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On or about October 6, 1994, Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (shortwave, 5.065 MHz, 9 pm cst, mon-fri) was a man named Stew Webb. Mr. Webb has been looking into circumstances surrounding the construction of the Denver International Airport.

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Yes. And Michael Norton covered up everything about, pertaining to Denver: the Denver International Airport, the S&L, the HUD, junk bonds with Miliken, the money laundering, and everything. He was put in there by George Bush to cover things up.

Now there's a lot more ties here. They also had a federal judge by the name of Sherman Feinsilver(sp?) who was also covering things up. And his son was a major drug dealer that was disbarred, he was an attorney that was disbarred, for drug dealing in Colorado. And he had direct ties to Larry Meisel and through their drug flow that was comin' through Colorado.

Now this is where an interesting factor ties in with Bill Clinton and [Vince] Foster's death. This ties in with the contractor at the Denver airport. A contractor by the name of Hencil- Phelps(sp?) Construction Company. It's a nationwide... Actually, [it] does work worldwide. They built Saddam Hussein's underground nuclear bunker. They are also building the Denver airport -- one of the major contractors on it that's committing massive fraud. And the fraud that I'm relating to is the fact that I have 4 former inspectors that were on the federal grand jury. And we don't see any grand jury yet; we're screamin' and yellin' for it. {1}.

You're talking now about the building inspectors out at the airport.
No, I'm talking about the... Yeah. They were inspectors. Now let me explain to you.

O.K. MDC people have Hencil-Phelps Construction Company. They built the Denver airport. They also have -- Leonard Melman, one of the MDC boys -- also has a company called Construction Management Technical Services, CMTS. He has a black man who is a front for minority work, named King Harris. King Harris has the contract at the Denver airport to do the inspections of the construction for the city.

Now King Harris is directly tied to Wellington Webb (no relation to me), a black mayor in Denver, Colorado, who is up to his eyeballs in corruption with him. These guys are building it, and they are inspecting it. They also own the land, they created the PACs to perpetuate the fraud and push for the new airport, and they also have a lot of the concessions and parking and so forth, contracts, through all these other fronts that they've got.

All right... ask a question then: why, if they've got all this in a package, did they have to tear out one-eighth of the runways after one year?
Because the bentonite(sp?) they built it on! You know, it's amazing how sometimes God intervenes into certain things and says, "Enough is enough."
Hm-hmm [affirmative].
Well it comes back to the soil. And it's ironic [that] it would come back to the earth, that will maybe shake the foundations that will bring these people to justice and put 'em where they belong -- behind bars.

But the bentonite soil, that it is built on, it does massive expansion and contraction. And they didn't compact this thing properly. And as a result, the runways were poured in 1992; in 1993 they had to tear out one-eighth of the runways.

Now here's where cover-up comes in: The Rocky Mountain News, Kevin Flynn(sp?), a reporter for them, reports that there was... including he went on TV. Not only wrote in the paper, but said in, exactly, July of '93, that there wasn't any problem with the runways; that he personally inspected...

All right, hold on. We're gonna have to come back to that. My guest is Stew Webb. And Stew, we will come back to the Rocky Mountain News and the cover-up. Remember that for me, will you please?

We have a break coming. If you'd like to join us, if you've got questions or comments for Stew, join me: 1-800-878-8255. I'm Tom Valentine, this is Radio Free America.

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All right. We are back, live. If you'd like to join us, it's 1- 800-878-8255. We're talking today about the huge scandal that is the Denver International Airport -- $16 billion, and going up. And my guest is Stew Webb, who's been digging into the facts surrounding this case for years now. And he knows of which he speaks.

And you say that the Rocky Mountain News has taken part in the cover-up! That's a newspaper. I used to know that newspaper well, 'cause they had a guy by the name of Dan Valentine as a columnist!

Well these people are definitely coverin' things up -- they're not even pickin' up on the Associated Press articles that Steve Paulson's been doin' for me -- and so is the Denver Post, through Dean Singleton... Peter Brewton, when he wrote his book The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush, that covered part of the S&L scandal and showed all the MDC Holdings ties, even wrote on page 375 of his book, talkin' about how Dean Singleton was a personal friend of Larry Meisel and that Singleton made comments that he was gettin' him in trouble! For doin' any stories on the S&Ls.

And there's a direct connection that Margie Sloan found, several years ago, with the Rocky Mountain News, with John Dix. And John Dix is one of the owners of Hencil-Phelps, the contractor at the airport. And he was the major money launderer, sittin' at the Isle of Jersey, movin' the money... Blinder Robinson(?) and the other companies...

That's right! I remember years ago when you talked about this with us that you mentioned that these guys, especially your friends Melman and that bunch, had used the Isle of Jersey in the English channel for their money laundering things. And of course, Jersey has the highest standard of living in the world, Jersey and Guernsey, because they have their own sovereignty form of money. It's really interesting. They must have some very secret banking stuff that goes on in that island.
Well they have. And, matter of fact, they've got warrants for the arrest of John Dix for income tax evasion over there, which is kind of ironic now.

That's how they move the money -- all the money, the 1.7 [trillion dollars] that was stolen from the American people during the '80s. And Bush allowed it to happen. And ironically, 99 percent of it went through the Denver crowd! That's what their game has been!

You said "1.7", you mean 1.7 trillion?
$1.7 trillion. I have a deep undercover CIA source, I call "Red Dog". Red Dog obtained $700 billion of U.S. taxpayers' money; provided me copies of the bank accounts. And it's sitting in two Swiss banks: in Zurich and also in Basel -- Swiss BankCorp and VolksBank of Basel.

And ironically, $100 billion of that tied directly to 145 former and current congressmen and senators, that were their payoffs to cover things up.

These guys have got a direct hold. It's the Mafia, [that's] got a direct hold over the United States government. Now...

Let's get this clear. I know that Pete Brewton used "the Mafia", and everybody uses that term, "Mafia". And I think that the "Mafia" is really the Italian mob, and this is much, much bigger than "Mafia". This is like "Murder, Inc." This is over all ethnic lines, crime syndicates. It's not just Mafia.
That is correct. I mean, the men in Denver, Colorado, are primarily Jewish. But they are the money launderers for the Gambinos, the Castellanos, the Marcellos, the Gottis -- they launder the money. Leonard Melman and his National Acceptance Company and Larry Meisel and MDC Holdings: they're all partners in this money laundering operation that goes on in Denver, Colorado! And they've kept money laundering laws off the books in the state of Colorado until 1992! And some legislators finally pushed so hard for it, to enact it. But they were able to have that much control. And they have been the key money launderers since the late '60s. And it ties Melman and John King and many other names...

[ be continued...]

-------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------- {1} I take this to mean that he has 4 knowledgeable witnesses from a former grand jury that are willing to testify before a future grand jury that Webb wants to be convened.

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