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Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (Shortwave, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst) on November 30, 1994 was independent researcher and founder of the Citizens Committee to Clean-up the Courts [CCCC], Mr. Sherman Skolnick. Note that views expressed in the following do not necessarily reflect my own views or those of Conspiracy Nation.

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Now if there is something unclear about this, it is because I try to put a complicated mess into non-lawyer language.

No, I don't think you... It's very clear. I think you've done an excellent job of making it clear. The hardest job that you have, and that I have, is a thing called "credibility". You see, the truth is one thing; you can be absolutely sure...

But wait a minute...
VALENTINE's true...
There's a meeting, every other Tuesday, in the National Press Club, in Washington, conducted by Sarah McClendon and others. And William Sessions and his wife -- he's not in retirement; he's supposedly "in the doghouse"; they "sacked" him on the day before Foster was "knocked off".
Yeah! I'd love to get him on this show.
But wait a minute! But he was there. And he, in so many words, told the fact that they "sacked" him to stop the White House from gettin', from Clinton and his wife getting put in jail! Now that's the bottom line, in the simplest, crudest terms. In other words, the day before the federal magistrate in Little Rock ordered the release of those records, which were in the custody of Foster in his office in the White House, that's the... later that day when they "sacked" William Sessions as the head of the FBI on these frivolous charges!
All right. My guest is Sherman Skolnick. I'm Tom Valentine. This is Radio Free America.


O.K. We are back, live. The final leg. My guest is Sherman Skolnick.

And you know, Sherman, we've got a situation with Vincent Foster similar to the John F. Kennedy thing: a lot of people just don't believe the official line.

Well, Patsy Thomasson, who was in with Dan Lasater, the convicted bond broker [who] went to jail for cocaine, she has been working in the White House and she, reportedly, is one of those that ransacked Foster's office, took away these documents (which apparently related to the SBA loans), [and] shipped them to Chicago to be used for blackmail.

Now that's the point that, in the remaining few minutes, I'd like to clarify. Chicago is very important in this. Because it was RTC in Chicago that got involved in the secret transfer of $50 million of this RTC contingency fund (which was "parked" with Household International, as I said), [which was] sent to Little Rock RTC so as to try to cover up the apparent embezzlement of that S&L by Hillary and her husband!

Likewise, the SBA funds (the Small Business Administration funds), which are the, one of the key points of the David Hale case -- and he's turned around and said, "Hey! Don't look at me, look at Clinton and his wife. Look at the current Governor."

So Chicago is very instrumental in the thing.

And, you have to understand it from a cynical standpoint. The Republicans are saying, "Look. We're gonna get one of your current Governors down there, Jim 'Guy' Tucker, and a former Governor who's now the President, Bill Clinton and his wife." So the Democrats says, "Fine! And we're gonna put into jail one of your former Governors, Jim Thompson of Illinois! Close to Bush and so on." I mean they are threatening them, each other; it's everything short of shooting. I mean, we're cynical; we're waiting for bodies...

Well, you know, that... This is distressing. I don't like to see this kind of thing...
But wait a minute! I'll tell you how distressing it is: the chief investigator of the RTC, that recommended the criminal indictment of Hillary and Bill, fell off a building!! And there's been some discussion, on one radio program, that the topmost thing was locked for the building and you couldn't get to the roof, and none of the security guards opened up the roof, therefore how did this body get on the roof and fall off the roof unless somebody threw it off the roof!?

There's a chief investigator for the RTC.

I mean, also, the chief of security of Clinton's Presidential campaign, Jerry Parks, was found murdered!

Yeah. We've talked with the Parks' boy.
You know what that's about.

There's over 30 deaths! So this thing is so heated up, where they're saying, "Hey, you're gonna send away one of our Governors to jail -- fine. We're gonna get a couple of yours."

You know, it'd probably be the best thing that ever happened to this country, is to have the media discredited [CN -- You mean they're not already discredited!?] by having both sides expose each other, and force it out.
You know what? I'd like for both sides to come on your program! [laughs]
Well I'd like... No, it's gonna take people like you, constantly digging...
I don't mean to... I don't know what else to do but to laugh at something that is a political tragedy, all the way around.

The American people are being damaged, of course.

In other words, we've got a criminal in the White House. And to save himself, he doesn't say anything about Hillary's law partner that got, apparently, "knocked off", involved with these SBA loans. The SBA loan records were removed from Foster's office, sent to Chicago for some further blackmail -- I mean, this thing is getting to be like a Greek drama!
It sure is. And the only time I've heard "SBA loan" linked to Vincent Foster and documents is from you.
And remember: Gierum, close with the Rodham family (he went to law school with Hillary's brother) -- and Gierum told me all about it in his confession, which is a part of the court record now. The point is, he was senior litigation attorney for the U.S. Small Business Administration.
All right. We're out of time.

Sherman, as usual, you've got us waiting to see what really happens. And I think you're way ahead of the game, again. Thank you very much for giving us your time.

Thanks for listening, everybody.
And Sherman's number, folks, that call number is area code 312, 731-1100. That is his "Hotline". And it's an easy call to make: 312-731-1100.

Well! We've gotta stop for the alleged "news". And then we'll start again! Shortly.

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