Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 56

("Quid coniuratio est?")

By Nicholas A. Guarino
[List of victims from pamphlet]


** Where's the suicide note? Vince [Foster] wrote an unsigned outline of a resignation letter, which Clinton's counsel Bernard Nussbaum kept for six days, tore into 27 pieces (without leaving one single fingerprint -- try that!), then changed his mind and let the bright yellow pieces strangely appear in Vince's briefcase, which the police and FBI had already inspected and found to be empty. But this "suicide note" says nothing about suicide, of course. And the final letter is missing.

** Today, thanks to the drug trade, hit men have polished the "staged suicide" to an exact science. If any sign of a struggle remains, the killer has failed his task. The trick is to persuade the victim he'll be OK if he cooperates -- and then shoot suddenly. In the vile jargon of the professional assassins I've had the misfortune of meeting, "Ya gotta butter up a turkey before ya roast 'im." To my utter amazement, neither Fiske nor the Senate investigators knew anything about how hit men work today.

** I could go on and on. Fiske quoted reports -- even an anonymous one -- from visitors to the park [Fort Marcy Park] that day. But some witnesses also saw "a menacing-looking Hispanic man" by a white van with its big door open near Vince's car just before the body was found. Fiske left that out.

** Instead of allowing Vince's office to be sealed after his death, top Clinton staffers Bernie Nussbaum, Patsy Thomasson, and Maggie Williams frantically rifled it for "national security matters" (read: incriminating Whitewater documents) and carted them off to Hillary's closet upstairs. In a stunning show of chutzpah, they even made the park police and FBI agents sit in the hallway for two hours while they did it. And Nussbaum later claimed it was only ten minutes! (An FBI agent disclosed to me that a file was opened for obstruction of justice, but Bill had it closed.)

Why would anybody want a nice, gentle fellow like Vince Foster killed and his body dumped in a park? For some excellent reasons, which I detail in my book, The Impeached President. [CN -- Apparently available by writing to The Wall Street Underground, 1129 East Cliff Road, Burnsville, Minnesota 55337]...

But the #1 reason is that Vince knew far too much and he had to go because he was about to crack -- and that would have ended the Clinton presidency right there and then.

Suppose, however, it was a suicide. Suppose Whitewater was becoming such a horror that suicide seemed better than facing the music.

What then?

Then the only logical explanation is scenario #2, as follows:

** Vince's Whitewater coverup was coming apart. Facts were popping up in the press and people were talking. For instance, Clinton's partner in Whitewater, Jim McDougal, had gone to Little Rock attorney and 1990 Republican gubernatorial candidate Sheffield Nelson and made a taped statement which I have heard, saying:

I could sink it [the coverup] quicker than they could lie about it if I could get in a position so I wouldn't have my head beaten off. And Bill knows that.

** So sensitive was Vince to criticism that he was still bothered about the heat he was getting for his role in Travelgate. In fact, Fiske stated that those close to Vince thought that "the single greatest source of his distress was the criticism he... received following the firing of seven employees from the White House Travel Office." Little did they know the whole story. Vince had to keep Whitewater details bottled up inside -- even at home.

** On the day Vince shot himself, he received a shocking phone call from an attorney at Arkansas' Rose Law Firm saying that FBI Director William Sessions was about to subpoena the documents of Judge David Hale. Hale was a Clinton appointee who charged that Clinton forced him to give fraudulent SBA loans of millions of dollars to Clinton's friends. In the Senate hearings, Clinton's people denied such a call took place, but I know for a definite fact that it did. And I'm backed up by the Rose phone billings and Vince's phone log. Also, Sen. Christopher Bond (R.-Mo.) later confirmed that the call was from "an old friend" at Rose.

** About this time, Clinton fired his FBI Director -- a step so desperate that no President had ever taken it.

** Vince realized that the genie was out of the bottle. He had confided to his brother-in-law, former congressman Beryl Anthony, that he was very worried that Congress itself was about to launch a criminal probe into his affairs. (In this scenario, the "suicide note" was actually the "opening argument for his defense" before Congress -- a defense which Vince told his wife he wrote on July 11.)

** He was sure that in such a probe, the easy-going David Hale would spill the beans and drag in Gov. Tucker, Steve Smith, Madison Marketing, Castle Grande, Whitewater, Vince himself -- and, inevitably, Bill Clinton. He mentally added up the fines and prison terms he would face for concealing Bill's crimes -- many of which he had taken a supporting role in. The totals were horrendous. And the thought of being a central figure in America's first presidential impeachment [CN -- Pres. Andrew Johnson was the first impeachment trial, although he, in the end, was not actually impeached.] was too much for his quiet mind to bear. He told his wife and sister that he was thinking of resigning. (But he still couldn't let on about the Whitewater crisis.)

** He was cracking up. Everyone around him agreed he looked and sounded terrible. The Desyrel prescribed by his doctor didn't help. So when the call came about Hale's subpoena, he had to go home and think things over. But there, alas, he could think of no way out. So he put two bullets in his revolver, drove across the Potomac to the first quiet spot he found, hid himself in some bushes where he could pray in solitude, and pulled the trigger.

That's the most probable suicide scenario. Unfortunately for Clinton, it's almost as damning as the murder scenario.

Today everyone -- from Vince's family to the press to the White House -- professes to be baffled by Vince's death. "How on earth," they wonder, "could such a typical Washington flap as Travelgate cause Vince to be so depressed?"

Under either scenario, the plain answer is: It didn't.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victims #5 & #6: Then you have the small-plane crashes, which are fairly easy events to stage. Hit men commonly use any of five quick, simple, techniques.

One method was used on the first two victims, C. Victor Raiser II, the former finance co-chairman of Clinton's presidential campaign, and his son, Montgomery. Their plane crashed in good weather near Anchorage, Alaska, on July 30, 1992. I respected Raiser as a man of integrity, but he was caught up in a lot of shenanigans of the campaign -- though he didn't like them. Eventually, he soured on Clinton and thus became a potential major leak and a big threat to Bill's presidency.

[CN -- A biographical note seems to be in order: The author of this sketch, Nicholas A. Guarino is editor of The Wall Street Underground. Among many other things, he lived for 20 years in Arkansas and personally knew Commander Billy Jeff, Jim Blair, Vince Foster, Jim McDougal, David Hale, Don Tyson, Governor Tucker, "and dozens more of that bunch." He uses his own extensive research as well as "numerous informants" to "warn others of the acute dangers of evil, power-hungry men in positions of influence." Today, he lives "in a scenic, secluded place as far from Arkansas as he can get."]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #7: Herschel Friday was another member of Raiser's committee and a heck of a nice guy. His plane dropped out of site and exploded as he approached his own private landing strip in Arkansas in a light drizzle on March 1, 1994. Herschel was a top- notch pilot and his strip is better than those in most cities. (I know because I almost had to use it once when my own plane's carburetor started backfiring.)

[ be continued...]

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