Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 60

("Quid coniuratio est?")


My transcript of a talk given by Dave Emory entitled "The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism, & the U.S. National Security Establishment". Emory shares the microphone with an unidentified co-host, designated here as CO-HOST.

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DAVE EMORY [continues reading]:

Though powerful in appearance, lies are in reality extremely fragile. There is no protection for a liar except (1) darkness, or (2) the mercy of a more powerful liar. This is why lying societies crave dimness of room and of mind. It is why they seek bondage to human authority.

Now the bondage won't necessarily manifest itself through the familiar symbols of slavery. Not all American-lie families keep on-hand whips and chains, like those found in CIA agent and eminently respectable Clay Shaw's New Orleans home by investigators searching out Shaw's supervisory involvement in President Kennedy's assassination. In demonic political systems, the bondage is assumed through adhesion contracts extended by liars to lie believers. Nearly every American is bound by such contracts. The most prevalent one is the process by which citizens periodically give power of attorney to liars through voter registration. A registered voter is subject to every regulation passed by his representative, regardless of how tyrannical or insane.


(Skipping down still further in the essay...)

Lying is so much a part of the fabric of American life, that whole generations are now addicted to lies. The same schools that stimulate children to sexual awareness before puberty, the same schools that offer suicide as a viable alternative to a miserable life, these same schools train pupils to believe the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Oswald murdered President Kennedy with 3 shots from behind. This, despite the fact that in March of 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations quietly and reluctantly found that the acoustical evidence proved a fourth shot had been fired from in front of the President. The Select Committee forwarded its finding to the U.S. Justice Department with a recommendation that a more complete investigation be made.

So far, after 8 years, the Justice Department has done nothing. As Jim Garrison states in his forthcoming book, Coup d'etat, "The last word on the United States' government's adjusted posture seems to be that Lee Oswald killed President Kennedy by firing 3 shots at him from the back, and 1 shot at him from the front." Imagine the configuration of a man that could perform such a feat, and you have a lie. Imagine the person who sits back and accepts such a conclusion, and you have a lie-believing citizen of a nation that practices classical witchcraft.

(Skipping down still further...)

When liars rule, murderers go free. Have you heard about the Indianapolis sacrifice tape? A friend of mine, a minister of a small church in Minneapolis, was given a 2-hour videocassette of an actual ritualistic witches orgy produced by the Indianapolis police in 1984 at the invitation of the warlock who led the coven. The warlock insisted, and the police agreed, that none of those involved be investigated or prosecuted. Why did the warlock invite the police to make the tapes? He felt the times were now so amiable to witchcraft that Satanists should step out of the closet under governmental protection. The tape ends with the bloody sacrifice of a human being, a young member who had been drugged out of his senses, followed by the goriest scenes of fornication and cannibalism.

Pause a moment, and let the horror of the politics of witchcraft sink in. It is possible to step into a crowded elevator in Indianapolis and rub shoulders with someone who has knowingly, gleefully, eaten raw human flesh and blood.

I see very little difference between cannibalism and wrongful incarceration. In both events, reality is so distorted that the life of one human being is controlled and manipulated against his will at the pleasure of another. Both are the theft of the most precious right, freedom, by the practitioners of anarchic sexual violence. It is rule by Marquis deSade, the 18th century French libertine, whose achievements of sexual satisfaction by inflicting pain on others are memorialized by psychologists in the term "sadism".

The pain is made acceptable by entwining the victim in a rapturous spell that confuses any will to resist. Thus, to submit to deSade's assumption of control over one's movement down streets and highways, the use of one's earnings and children and time and body, the expression of one's beliefs, is to do worse than "comply with the law"; it's falling prey to demonic spell.

(And skipping ahead still further...)

In the October 1977 Rolling Stone, Carl Bernstein cited official CIA documents reflecting that over the past 25 years more than 400 of America's leading communication resources -- including NBC, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, United Press International, Koppley(sp?) News Service, Hearst Newspapers, Time, Incorporated, The New York Times, and Newsweek -- had received payments, mainly in cash, from CIA officials in exchange for publishing material designed to keep certain operations covert: hidden from the public.

Operations like the King assassination? How many decisions in your life have been based on the disinformation broadcast from these sources?

(And skipping down still further...)

Why are things getting better only in the pictures and fictions projected in magazines and TV? In the lives of celebrities and rulers? Have the political developers paid all the communications media to be weavers of the spell, who, like Donahue, recruit you into witchcraft by offering you the choice of agreeing with a transvestite or a child molester? If Reverend King gave his life for this, his memory should be cursed. Yes, and if his memory is enshrined in a federal holiday, and celebrated by the lying rulers and wicked servants who killed him, it is cursed. Because it is not King's life that they celebrate, but his death. King's death is their handiwork, and they display it proudly. And all who honor it are lie believers, drinking the blood of the Black Mass.


Many graves are filled with the bodies that die for Satan, but King's is not one of them. I can't view or read the speech he made on the eve of his assassination without feeling that unmistakable elation that comes from the Holy


"And then I got into Memphis, and some began to talk about the threats, or what would happen to me from some of our sick white brothers. But I don't know what will happen now. We've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop!! And I don't mind! Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And he's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over, and I've seen the Promised Land."

(Skipping down still further...)

We know that King had turned against the war in Viet Nam, a war extremely profitable to interests that employed off-duty CIA men, and [that] 30 percent of the U.S. soldiers there were black. He was just beginning to speak out about inflation and monetary manipulation, a measure which could have damaged the money demon's spell on the people. Whether Satan, in the form of a high official, offered King protections in exchange for silence in these matters, or whether an outright threat was made, we may never know. But the April 3rd speech [above] is a report that Satan had been negatived.

(And skipping down still further...)

King's death and Ray's imprisonment have taught us that covert action governments, ruling in darkness, are not interested in truth. How many of the politicians and journalists you trust informed you that shortly after the death of President Kennedy, the CIA established a domestic operations office at 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, exactly one block from Lyndon Johnson's White House? The cover name for these headquarters was "The U.S. Army Element Joint Planning Activity, Joint Operations Group, 507253". Was this group involved in planning the violence and riots that ended in the death of Dr. King, and the final imposition of the will of the liars upon our Constitution? Was the plot to "tail" James Ray in 1967, from St. Louis to Montreal, and take control of him with promises of wealth and freedom, eventually to leave him an unwitting patsy for a murder he had no idea would be committed? Was this plot nurtured and hatched by the St. Louis field office of the FBI, under the direction of agent William Webster, who later, as Judge Webster, desperately tyrannized John Ray in order to keep the plot from dematerializing in the light of truth? If so, what wonders can we expect now [ca. 1987] that Judge Webster has been nominated as director of the CIA?

These questions are not likely to be answered too publicly. They won't even be asked in Time or Life, or on a major TV network, or wherever the truth in men can be compromised by the CIA's generosity with cash or special favors. The task of the "fourth branch of government" [i.e., CIA, etc.], unelected, unresponsive, non-Constitutional, noble and arrogant, is not truth but political development -- which today means dangling bright objects before the eyes of the people... maintaining the spell.


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