Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 2 Num. 96

("Quid coniuratio est?")

Mena, Arkansas -- Joliet, Illinois

I received the following outline from Mr. Sherman Skolnick of the Citizens Committee to Clean-up the Courts in Chicago. Mr. Skolnick apparently used this outline as a guide during his cable TV show "Broadside" on November 7, 1994.

Note that in the following I have no direct knowledge as to the veracity of Mr. Skolnick's et al. claims; I can say that I believe that Mr. Skolnick is telling the truth as he sees it after careful and thorough investigation.

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       3. Other records. U.S. Labor Department, Comprehensive 
          Employment Training Act records, and similar. 
          Scariano's Chicago Height's office handled volume of 
          work for U.S. Labor Department. Scariano expert in 
          national and international counter-measures against 
          left-wing unions and union activists.
       4. Records of three institutes, one in Romeoville, Chicago 
          suburb, used supposedly to train or re-train people for 
          employment. Subsidized by federal funds, the apparatus 
          was used both to launder dope money and bribery loot.
       5. Records related to Will County Local Development 
          Council, local free enterprise zones, and similar 
          development authorities. Also sham real estate 
          development firms and U.S. Department of Housing and 
          Urban Development.
       6. Records related to Illinois Department of Commerce and 
          Community Affairs supposed subsidies.
       7. More about John E. Gierum, close crony of First Lady 
          Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gierum close with her lawyer 
          brother. In January, 1994, Gierum confessed to 
          Skolnick, with witness present: that White House and 
          others trying to frame him on illicit transfer of some 
          50 million dollars of Resolution Trust Corporation 
          funds, Chicago, parked with Household International. 
          The funds were being held as against the claims of 
          caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti's claims that 
          he was swindled out of property and other valuables by 
          American Heritage S&L which merged with Household. 
          Andreuccetti's claim includes that Vatican Bank chief 
          Paul Marcinkus' nephew falsely claimed to be Joe's 
          [Andreuccetti's] business partner. In a complex swindle 
          implicating First National Bank of Cicero (now Pinnacle 
          Banc Group, successor to Bank of Credit and Commerce
          International; Marcinkus has been power behind the 
          Cicero bank) and others. Joe's property, multi-million 
          dollar Kingspoint Condominiums, Addison, Illinois, 
          reportedly secretly owned by top IRS officials in 
          Chicago, who corruptly stole the same.
             At one time Joe's [Andreuccetti's] attorney, Gierum 
          is being blamed for illicit transfer of RTC 50 million 
          dollar fund to Little Rock, to cover up claims that 
          Clinton and wife implicated in 47 million dollar 
          embezzlement of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, Little 
          Rock. RTC official investigating same "suicided" by 
          being pushed off roof of tall building.
       8. Private Industry Council's attorney was Edward F. 
          Masters, who became Will County State's Attorney, 
          supposed to investigate what happened to records. 
          Later, Masters became Chief Judge, 12th Circuit, Will 
          County, Joliet, part of the dope-bribery cover up. 
          Masters part of the group that arranged the "China 
          White" project with Thompson, Tezak, etc.

VI. More dope and bribery loot money laundering.

  1. Household International, and their units Household Bank (technically actually savings and loans) started to boom about 1986. Household is successor to CIA-linked Nugan-Hand Bank of Australia. Officers and directors of Nugan-Hand Bank were former top officials of CIA as well as U.S. Admirals and Generals involved in bloody espionage events. See: Jonathan Kwitny's book, "The Crimes of Patriots".
  2. Household is funded in great part by "China White" project. Dope loot is disguised as "auto loans", "credit card" records, and similar. Household Bank now has about 60 facilities in Chicago suburbs. For a long time, they were somehow precluded from facilities within city limits of Chicago. In October, 1994, they opened their first Chicago unit, across from the Cook County Courthouse, the Daley Civic Center.
  3. Suspected by surveillance, circumstances, and related events, of being money laundry, part of "China White" project: Governors State University Foundation.
    1. Their board includes representatives of First National Bank of Chicago (massive loans to China; how to get paid back); McGladrey, Hendrickson & Pullen, interlocked with Tezak businesses; Heritage Olympia Bank; member of Scariano's law firm; Bank of Matteson, Illinois, owned by Great Lake Financial linked to Seyfarth law firm, which specializes in counter- measures, worldwide, against left-wing unions.
    2. Also on the Foundation Board, State Senator Aldo DeAngelis, tied to espionage network through Gerald Bull super-cannon weapon systems, CIA.
    3. Also on board: Louis Manilow implicated in smelly real estate developments, Park Forest. His adopted son has been Midwest regional head of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Also on board, representative of Rockefeller's Amoco Oil.

VII. Treasury unit demands records related to "China White"

     project, in Private Industry Council, in Moose Building 
     owned by Tezak's business partner John Bays -- 1986-1987.
       1. Tezak's crony, U.S. Attorney Anton R. Valukas, leaks 
          data to Tezak and others that Federal Grand Jury 
          subpoena for records sought by highly secret U.S. 
          Treasury unit is returnable for Monday, December 7, 
          1987. So, on Friday night, December 4, 1987, Tezak 
          arranges to burn down the Moose Building.
       2. Banks and Household International, the three training 
          institutes and other financial entities have records 
          which could help the Federal Grand Jury re-construct 
          the over-all record situation regarding the money 
          laundering for "China White" and bribery funds. 
          Valukas, a close crony of Tezak's attorney Dan K. Webb, 
          makes no effort to investigate this obstruction of 
          justice, that is, obstruction of the Federal Grand 
       3. Those that succeed Valukas as U.S. Attorney in Chicago, 
          continue the cover up, including Fred Foreman, 1990-93, 
          and Jim Burns, 1993 to date.
       4. Treasury unit refuses CIA and NSA demand that 
          investigation of "China White" be shut down for reasons 
          of "national security", that is, so the espionage 
          network can track Chinese secret police operating in 
          U.S. As part of the cover up, President Bush makes Jim 
          Thompson a member of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory 
          Board [FIAB] that supervises CIA and their covert
       5. Facing jail if Federal Grand Jury were not obstructed 
          by Valukas and Moose Building burning down with the 
           (a) two U.S. Congressmen, one former Congressman;
           (b) Illinois State Senator Aldo DeAngelis, and other 
               state officials in the legislative, judicial, and 
               executive departments;
           (c) Will County Chief Judge Edward F. Masters;
           (d) former U.S. Attorneys Dan K. Webb and Anton R. 
           (e) former U.S. Attorney, later Illinois Governor (for 
               14 years), Jim Thompson, also as member of FIAB 
               promoting and profiting from drug traffic. 
               Thompson is senior managing partner of Winston & 
               Strawn law firm, fixing many state and federal 
               cases through bribery;
           (f) at least three Federal Bankruptcy Judges including 
               Chief Judge John D. Schwartz, Robert E. Ginsberg 
               and his wife Gail C. Ginsberg; three U.S. 
               Bankruptcy trustees, including John E. Gierum, of 
               Park Ridge, and his crony, Charles Myler, of 
               Aurora. Also at least 2 top officials of the U.S. 
               Drug Enforcement Administration.
       6. Valukas, Webb, Thompson, and others of Thompson-Tezak 
          gang, begin to suspect that the fight between Justice 
          Department and U.S. Treasury will break out into the 
          open. The gang gets Robert Tezak to plead guilty to 
          burning down the Moose Building. Subsequent guilty 
          plea, 1993, six years after torch job. Nothing is said 
          about the records that were contained there, and 
          failure of Valukas and U.S. Attorneys to re-construct 
          or attempt to re-construct records based on records in 
          banks and other entities.
             Case is before Chicago Federal District Judge Wayne 
          Andersen, who mysteriously has most every IRS and U.S. 
          Treasury controversial case on his docket. Judge 
          Andersen goes along with the cover up, sentencing Tezak 
          to 12 years in prison.
             Tezak sells International Games Inc. for 40 million 
          in stock of another firm. Yet, files for bankruptcy.
       7. Also facing prison if Federal Grand Jury were not 
          obstructed and if Tezak were not silenced and 
          discredited by sending him to prison: top officials of 
          U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Small Business 
          Administration, and top officials of U.S. Dept. of 
          Housing and Urban Development. Also facing jail, top 
          officials of U.S. Labor Department.

VIII. Top federal officials confronted with these details.

  1. On October 6, 1994, Sherman H. Skolnick met with Mark Prosperi, Chief, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, and the secretary to U.S. Attorney Jim Burns. Skolnick was with an associate accompanying him.
  2. Skolnick summarized the foregoing, in a 35 minute meeting. Prosperi without formality, picked himself up from his chair while telling Skolnick in so many words that Prosperi is not interested and Skolnick should mind his own business. And Prosperi went out the door. Sources contend that Prosperi was a Bush White House aide previously.

IX. Disgruntled, highly secret U.S. Treasury unit turns over

thousands of their notes, notebooks, records, documents, and such to a group of public-interest investigators.

X. In 1986-1987, U.S. Attorney Valukas diverted attention from

the "China White" project by setting up various members of the Chicago City Council. In some instances, fake peep-hole video was used, and a FBI assassin/"mole" Michael Raymond was used. Moose Building torch job came just about time of crisis in Chicago, all-night City Council session to pick new acting Mayor following strange death, Nov. 1987, of Mayor Harold Washington.

(The foregoing is an outline of a Public Access Cable TV Show, called "Broadsides", in which Sherman H. Skolnick is a regular panel member.)

(Skolnick is founder/chairman, since 1963, of Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since 1971, editor of HOTLINE News, a recorded phone message commentary [a regular phone call] (312) 731-1100. Since 1991, part of "Broadsides".)

Office (8 a.m. to midnight): (312) 375-5741.

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