Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 86

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Congress: Get Out Of Town

(The Spotlight, November 21, 1994)

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Dear Speaker Foley and Colleagues:

The American people have spoken. The 103rd Congress has been repudiated. When you return for your special lame duck session at the end of this month, called by President Bill Clinton, you should pass only one resolution -- to adjourn. And then you should get out of town.

Over the last two years you have concentrated your efforts on socializing American society, subverting the Constitutionally- guaranteed rights of Americans and destroying American sovereignty -- in effect, laying the ground work for the Global Plantation.

While praise was heaped on you by the Establishment media and their multi-billionaire internationalist masters, the American people have grown restless. Even your staunchest supporters on the left noticed a building trend which culminated on November 8 with sweeping changes not seen in decades.

You can console yourself by the certain knowledge that voters swept Democrats out of office not because they are infatuated with Republicans, but because they want real change -- a Congress and government responsive to them, not the special interests, world-improvers and social change artists.

So take a hint. You have no mandate nor any moral authority to pass any laws for the people who have thrown you out of office. In particular, you have no justification for passing legislation that will affect the American way of life as we know it -- as in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its adjunct World Trade Organization (WTO).

Leave such decisions to the new Congress which convenes in January of 1995. So adjourn -- and leave town. That's what the people want; that's what they indicated at the polls. To do anything else would simply increase the contempt in which you are held by the majority of Americans.

Will you do the right thing and retire with some semblance of dignity, or will you prove that you are, indeed, not world leaders but the menial servants of the masters of the Global Plantation? The choice is yours.

-- The Editors

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