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Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (Shortwave, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst) on December 28, 1994 was Andrea Pearson, editor-in-chief of a newsletter called "Americans In Exile" [contact info to be included below]. Ms. Pearson has some non- politically correct views on feminism, etc. Note that views expressed in the following do not necessarily reflect my own views or those of Conspiracy Nation.

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Absolutely, I think it is. Also, when Congress considered passing this U.N. treaty, they talk about how "patterns of conduct" is in article five of the treaty.

All right. Now this U.N. Convention, this treaty, is this the one that goes clear back to 1957, in establishing the U.N.?

Or is this something new?
Well, actually, it was signed on behalf of the united States in 1980. It has not been ratified yet. But one provision in the document is to say that the different States' parties can bring their own federal laws into compliance.

Now what this treaty does, in lots of ways, is it regulates conduct, it alters culture... It talks about how the State should provide for health care, and women should have equal opportunity for all sorts of things -- that I don't think the American people want women to have equal opportunity, say, for military service. Or we don't necessarily feel that our "patterns of conduct" or our culture are something that we want changed.

What disturbs me the most about this is that there was no public debate about this [e.g. The Gender Equity in Education Act]. And I believe that anyone who's a historian or who has studied American history knows that people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and so forth, were not "white male dictators" in general, and certainly did not abuse their wives. And yet Marxists believe that they did.

Just this one piece of evidence of that: if you look at the Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson... And he's writing, in this case, about the American Indians. But he's talking about how they relate, in terms of men and women. And he says, "It is civilization alone which places women in the enjoyment of their natural equality."

And I believe that, in America, women were free creatures who were very happy the way they were. And not only that, they worked when they wanted to. There was, in fact, no discrimination against women.

Well if they wanted to [work], they certainly could.

All right. If you'd like to join us, 1-800-878-8255. Andrea Pearson is my guest. "Feminizing and Marxizing Us". I'm Tom Valentine, Radio Free America.


All right, we are back, live. And a very important part of everyday life is being discussed tonight: the role of women in this here united States of America.

Mark, [in] Sarasota. You're on, with Andrea.

Hello, Mark.

Yeah. Good evening, Andrea. It's just wonderful and refreshing to hear a woman come on the air with your viewpoints. Actually, today, in the media, that's all you get is the left-wing viewpoint of women -- feminized, feministic views of women today.

I have one point that I want to just clarify with you. You mentioned that it's our Judeo-Christian heritage. Actually, it's really our Christian heritage. And that's an important part and it should be emphasized too. That when we go back and we're talkin' about people like Thomas Jefferson and some of our founding fathers and George Washington, remember that this was a Christian heritage. It wasn't a Judeo-Christian heritage. Many of the Marxist, Communist ideas have been introduced in the Judeo- Christian churches today which are not really our founding, Christian heritage at all.

I understand what you're saying, about our Christian heritage, and I agree with you. But I also believe that there are a number of very honorable and good Jewish people who honor the same principles that I talk about, that you are espousing too. And I don't like to exclude people -- and particularly if you read in the work of St. Paul, in Romans, [chapter] eleven. He talks about how even though some of these Jewish people may have been deceived, that that was for our blessing. And I really don't like to divide things according to religious lines when I'm talking about America.

And I think that the Biblical history as well is something that shows very clearly what the role of women should be. And it's often referred to in the New Testament. Also, those kinds of things are found in the Old Testament, such as the ruling of Appolya(?), or Jezebel, in Judah. I don't think that (even though I sense in many of the Jewish people that they espouse this kind of agenda), I think that many people who are Christians, or who call themselves Christians, often have incorporated the Feminist agenda into their very churches. I hear [of] female ministers and female priests, and I don't believe that that's something that's according to God's law! I think that...

That's a big fight going on right now, especially in the Lutheran and the Episcopalian church.
Absolutely! And I've watched that. And I'm particularly disturbed at the way that Christianity is being re-written. And I think we, as Christians, need to mind our own business pretty carefully. Because things are gettin' serious out there.
All right. Mark, I understand where you're coming from also: that there are many people who feel that the traditional, Christian values have been distorted. And one of the things to do is to use language in such a way, and that the Ecumenical movement, which has watered down basic Christianity, utilized that phrase, "Judeo-Christian"...
That's right.
...and people see it for that and... And so you both make a good point, and I appreciate your call very much!
Thank you.
Gene, in Savannah, Georgia.
How are ya doin', Tom?
Just fine.
Uh, Andrea. Pleased ta meet ya. You've got a very good, and serious, subject. I think it strikes at the heart of the matter of what's happening in America. If we can strike at this, first, the right to bear arms is second to this. We need to back it up.

But as a man, and someone who tries to exercise their rights over children, it becomes very difficult. And how to attack it: I've done a little research, reaching, uh studying Kent's commentaries and Blackstone's commentaries. I've discovered that even the common law doesn't really help that much. It seems like the common law has been divided into, well, I think it's been traversed. I call it, "the king's common law". And I think the last caller has a pretty good point. I studied Judaism a little bit, and it looks like, in the Jewish religion, that the mother is held up as the head of the family. And under the king's common law, the kind of like, you know, in the old days, about legitimizing a child and all that -- and it has a lot to do with today's "birth certificate". If you don't have a birth certificate, you lose... you know, you almost... You try to retain your rights to your child, but without the birth certificate you're in a paradox and you lose your rights to the child.

And if you look into the law libraries, you can read about using the petition of habeas corpus to bring the child forth. And I think this is evidence that the Biblical common law was where the father was head of the family and, you know, as long as he obeyed God's law. And well, whoever, you know, really disobeyed the law of God was actually the one who should be, you know, punished or what have you. But the child should stay with the father as long as, you know, he obeyed...

Well the point that seems to be coming out of both of you is that, the traditions that are the glue of our society have been set down in Scripture for a long, long time -- both in the Old and the New Testaments. And if we stopped getting away from that, we wouldn't be doing so badly.
Yeah. I'm wondering if, when this type of "king's common law", as I call it, has been switched from Biblical common law over... I was wondering if it was when Oliver Cromwell allowed the Jewish people into England. I'm just theorizing.
That's a, that's a subject for another show some night. And there are a lot of people that go into that particular aspect of the control over the British-speaking [sic] people and the use of the Bible and so on.

Gene, I appreciate your call.

Dan, in Schenectady, New York!

Yes sir! Well I wanna say two things: one is, it's a privilege to be listening to you, Andrea, and hearing your commentary tonight. And Tom, we've been listening to you for a couple of years, and in the last year or so on shortwave. And it's good to hear you in this area.

First, I wanna say, number one, is the comments with regard to the laws passed and everything: I think the issue that many of us are concerned about is, a lot of times (in the dark of night, so to speak) laws are passed that nobody knows much about. And it really brings us to the question of localism. In not just, you know, laws, but in virtually controlling the community around us. A lot of the things that are mentioned in the law that Andrea raised, or I should say, that was passed, are probably more proper items for a local community. Because a lot of times it depends on that local community -- its mores, their social conditions, and what's involved. And a lot of times, we lose track of the fact that, you know, the whole, the whole issue of our Constitution, etc., invests a lot of power downward. From the federal level, down to the local communities.

Well Dan, that's what I've thought: that this doesn't belong in the federal government at all. And I'm out of time right now, and I really appreciate your calling. And I'll have Andrea comment on what you had to say, as soon as we get back.

I'm Tom Valentine. This is Radio Free America.


[ be continued...]

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