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Startling evidence suggests that the Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation. We must call for a full investigation, and the repeal of GCA '68 -- NOW!!

By Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)

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Are you tired of being told that gun control is a chronic pain that you have to accept because there's no cure? Do you -- a law- abiding person -- want to be free: to own whichever firearms you want to own, regardless of where in America you live; from waiting periods, gun bans, magazine capacity restrictions, etc.; to spend your time on the range or in the field, rather than fighting gun control?

Are you tired of giving hard-earned bucks to efforts that have at best only slowed the gun-grabbers' push toward firearms registration and confiscation? If you have had enough of death by a thousand cuts, you are ready to take action to wipe out gun control -- now.

Members of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) consider gun control to be an aggressive cancer. JPFO has a cure, a way to destroy gun control. JPFO has hard evidence that shows that the Nazi Weapons Law (March 18, 1938) is the source of the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA '68). Adolph Hitler signed the Nazi Weapons Law. The Gestapo (Nazi National Secret Police) enforced it. In Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny we present the official German text of the Nazi Weapons Law and a side-by-side translation into English. Even more deadly: a side-by-side, section-by-section comparison of the GCA '68 with the Nazi Weapons Law. If you have this in your hands, no one can tell you that you're imagining things.

The clincher: JPFO knows who implanted into American law cancerous ideas from the Nazi Weapons Law.

The likely culprit is a former senator, now deceased. We have documentary proof -- see below -- that he had the original text of the Nazi Weapons Law in his possession 4 months before the bill that became GCA '68 was signed into law.

This former senator was a senior member of the U.S. team that helped to prosecute Nazi war criminals at Nurnberg, Germany, in 1945-46. That is probably where he found out about the Nazi Weapons Law. He may have gotten a copy of it then, or at a later date. We cannot imagine why any U.S. lawmaker would own original texts of Nazi laws. To find out his name, read on.

With this hard evidence in your hands and in your head, you can destroy cancerous gun control. You can challenge anyone who backs gun control. You can show them the Nazi ideas, line by line.

The parallels between the Nazi law and GCA '68 will leap at you from the page. For example, law-abiding firearm owners in Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey must carry identification cards based on formats from the Nazi Weapons Law. Nazi-based laws have no place in America. Thousands of Americans died or were wounded in the war to wipe out the Nazis. They did not suffer and die so that Hitler's ideas could live on in America and kill more Americans. Gun control kills law-abiding Americans. Remember Killeen, Texas! The 23 who died in Luby's Cafeteria there died because they obeyed Nazi-inspired gun control laws. The law forced them, unarmed, to face an armed madman.

======================>> INSET <<======================= According to JPFO, evidence strongly suggests that the late Senator Thomas J. Dodd personally implanted the Nazi Weapons Law into U.S. legislation. What remains unknown are his motives for doing so.

To destroy gun control before more law-abiding Americans are murdered by criminals or madmen helped by gun control, you need to get hold of the evidence as presented in Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny. You can then challenge the media, the most aggressive backers of gun control. Ask media personalities in your city or town why they back Nazi-based laws. You can demand repeal of GCA '68 and the thousands of state and local laws based on it. You can help to erase gun control, Hitler's last legacy.

GCA '68 puts your life at risk right now. You have a constitutional civil right to be armed in order to protect yourself, because under U.S. law the police have no duty to protect the average person:

"There is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents against such predators but it does not violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, or, we suppose, any other provision of the Constitution. The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties: it tells the state to let people alone; it does not require the federal government or the state to provide services, even so elementary a service as maintaining law and order" (Bowers v. DeVito, U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, 686F.2d616 [1982]).

The Supreme Court last dealt with this issue in 1856; the 1982 decision states the position in modern language. The laws of virtually every state parallel federal law (see JPFO Special Report "Dial 911 and Die!" covered in Guns & Ammo, July 1992). This has been so ever since the Constitution was adopted in 1791. As a result, the framers of the Second Amendment deliberately created an individual civil right to be armed. It is your only reliable defense against criminals. GCA '68 ties your hands and keeps you from carrying out your legal duty to ensure your own self-defense. GCA '68 thus undermines a pillar of U.S. law and helps criminals to kill law-abiding Americans. Hitler would be pleased.

======================>> INSET <<=======================

                             The Library of Congress
                             Washington, DC  July 12, 1968

Hon. Thomas J. Dodd
Chairman, Special Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency, U.S. Senate, Washington, DC

Dear Senator Dodd: Your request of July 2, 1968, addressed to the Legislative Reference Service, for the translation of several German laws has been referred to the Law Library for attention.

In compliance with your request and with reference to several telephone conversations between Miss Frank of your Office and Mr. Fred Karpf, European Law Division, we are enclosing herewith a translation of the Law on Weapons of March 18, 1938, prepared by Dr. William Solyom-Fekete of that Division, as well as the Xerox copy of the original German text which you supplied.

The translation of the decree implementing the Law on Weapons of March 19, 1938, and the pertinent provisions of the Federal Hunting Law of March 30, 1961, is in preparation and will be sent to you as soon as completed.

                             Sincerely yours,
                             Lewis C. Coffin,
                             Law Librarian

Thus, GCA '68 marked a new approach to gun control. It replaced the Federal Firearms Act (June 30, 1938), which was based on the federal power to regulate interstate commerce. The 1938 law required firearms dealers to get a federal license (which then cost $1). Only dealers could ship firearms across state lines. Ordinary people could receive shipments from dealers.

In GCA '68 the government required that in almost all cases only dealers could send and receive firearms across state lines. This ended "mail order" sales of firearms by law-abiding persons who are not licensed dealers.

GCA '68 hits you even harder. Congress gave federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., the power to decide what kinds of firearms you can own.

The framers of GCA '68 borrowed an idea -- that certain firearms are "hunting weapons" -- from the Nazi Weapons Law (Section 21 and Section 32 of the Regulations, page 61 and page 73, respectively, of Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny). The equivalent U.S. term, "sporting purpose," was used to classify firearms. But it was not defined anywhere in GCA '68. Thus, bureaucrats were empowered to ban whole classes of firearms. They have, in fact, done so.

We wanted to know the source of these new ideas. On reading "Dial 911 and Die!" a JPFO member told us he had seen an article -- by Alan Stang in Review of the News, October 4, 1967 (pages 15-20) -- the author of which felt that the Nazi Weapons Law was the model for GCA '68. We found the article. But Stang did not reproduce the Nazi law, so we could not check his conclusions.

We started to hunt for the text of the Nazi Weapons Law. We eventually found it, in the law library of an Ivy League university.

Until 1943-44, the German government published its laws and regulations in the Reichsgesetzblatt, roughly the equivalent of the U.S. Federal Register. Carefully shelved by law librarians, the 1938 issues of this German government publication had gathered a lot of dust. In the Reichsgesetzblatt issue for the week of March 21, 1938, was the official text of the Weapons Law (March 18, 1938). It gave Hitler's Nazi party a stranglehold on the Germans, many of whom did not support the Nazis. We found that the Nazis did not invent gun control in Germany. The Nazis inherited gun control and then perfected it: they invented handgun control.

The Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 replaced a Law on Firearms and Ammunition of April 13, 1928. The 1928 law was enacted by a center-right, freely elected German government that wanted to curb "gang activity," violent street fights between Nazi party and Communist party thugs. All firearms owners and their firearms had to be registered. Sound familiar? Gun control did not save democracy in Germany. It helped to make sure that the toughest criminals, the Nazis, prevailed.

The Nazis inherited lists of firearm owners and their firearms when they lawfully took power in March 1933. The Nazis used these inherited registration lists to seize privately held firearms from persons who were not "reliable." Knowing exactly who owned which firearms, the Nazis had only to revoke the annual ownership permits or decline to renew them.

In 1938, five years after taking power, the Nazis enhanced the 1928 law. The Nazi Weapons Law introduced handgun control. Firearms ownership was restricted to Nazi party members and other "reliable" people.

The 1938 Nazi law barred Jews from businesses involving firearms. On November 10, 1938 -- one day after the Nazi party terror squads (the SS) savaged thousands of Jews, synagogues, and Jewish businesses throughout Germany -- new regulations under the Weapons Law specifically barred Jews from owning any weapons, even clubs or knives.

[ be continued...]

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