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Tom Valentine's guest on Radio Free America (Shortwave, 5.065 MHz, mon-fri, 9 pm cst) on December 28, 1994 was Andrea Pearson, editor-in-chief of a newsletter called "Americans In Exile" [contact info to be included below]. Ms. Pearson has some non- politically correct views on feminism, etc. Note that views expressed in the following do not necessarily reflect my own views or those of Conspiracy Nation.

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TOM VALENTINE [continues]:
All right, we are back, live. My guest is Andrea Pearson. And she has been pointing out (and I think very nicely) that we have had a creeping Marxism in the feminizing-type laws -- especially one that was passed in 1993, the Gender Equity in Education Act. Hardly any of us knew anything about it; I don't know of anybody here that was really up on that one. And I don't remember the media "beating it to death" [i.e., covering it a lot].

And the other one is that we are under a United Nations Convention that's not yet been ratified, but it started in 1980. And if we do ratify it, it's gonna be worse than the World Trade Organization!


I think it will be far worse, because the people who are trying to destroy us have in mind a way for us to live.

And particularly, for a minute, I would like to bring out that I don't think that the answer at this point is to think about changing the local systems to separate from the federal government. But rather, I think what's important is for the men of this country to realize that, as men, they have a God-given role within the family to be a provider and a protector. And that many men in this country have been deprived of their ability to do that, because of government policy. And thus, this kind of invasion of the family becomes possible.

You know, my wife would agree. She says it's the men who have failed to be the head of the houses that have let this country down.

You've had three men callers, and now we have a lady out there. I wonder if she agrees or not.

Doris, [in] Deep Creek, Florida.

Yes. Andrea. I wanted to tell you, on what you have said, what it ties in with. It ties in with the United Nations curriculum for the public school children, Goals 2000. All that is spelled out. It's to make the child and mother feel that the State will take care of 'em; they don't need the man around. If they have anything they need, it will be provided for. That is in your Goals 2000, which is going to ruin education.
I agree with you, 100 percent. The "sugar daddies" in Congress sure are luring the women away, aren't they?
Yes, and it's planned that way.
Oh it certainly is. This is done by design.
Yes. I was on the committee for a full year, before it was implemented in our town. And on the final meeting, they had someone from the state come down, and they asked if they had any questions. And I raised my hand. I said, "Will you admit this is a United Nations curriculum?!" She would not answer, even if I asked it four times. So I went ahead and I told the committee that they can think I'm a "kook", but pay attention. In the future, it's gonna come around that this is a United Nations curriculum. And it's the worst thing they can put in for their child.

And now, they're starting to hear it on different stations; they're starting to read it in the newspaper. And this is all being done undercover, with a lot of parents not even being aware.

Also, the children are on computer data bases! Everything they ask the child, under psychology tests, everything that is programmed with the child -- Outcome Based Education. And there's privacy: parents cannot see it.

All right. Listen, Doris, you're terrific. From Deep Creek, Florida, with that New York/Massachusetts accent! I love it.

Andrea, we're gonna have to bring you back. Because one hour is not enough time for this. But I wanna plan it again, if you don't mind. And we'll talk about this subject again. Is that all right with you?

Well that's wonderful, Tom. And you have wonderful, intelligent callers.
I sure do -- the best! Sometimes I even turn them into guests.

Thank you very much for giving up your time tonight. We will be doing it again.

Andrea's newsletter is, "Americans in Exile". And it's Post Office Box 2636. (This is where you write to. She'll send you a sample of her newsletter dealing with this feminizing Marxism behind the scenes, and so forth.) Americans in Exile, Post Office Box 2636, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 01202. Her telephone is (413) 499-3593. There ya go.

Andrea, thank you very much.

All right! We're gonna take a break for the alleged "news". (I'm almost sorry to take a break; that's a good subject. We'll have to do it again.) We'll return. I have a brand new congressman, the guy that beat Jack Brooks down in Tejas [i.e. Texas]. See ya then.

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