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I received the following from a CN reader who wishes to remain anonymous. What I plan to do is post the entire document over a period of time, most likely in weekly installments. Here is part 1.

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An Investigation and Discussion of that Part of the United States Government Which We Did Not Elect, Which Is Not Accountable, Which Is Unconstitutional, Which Is Engaged In Unlawful and Unconstitutional Activity, and Then Hides Behind the National Security Act of 1947


[Please note that the majority of the authors of the following books discussed the fact that little or no media attention was given to their investigatory findings despite the fact that their findings revealed evidence of major governmental foul play.

Please note also that the black budget (monies used for covert operations) referred to herein does not include all of the usual and customary profits from the seemingly legitimate proprietary (front) companies belonging to and run by all of the various black bag intelligence agencies of the U.S. government (i.e., Air America, the airline front used by the CIA during the Vietnam era to run drugs). The purpose of the proprietary companies is to maintain plausible deniability, such that if ever caught in their dirty tricks, there is no formal paper trail tying it to the U.S. government agency.]

  1. Jensen-Stevenson, Monika and Stevenson, William, Kiss The Boys Goodbye, New York, New York, 1990. Monika Jensen-Stevenson was a producer for the TV program 60 Minutes from 1981-1987, but left 60 Minutes to further investigate this story. William Stevenson is a newspaper correspondent and investigative reporter. Summary: Documents that the CIA has known all along exactly where and how many American POW/MIA's are still in Vietnam, but denies it for several reasons. One reason is to cover up their running/dealing drugs and arms to support their private wars all over the world. Another reason is to keep it covered up that our government lied when it said all our live POW/MIA's have come home. There is consistent and continuing evidence to this day that any live POW/MIA who manages to make it home will be either discredited and/or committed to a psychiatric ward and kept hidden in an Air Force hospital in the Philippines. Also, any credible witnesses with live sighting reports will be discredited. (The latest being a November, 1989 report from an American, who had been doing humanitarian work in Vietnam, declares the survival of 20 POW/MIA's. She specified names, addresses, and U.S. service identification.)

Senators Grassley and Helms, while investigating the POW/MIA issue, were told "by the highest quarters in the defense department" that they should stop their inquiry for reasons of national security. Many sources, including the authors, were told the same thing, many with an implied and/or explicit threat to their careers, reputations, and lives. Grassley and Helms had to cease using their computers and resort to hand-written notes for this investigation due to all the security leaks which endangered witnesses willing to come forward.

2. Stone, Oliver, JFK, Burbank, California, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1991. Summary: The CIA and Dallas Police were part of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

( Note: The relevance of all references to any sources about the JFK assassination, an event that happened more than 30 years ago, is not the 30-year-old event, but instead is the black bag operations still happening today in an effort to keep the cover up of the event in place. The first eighteen witnesses to die within two years of the assassination were calculated by an independent actuarialist to be one hundred thousand trillion to one. Since then the total dead has grown to over two hundred material witnesses or people actually involved with the assassination. The odds against that happening are so high that no one can calculate them.)

3. Lane, Mark, Plausible Denial, New York, New York, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1992. Lane is an attorney and long-time investigator of the JFK assassination. In 1960 he was JFK's New York City area campaign manager. Summary: Documents the civil suit that proved the CIA was part of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Liberty Lobby, a small publication, printed that E. Howard Hunt in his CIA role was a member of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Hunt sued Liberty Lobby for libel. Liberty Lobby lost that suit because their attorney at the time chose a legal strategy of damage control, sidestepping the main issue. Liberty Lobby fired that attorney and hired Mark Lane to do an appeal because they knew he was already armed with previous mastery of the JFK assassination conspiracy information and could, therefore, competently plan a legal frontal assault. Mark Lane jumped at the chance to use the legal power of subpoena to further the investigation he was conducting anyway. He fought and won the civil suit. This event never received any publicity in any of the media.

4. Turner, William and Christian, Jonn, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, New York, New York, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993. Turner is a former FBI agent. Christian is an investigative reporter. Summary: Documents that the CIA and the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in the conspiracy to assassinate RFK.

5. Lane, Mark and Gregory, Dick, Murder in Memphis, New York, New York, Thunder's Mouth Press, 1977. Lane is an attorney. Dick Gregory is a comedian, writer, activist, friend and was a co- worker of Martin Luther King during the 1960's. Summary: Documents that the FBI and the Memphis Police were involved in the conspiracy to assassinate MLK.

6. Woodward, Carl and Bernstein, Carl, All The President's Men, New York, New York, Simon & Schuster, 1974. Woodward is an investigative reporter and author. Bernstein is an investigative reporter. Summary: Watergate Scandal: The black bag organizations, commonly referred to as the intelligence community, is the dirty tricks department that does the president's secret bidding or someone's secret bidding.

CRP, the Committee to Re-elect the President (Nixon), engaged in many unlawful activities. Nixon's sabotage activities began long before Watergate. One illegal activity was domestic spying.

A vigilante squad of wire tappers, former FBI and former CIA agents, were hired outside of normal channels. The wire tapping done since l969 included reporters and those in the administration suspected of disloyalty. Then it shifted to the anti-war protesters. Then it shifted to political opposition at election time. It was a very broad program directed against anyone perceived to be a threat to the administration.

For example, Theodore F. Brill was "paid $150 a week by CRP [Committee for the Re-election of the President] to infiltrate the group of Quakers who had maintained a 24-hour-a-day vigil in front of the White House for several months. Brill's assignment had been to make regular reports to CRP on the personal lives and plans of the demonstrators, he said, and then to assist in setting them up for arrests on drug charges." CRP had a "Kiddie Corps" of young spies gathering information on U.S. citizens in 38 states.

Another example was Howard Hunt. Hunt worked for the CIA and wrote spy novels. Hunt was investigating Ted Kennedy while he worked for Colson.

During the investigation, Woodward and Bernstein's lives were in danger. Their homes and offices were bugged. Washington Post's offices were bugged. The home of its editor, Ben Bradlee, was bugged.

CRP also bugged the offices of the democratic national chairman.

One of the Watergate burglars had been paid $25,000 with Nixon campaign funds.

John Mitchell and Haldeman ran the whole thing, but Haldeman kept himself well insulated. Mitchell approved payments to G. Gordon Liddy while Mitchell was Attorney General. These funds were used to gather information on democrats.

Mitchell started engaging in covert activities long before anyone else. It involved the entire U.S. intelligence community, including the FBI, the CIA, and the Justice Department.

Once the burglary at Watergate became known, a cover-up began, a cover-up that was approved by Nixon. The cover up had little to do with Watergate. It was mainly to protect the covert operations, because those led everywhere.

One witness who worked at CRP said the CRP employees were never told flat-out to cover-up, nor were they ever threatened, not in so many words. One witness, a CRP employee, said that in one two- day period, over $6 million came into CRP headquarters. During the cover-up, Liddy did a lot of shredding of documents and destroying of evidence. After Watergate, James McCord admitted to being a security consultant for the CIA.

The publication of a Government Accounting Office report, expected to criticize the misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars by CRP, was stalled until after the nominations.

The FBI conducted interviews of CRP employees at CRP headquarters, rather than at their homes where people would be freer to talk. They conducted these interviews with the CRP attorney present. They did not even interview people in CRP who knew the details of the bugging operations. When the FBI was confronted, the agent said, "I can't answer for the whole bureau. I do what I'm told, follow orders, period."

The FBI and the Justice Department knew critical information regarding all the illegal activities of CRP, but refused to follow leads or do anything about it. For example, the FBI and the Justice Department knew that CRP had stolen documents, planted spies, engaged in bugging operations, followed people, planted false press leaks, sent fake letters, cancelled democratic campaign rallies, had investigated democrats' private lives, and had destroyed Musky's campaign because they were afraid of Musky. Instead they had wanted to run against McGovern. Yet knowing all of this, the FBI and Justice Department did nothing.

Later, the Watergate trial was marked by questions not asked, answers not given, witnesses not called to testify, lapses of memory by those witnesses called, and perjury in numerous situations (later admitted).

[ be continued...]

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