Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 55

("Quid coniuratio est?")

By Nicholas A. Guarino
[List of victims from pamphlet]

Victim #1: On September 26, 1993, Luther "Jerry" Parks enjoyed a nice dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Little Rock.

On the way home, his car was forced to a stop and he was mowed down by unfriendlies with nine-millimeter semiautomatic pistols.

The coroner pulled nine bullets from Jerry's body. I believe we can safely rule out suicide on this one. And it doesn't sound like your standard drive-by shooting, either. In fact, witnesses claim the hit man was a former state trooper who was very close to Bill Clinton.

Jerry was the owner of American Contract Services, which supplied the guards for Clinton's presidential campaign and transition headquarters. (Clinton still owed him $81,000.) So he knew a lot about Clinton's comings and goings.

As a matter of fact, Jerry had quietly been compiling a major study of Clinton's sexual affairs for about six years. Not quietly enough, though. Shortly before his demise, his home was broken into and the study's backup files -- filled with photos and names -- were stolen, according to his widow, Jane... after the security alarm was skilfully cut. Nothing else was taken.

His big mistake: "He threatened Clinton," Jane said, "saying he'd go public if he didn't get his $81,000." And then came the end. The London Sunday Telegraph quoted Jerry's son Gary, 23, stating the obvious: "...they had my father killed to save Bill Clinton's political career."

After a long investigation, Little Rock police detective Sergeant Clyde Steelman gave his character endorsement: "The Parks family aren't lying to you."

But unless you live in Arkansas, you probably never heard about Jerry Parks. If you lived in London (or Nairobi or Hong Kong) you would know more. Whitewater and other Clinton scandals are a far bigger story overseas. Many foreign observers feel the Whitewater coverup is the biggest one in the world in fifty or sixty years.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #2: You must understand the central fact about the Whitewater Development Corporation: It was not the main crime.

Whitewater was only a pretext set up by Jim McDougal and the Clintons to milk millions of dollars from the SBA [Small Business Administration], banks, Arkansas Development Finance Authority, and Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan (which was later bailed out by us taxpayers to the tune of $65 million).

The Resolution Trust Corporation [RTC] people eventually figured out that their investigation of Madison wasn't getting anywhere because it was based in Kansas City, where Clinton's people stymied it. So Jon Parnell Walker, a Senior Investigation Specialist in the RTC's Washington office, began a campaign to get the case moved to DC.

Soon after, Jon was looking over a possible new apartment in Lincoln Towers in Arlington, Virginia, when reportedly he suddenly decided to climb over the balcony railing and jump.

Jon's friends, family, and co-workers all agree on one fact: This man was not depressed. Maybe he was just impulsive.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #3: You remember the name Danny Ferguson. He is the Arkansas patrolman who once said he brought Paula Jones to Bill Clinton's hotel room.

Kathy, 38, his wife at the time, blabbed a lot about such things. She often told friends and co-workers about how Bill had gotten Danny to bring women to him and stand watch while they had sex.

(Altogether, Bill had hundreds of women brought to him, sometimes several a day. Young, pretty women pulled over for speeding or whatever would be offered a choice between a jail sentence or a trip to go see Bill.)

Part of Danny's job was to make sure that each woman was ready and willing when Bill met her. Kathy told people that Bill was really mad when Paula Jones wouldn't "put out." Bill hates to be refused.

On May 10, [1994] Kathy was found dead with a pistol in her hand. A suicide, the police said. Only three problems with this:

  1. Women rarely use guns to kill themselves.
  2. I can't find anyone who ever heard of a nurse shooting herself. (Why should they? They know all the right dosages for pills, and they have access to them.)
  3. I've talked to three of the six nurses who worked most closely with Kathy at Baptist Memorial in Little Rock. They gave me, in no uncertain terms, a loud message to convey to you: "NO WAY did Kathy Ferguson kill herself." They are irate.

Footnote to story: About three weeks later, Danny reversed his story, saying he didn't lead Paula to Clinton's room after all.

Second footnote: Bill Shelton, Kathy's new boyfriend (since her separation from Danny), was loudly critical of the suicide story and complained to many people about it. Bill was found dead on June 9. They're calling this a suicide, too. (Perhaps it was. I haven't checked it out yet.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #4: Vincent Foster, who was Clinton's counsel for Whitewater, was the highest government official to meet an untimely death since the Kennedys.

He could have killed himself on July 20, 1993, as Robert Fiske, Clinton's "independent" counsel claimed. But it's rather doubtful. The story line concocted by Fiske has about 20 major holes in it -- which partly explains his replacement by Kenneth Starr. A few examples:

** Official photos show the alleged suicide gun in Vince's right hand. Trouble is, he was left-handed. (Of course, a hit man wouldn't have known that.) Fiske ignored this in his report.

** Vince went out and hired two lawyers on July 19. As Clinton's man in charge of covering up Whitewater, he had failed badly and could see everything was about to unravel (which it began to do in Arkansas the very next day). Question: Why pay for a lawyer to launch a defense and then shoot yourself a day later? Fiske ignored this.

** After a somewhat hurried lunch in his office July 20, Vince grabbed his jacket and left the White House with the words, "I'll be back." And then we are supposed to believe, apparently, that he picked up a White House beeper, drove to his Georgetown townhouse, got a gun, drove to a lonely park in Arlington, walked 200 yards to a steep slope, went down into some thick bushes, sat down, shot himself and then threw his glasses 13 feet away through heavy brush, and wound up lying down supine and perfectly straight, legs together, with arms straight down at his side, the gun still in his hand, and trickles of blood running from his mouth in several directions, including uphill. What's wrong with this picture?

** Where's the bullet? None was ever found even after a massive search and excavation. Could it be that the police and FBI looked in the wrong place? Sgt. George Gonzalez (the first paramedic on the scene) and his boss both insisted they found Foster 200 feet from the official spot. If they're right, then why was the body moved?

** Where are the fingerprints on the gun? There were none!

** Where are the skull fragments? None were ever found. Normally, a .38 will blow out a 4" to 5" hole, with blood and brains everywhere. Because of the mess and the noise, most sophisticated hit men today repack their cartridges with a half charge. This explains the tiny, one-inch hole in the back of Vince's head. Fiske skipped this.

** Who is the mystery blonde whose hairs were found on Vince? And why did Fiske not mention that carpet fibers and semen were found on his [Foster's] shorts? In this age of detective movies, how could anyone think such clues unworthy of mention in a serious report?

Sadly, the real reason Fiske was sacked by that 3-judge panel was not to preserve an "appearance of impartiality," as the papers said. They were simply tipped off that Fiske was rapidly burying everything he could. For instance, when David Hale's trial judge refused to keep Bill Clinton's name entirely out of Hale's testimony, Fiske immediately stopped the trial and changed his charge from a huge felony to a small misdemeanor -- with a vastly reduced sentence!

[ be continued...]

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