really gotten.

Nothing will illustrate that more clearly, I think, than the Temple of Set, where you have pre-school children being asked to name the dates on which they were molested. And if they can't do that, the charges go out the window. That's absurd. That's how far we've gone. (That, by the way, from a previous portion of the broadcast.)

Again I think, in particular: think about this country's assassinations. Think about the King holiday which we recently celebrated. Unfortunately, we were not on the air on that particular evening. And I will reiterate something I've said in the past: I personally am deeply opposed to the establishment of a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King. Not that I don't think it's a good idea to preserve his memory, obviously, and the principles he worked for. But when you allow a man to be murdered with impunity, when you allow a man to take a bullet, [when] you will not show any substantive interest in who did the killing -- when the people who did the killing are a matter of public record! (And we know who did it.) -- it's grotesque. I think it's really grotesque to name a holiday after somebody, celebrate a holiday after somebody, when you can't, when you won't, look into someone's murder. To me, that's tantamount to being an accessory to murder. I think, in many real respects, those who celebrate the King holiday are making themselves accessories to his killing. And I think it's grotesque. It... In this essay, Tupper Sausee refers to the King holiday -- under the circumstances of the ignoring of his assassination -- as being kind of a "Black Mass". And it's no pun intended, but I think it's something that can be thought about here.

At any rate, that's by way of introduction. Again, this is going into the archives. This is the afterword to James Earl Ray's book, Tennessee Waltz. This essay, "The Politics of Witchcraft", by Frederick Tupper Sausee. It opens with a quote from Proverbs, 29:12 -- "If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked."

Now that you have read James' book, you should be convinced that (a) Reverend Martin Luther King, jr., was murdered by someone other than James Earl Ray, and (b) James has been unlawfully locked in prison, and in history, by American dignitaries as the symbol of that murderer.

If you believe James is innocent, you have brought yourself to the threshhold of one of the most important decisions of your life. Because you see, if James and his extensive documentation are telling the truth, it must follow that his accusers, with their stifled evidence and their obstruction of justice, are not telling the truth.

His accusers are, to put it in the simplest terms available -- liars.

I use "liar" deliberately and advisedly. The word is derived from the Indo-European root, leugh, and the old-English, leogan: "to tell a lie". With the prefix, waer, "faith" or "pledge", we get the old-English, waerleogan, or "oath breaker". Waerleogan, in modern English, is Warlock: "a male witch, a demon".

The fossils of the world tell us that false representation, oath breaking, and witchcraft, are part of that complex process known as "lying". A liar, then, is a witch or demon who distorts reality, to your injury and his gain. To establish credibility with you, he may give the appearance of helping you. But in the long term, he claims your life, just as another liar will claim his.

Lying is deadly, and highly contagious. The man who receives his information from a liar will spew out lies when he passes the information on. When you have liars, trained in the demonic arts, controlling the highest seats of governmental authority, you will have liars controlling the information channels. When their lies fill the printed pages, loudspeakers, and TV screens, you will have liars administering the workplaces, marketplaces, schools, churches, and homes. Without realizing it, your nation becomes possessed by demons; your nation practices the politics of witchcraft.

A liar's fortunes are very cleverly established on his pretenses of virtue; otherwise, well-meaning people would have nothing to do with him. He will not think twice about murdering to protect his good reputation.

(Skipping down...)

In a lying society, murder is an acceptable alternative to radically changing one's views. In lying societies, the virtues are brutishness, deceit, sodomy, theft, debt, and suicide. He who is most menacing and monstrous is most popular. The most powerful liar rules. The Oscars and Emmys and political elections go to the best impersonators, while the Grammys and centerfolds go to the best seducers.

[ be continued...]

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