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Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (Shortwave, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst) on November 14, 1994 was private investigator Gene Wheaton. Mr. Wheaton has been looking into the suspicious death of the late Colonel Jimmy Sabo. Following is my transcription of that interview.

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GENE WHEATON [continues]:
That particular incident that your caller was talking about was a DC-6 load of 27,000 pounds of marijuana that was vectored in with the, by the covert operators, getting the, getting the squawk signals on the radio to land at Homestead Air Force Base, in Florida. The pilot of that plane was a guy by the name of Michael Tolliver(sp?). Mike Tolliver later flew a twin-engine plane up with a load of narcotics and wrecked the plane when he ran out of fuel just off of one of the islands in the Caribbean. He was put in prison, but later was called into federal court in Wichita, Kansas, under Judge Kelley's court, because of the lawsuit between the owners of the plane and the insurance company's claiming it was being used for criminal activities. Tolliver claimed that the plane he wrecked -- not the one at Homestead, but the one he wrecked in the Caribbean -- was furnished to him by the U.S. government and he was hauling narcotics into the United States for them. Now Judge Kelley(sp?) called him up from prison and put him in front of his court in Kansas, with the opposition of the U.S. Attorney's office and the Marshalls. And Tolliver made a sworn statement to the judge, to that effect. The U.S. government continued to deny any involvement, but a year or two later, the U.S. government quietly paid for that airplane.

Now that's the typical type of thing that... Laundered drug money is being used for covert operations all over the world, and it is not, I repeat, for national security reasons. It's to keep the covert operators in business and to keep the international weapons business viable. And that's the kind of guys that you're running into.

All right. We have another caller, "J.R.", Johnson City, Illinois. You're on with Gene Wheaton.

O.K. Thanks a lot, Tom. What I wanted to ask Mr. Wheaton was, is, you know everybody knows what Clinton's up to and his "leftist" views and everything. And what I'd really like to know is, in the top echelon of the military, if they try this "national emergency" or try to bring FEMA in to take over everything (as a lot of the word is now on talk radio), do you think that there's enough of the top brass in the military that'll put a squash to this? I'll hang up and listen for the answer.

All right. Gene, I don't know if you would understand the question. I don't know if it's in your area. But it may be, 'cause you do get around with our military. But there's a lot of Americans who are concerned that our government has a, in place, "Emergency Manipulation Agency", that could take over in a crisis and conduct martial law. And we're wondering if there are people in the military who simply wouldn't stand for it.
Well I would certainly hope so.
Yeah, me too!
The... 90, 95 percent of the military are extremely patriotic, loyal American people. The problem is that, in the old days, when you and I knew what our real military was, the line officers, the combat arms officers -- infantry generals, tank generals, artillery generals -- were the key men in the Pentagon. They now, through this infiltration, have moved civilians into the Department of Defense who are former covert operators in CIA. And have moved their proteges, who are military men but have actually worked on CIA covert operations most of their careers, into many of the very senior, key positions in the Pentagon. And these guys answer to their mentors, outside of the chain of command, rather than up through the chain of command to the commanding general. And they send orders out to the field, and people have to obey those orders or be court-martialed for disobeying them.

Now there's gonna be a... There is a plan, that came out during the Iran-Contra hearings, by Jack Brooks of Texas, that...

Yeah, but Jack is now out!
Yes. But he brought it up, but he was shut down when he tried to elaborate on it during the Iran-Contra. A plan, that Ollie North drafted, for FEMA to be standing by, and martial law -- when it was implemented, they would go out and scarf up maybe 300,000 of the more, more vocal opponents of their plans, and put 'em in twelve detention camps [a.k.a. concentration camps] around the United States.
All right. We'll come back to that, if you don't mind, Gene. My last break of the day. My guest is Gene Wheaton. I'm Tom Valentine, this is Radio Free America.

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All right, we are back, live. My guest is Gene Wheaton, a veteran police investigator whose credibility is unchallenged, or unchallengeable. And he's one of the real Americans. I love to have him come on this show.

Gene, you were talkin' about Ollie North and FEMA when we had to take that break.

That's right. And they set up this program to, they were planning on some Central American invasions. And if too many American people opposed it they were going to declare martial law and take these old military bases that they had designated, around the United States, as detention camps -- much like they did the Nissei(sp?) Japanese-Americans during World War II -- and scarf 'em up and put 'em...
Well they have not abandoned that plan! They may have abandoned Ollie, but they haven't abandoned that plan!
Well the plan is still there, on the books.
Jack Brooks was talked down and told he had to go into "executive session" [i.e. away from public scrutiny] when he brought it up during the Iran-Contra hearings. But it was still there.

And there is a new Army field manual on civilian affairs/civilian operations that's "floating around" right now calling, outlining this very same program.

All right. Now we've had a major political change in this country. And I've tried to point out [that] we're not saved by it at all. But it's a step in the right direction.

Jack Brooks is typical of the Democrats that were defeated, and he himself was defeated in this election. But do you think that there's enough stuff in Jack Brook's head, if he were ever to tell everything he's learned, it would be pretty heavy?

Yes. He was the head of the House Judiciary Committee. And the sub-committee on crime of the House Judiciary Committee was the committee that held our hearings on the Gandor crash. And he is... And I also briefed him, his staff, on the covert operations at Mena, Arkansas.

And incidentally, I know it's not the time to go into it, but we've tracked the operations of the 32 missing C-130s through Mena, Arkansas. And the same people are running those that were running these things now. And it's a continuation of Iran-Contra! Everybody thinks Iran-Contra quit with Ollie North and Secord being exposed. But it actually got bigger because the media stopped looking at it at that time.

All right. Now. We are getting out of time. But you will be back, I am sure. The, the last thing I want to ask you is... [sighs] I was listening to you and I've lost my train of thought, but I will get it back.

Essentially, you read the book by Terry Reed, I presume?

Yes. I know Terry Reed.
Compromised. And Terry Reed is pretty valid, is he not?
His book is, concerning events at Mena, Arkansas, is extremely accurate. I can't vouch for the other things about his stolen airplane and the covert operations in Mexico that he talks about.

[CN -- Regarding the credibility of Reed's book, I have recently heard its credibility questioned as follows: (1) I called a radio program which featured a reporter from the Arkansas-Gazette. In the process of challenging him (he was defending Clinton), I mentioned Reed's book. His retort was along the lines of "I can't really see Reed smoking a joint with Bill Casey." (2) A similar disparagement was heard by me shortly thereafter on a different radio show, where the disparagement went along the lines of "I can't really see Reed smoking a joint with Ollie North."

From the book, Compromised, by Terry Reed & John Cummings [excerpts only]:

The governor's invitation had come as a surprise to Terry. He would be even more surprised by what he was about to see and hear.

"Bobby says you've got a problem about going to Mexico because of the deal with Barry Seal," the glassy-eyed governor began. By this time, the smell of marijuana was unmistakable.

Clinton paused for a moment as if trying to sort out his thoughts. "I can see your concern. I understand Seal was a friend of yours. His death does appear suspicious... Seal got just too damn big for his britches and that scum basically deserved to die, in my opinion..." {CN -- Further note that LaRouche et al. have heaped great praise on Reed and his book. This makes me wonder, how does LaRouche's newspaper New Federalist reconcile this paragraph with their unbridled praise for Reed's book? After all, LaRouche and friends keep defending Clinton -- isn't there a contradiction here in that they both defend Clinton and endorse Reed's book? What does LaRouche say about "...that scum basically deserved to die", a statement attributed to Clinton in a book which has received strong endorsement from the LaRouche organization?}

With that, Clinton got up from his chair and went to the back of the van, returning with a half-smoked joint. He reseated himself. He took a long, deep drag. After holding it in until his cheeks bulged, he then exhaled slowly and deliberately.

He extended his arm and offered the joint to Reed. Terry shook his head and gestured, no thanks.

I have been unable to locate any section in which Reed is smoking marijuana with either Bill Casey or Oliver North. If anyone knows of such a section, please send the relevant page number and/or chapter. In the meantime I will keep searching through Reed's book for the alleged section.]

All right, the very last thing: is anything ever gonna come of the Gandor investigation?
Well the Gandor investigation is the biggest scandal that is being concealed in the entire 20th century, as far as I'm concerned. We got 248 soldiers from the 101st Airborne murdered, and 8 crew members. And Ollie North and Dick Secord and "Buck" Ravell(sp?) of the FBI, and the administration, covered that up. We have just come across new information, that we may have to talk about later, that shows that there was some back- pack nuclear devices on that airplane and there was a nuclear accident at Gandor that they didn't want the world to know about because they were illegally moving nuclear devices through countries that weren't authorizing this to take place.
You will be back, on Radio Free America, Gene Wheaton. I sure thank you for your time today.
O.K., Tom.
And we will be talking. All right. Thank you very much.

Gene Wheaton is the guest and, as you heard, there's a lot goin' on out there, and it's not... It's skullduggery. More skullduggery than we care to even contemplate. It's time it gets cleaned up, folks. And Americans like Gene Wheaton are gonna help us.

All right! We'll be back! In the next hour. See you right after the alleged "news".

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