Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 3 Num. 61

("Quid coniuratio est?")

By Nicholas A. Guarino
[List of victims from pamphlet]


Victims #10 & #11: Kevin Ives and Don Henry, two Bryant, Arkansas, teenagers, apparently were a bit too snoopy about the air drops of dope and cash they had observed in the nearby countryside at night (part of the Mena operation).

They were found on the morning of August 23, 1987, having been run over by a train. "They fell asleep on the tracks," according to state medical examiner Fahmy Malak, a Clinton appointee who had earned the anger of the locals by pulling such stunts before.

(Remember when Clinton's late mother, anesthesia nurse Virginia Kelley, [allegedly] caused the death of two patients by neglect? Malak was the one who cleared her. Malak once even declared that a decapitated man had died of "natural causes," a ruling Clinton defended as a mere symptom of overwork.)

Malak's opinion caused a big ruckus locally. Eventually, the boys' irate parents managed to get a second coroner's opinion, and the official causes of death were changed to being stabbed in the back and getting a crushed skull before the train came. At this point...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victims #12 through #17: ...six local people came forward independently, each claiming to have some special knowledge about the deaths of the boys on the track.

All were slain before their testimony could do any good. Police involvement is suspected in most cases, but not all:

** Keith Coney had been slashed in the neck and was fleeing for his life when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck. "A traffic fatality," police said.

** Gregory Collins was found shot in the face by a shotgun.

** Keith McKaskle was brutally stabbed at home -- 113 times. (He knew he was doomed, and had told his friends and family goodbye.)

** The burned body of Jeff Rhodes was found in the city dump, shot in the head -- and with his hands, feet, and head partly cut off.

** Richard Winters was killed by a man with a 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun.

** Jordan Ketelson died of a shotgun blast to the head and was found in the driveway of a house in Garland County. "A suicide," the sheriff said.

Do you see a pattern here?

All in all, after ten years of Mena operations, not one arrest was ever made, an accomplishment that is possible only when someone controls the whole state like a collie controls sheep.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #18: Danny Casolaro was a reporter who was investigating the connections between Mena, BCCI, Iran-Contra, Reagan's "October Surprise," Park-O-Meter Co. (which [allegedly] made dope-storage nose cones for the airplanes at Mena), and the ADFA (Clinton's billion-dollar state bonds racket). He affectionately called this network The Octopus. On August 10, 1991, just as he was about to receive information linking Iran-Contra to the Inslaw scandal, Danny was found with his wrists slit in the bathtub of a hotel room in West Virginia. What a coincidence.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #19: Paul Wilcher, a Washington, D.C., lawyer, was deeply investigating Mena and other scandals. He was scheduled for a meeting with Danny Casolaro's former attorney, but on June 22, 1993, was found dead in his apartment, sitting on his toilet. (The bathroom killer strikes again?)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #20: Ed Willey, the manager of Clinton's presidential campaign finance committee who, according to a reliable source in Texas, was involved with shuffling briefcases full of cash, supposedly shot himself on November 30, 1993.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Victim #21: John A. Wilson, a ruggedly honest city councilman in Washington, D.C., knew a lot about Clinton's dirty tricks. According to my sources, he was preparing to come forward and start talking about them. But then on May 19, 1993, he just decided to hang himself instead.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There are other possible victims, like Paula Gober, Jim Wilhite, Stanley Heard, Steven Dickson, Timothy Sabel, William Barkley, Scott Reynolds, Brian Hassey, and so on. But my evidence about them isn't convincing, and I refuse to join those who call every Clinton-related death a murder.

What is convincing is just the sheer numbers of untimely deaths in the Clinton circle of influence -- plus a long string of threats, attacks, beatings, break-ins, wiretaps, and other intimidation. For example:

** Dennis Patrick of Kentucky has survived three attempts on his life so far -- and is now in the federal witness protection program. (Hang in there, Dennis -- and never forget who's in charge of that program!)

He was the unwilling customer of Lasater & Company in Little Rock, where tens of millions of dollars were traded (read: laundered) in his account in 1985 and 1986. Only two problems: He never knew what these trades were... and it wasn't his money! (Coincidentally, the trading stopped when Barry Seal was killed on February 19, 1986.)

And that's not even the scary part of the story. The fact that may make your hair stand on end is that Dan Lasater is:

       -- Bill Clinton's second-best friend
       -- a convicted cocaine dealer
       -- a noted host of lavish cocaine parties featuring very 
          young women
       -- the employer of Bill's brother
       -- and the head of Lasater & Co., which issued all $1 
          billion of Arkansas' state bonds in the '80s (but 
          only if each bond beneficiary first made a huge 
          donation to Clinton's operations or put Hillary on 

It is also alleged that Lasater laundered hundreds of millions of drug dollars through that firm. But the day after Dan's release from prison only six months later, Bill pardoned him! Plus, while Dan was still in detention, he gave power of attorney to run the company to Patsy Thomasson, who was one of Bill's top administrative aides, and Bill continued to funnel all the state's bonds through the company -- another $664 million worth!

Lasater & Company was the major source of brokered deposits in Madison Guaranty S&L.

And Patsy is now director of the White House Office of Administration. God help us all.

** According to a sophisticated journal called Heterodoxy, journalist L.J. Davis spent a week nosing around some sensitive areas in Arkansas last February [1994]. Then on the 14th, as he entered his Little Rock hotel room to dress for dinner, he was knocked cold. When he awoke on the entry floor four hours later, his wallet was intact, but his notebook and skull weren't. And there was no furniture within falling distance to account for the darning-egg-size lump over his left ear.

Three weeks later, he sent a draft of his story to The New Republic BY MODEM. Three hours after that, his phone rang. A rich baritone voice began, "What you're doing makes Lawrence Walsh [, the investigator into Iran-Contra,] look like a rank amateur."

"Who is this?" Davis demanded.

"Seems to me, you've gotten your bell rung too many times. But did you hear what I just said?" (click)

Says Davis now, "I used to laugh at things like this -- until I ended up on the [expletive] floor."

If all this sounds like tabloid trash to you, you're absolutely right. And there's a very good reason: The people behind these crimes are tabloid trash.

** Then there's the arson stuff. A nasty little blaze broke out in the Little Rock offices of Peat Marwick, way up in the fourteenth floor of Worthen Tower at midnight, January 24, 1994, just four days after Fiske's start as a Whitewater investigator. It wasn't a bad fire, you see, just bad enough to consume the area that held their 1986 audit of Madison Guaranty. A former Peat Marwick executive tells me that the word came down from Clinton, and they were most definitely forced to destroy the documents.

And remember the flap about the medical records that Bill refused to release? Word is, all that cocaine finally destroyed his nasal passages. ("Allergies," Bill says.) He spent huge amounts of time flying around the country with Dan Lasater in his cocaine-laden jet and went to numerous parties thrown by Lasater and others, some of which featured "blizzards of cocaine," according to participants.

Brother Roger recently admitted doing six to eight grams a day (and being a dealer for Lasater), but Bill's usage was probably much less. Alas, we'll never know now. His doctor's office files went up in flames. (Tsk, tsk. Those medical offices. You know what a firetrap they are.)

Speaking of drugs: Sally Perdue, a former Miss Arkansas and popular talk show hostess, has told the London Sunday Telegraph that during her 1983 affair with Gov. Clinton (verified by state trooper L.D. Brown), Bill would usually smoke (and inhale) two or three ready-made marijuana joints drawn from his cigarette case in a typical evening.

On one occasion he pulled out a baggie of cocaine and prepared a "line" right on her table. "He had all the equipment laid out like a real pro," she recalls. (A mid- level Democratic Party leader warned Sally, before a witness, that if she didn't keep quiet, he "couldn't guarantee what might happen" to her "pretty little legs" when she went out jogging.)

She also told her stories to Sally Jessy Raphael, but in a rare move, the producers strangely decided not to broadcast the videotaped program.

I've also talked with others who say they "got high with Bill" many times -- including his personal drug supplier, who is now being held in prison incommunicado in Leavenworth by Janet Reno. When the time comes, they will all speak out. In fact, the main problem may be half of Arkansas trying to get their names in the headlines!

[ be continued...]

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