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On or about October 6, 1994, Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (shortwave, 5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) was a man named Stew Webb. Mr. Webb has been looking into circumstances surrounding the construction of the Denver International Airport.

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It's Radio Free America, the talk show for intelligent Americans, with your host, Tom Valentine.

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And now, the newspaper that "tells it like it is" presents Tom Valentine.

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to Radio Free America.

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All right. Now. We've all been reading, off and on, about the great Denver Airport. First time I ever heard that there was anything special about the new Denver Airport is when the fellow that's just called in on the phone... and I decided, well, we'll just keep him on and talk to him about it. He'll be my guest. His name is Stew Webb. He's been a guest before.

And the first time I ever heard anything about the Denver Airport being other than some big new airport that you read about in the papers is when Stew was telling me about what a scandal it was, what a rip-off, what an absolute political "fat cats' pie" this thing had turned out to be. And of course it's still not working: the new international airport in Denver.

Now it is a story that is worth looking at for all Americans, because Denver is kind of a microcosm of what can go on everywhere and the kind of corruption we have in very high places.

So with no more ado, I want to bring back a guy who, because of his personal family situation, ended up becoming an investigator -- an unofficial, but very skilled investigator.

And Stew, welcome back to Radio Free America.

Well thank you for having me, Tom.

Now listen: I understand that this Denver Airport has been close to you for a long, long time, anyway.
Well the whole thing ties in with Silverado Savings, Neil Bush, George Bush... and Leonard Melman(sp?) and Larry Meisel(sp?) and Phil Wynn(sp?) and...
People that, you have been... the money people of Denver. And you have been talking about them before. What is it about the Denver Airport that makes it so special?
Well, the fact that the same guys that have ripped the country off in the S&L scandal -- the savings and loan, and bank scandal -- they were the ones that owned Silverado and Imperial Savings of California and were involved in robbing Centrust and all the other S&Ls across the country for nearly a trillion dollars. And they were the same ones that robbed HUD [Department of Housing and Urban Development] for about $50 billion, that there was only one conviction on: Phil Wynn, an MDC director. (He agreed to pay a $1 million fine to keep 49 billion, 999 million.) And they were the same ones that were involved with George Bush in Iran- Contra. They laundered the money. And it ties in with the Clintons and the drug connection: with Bill being a drug dealer, allowing drugs to come through his state; and Hillary being a money launderer and part of the money going back through Silverado and...
So you're saying that everybody up in these high places is tainted by this thing.
This whole thing is all the same, the same players.
There's an ad. And I guess you're responsible for this ad in this weekly paper out of the Denver area that's got a lot of interesting questions to ask, right on the ad. It's like,

"Why did the go-go bankers and developers own all the land at the Denver International Airport?"

Why did they?

That was the Silverado crowd. That's a local paper, a Spanish paper, that's printing... the El Reportero paper in Denver that's going to start printing all the stories. They've already begun the series. They've done two stories already, doin' a recap of the airport...
Oh that's right, that's what this is. And it's got it...

But I think these are good questions to ask!

They are. Excellent. And what it amounts to is on the Denver Airport, the people -- MDC Holdings of Denver, it's a known CIA agency asset company, used to launder money through. And they have been the instrumental company in robbing the country, the United States of America, for nearly $1.7 trillion. They laundered nearly $3 trillion worth of drug/gun money through Silverado Savings. They, this particular company and the individuals involved -- primarily Phil Wynn, former FHA [Federal Housing Administration] commissioner from '81 to '82, and former ambassador to Switzerland from '88 to '89; Larry Meisel, chairman of the MDC Holdings of Denver which... MDC's the parent company for many companies, like Beneficial Finance, Richmond Homes, Ponderosa Homes, General Homes... many other companies.
All right. Now we're gonna have to get into some specifics. Because it's easy to go out and say, "These guys ripped off billions." But we're gonna, we want to get some specifics and add some credibility to all this weight.

My guest is Stew Webb; he's been a guest before. And the subject is, the Denver International Airport. I'm Tom Valentine, this is Radio Free America.

[...commercial break...]

All right, we are back, live. And the subject right now is the Denver International Airport. It's a huge scandal, it's a big... of cost over-runs.

How many, much, over is it costing so far?

Well originally, when they came out with the airport, the figures on it, they were saying it was gonna be a $1.5 billion airport. It's already up over $16 billion. Every day, it grows by 200 million in interest.
That, that's crazy!! No airport is worth that in any city!
No, it is not. But the whole thing's a shamble, it's a fraud, it's fallin' apart. Its runways are crackin'; they're gonna have to tear 'em out...
All right. Let's go... All right. Take a nice deep breath, Stew. You talk real fast. And you know this stuff very well; you've been embroiled in it for years. It's very personal to you. But the people out there listening right now, many of them have never heard this, any of this. They haven't read the book by, oh... the Houston reporter, down there, about the...
Peter Brewton?
It's called, The Mafia, [the] CIA, and George Bush {1}, and also Rodney Stich's(sp?) book, Defrauding America.
Right. But a lot of people haven't read those, yet, and so we gotta make sure they all understand.

Let's go right to... A guy by the name of Paul Swamm(sp?) is a city councilman. Is he still on the city council?

[ be continued...]

-------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------- {1} This book gets mentioned a lot. I'm reasonably sure the exact title is The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush. The author's name is Peter Brewton.

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