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[Excerpted from "The Coming Fall of The House of Windsor", The New Federalist, January 9, 1995.] By Jeffrey Steinberg


Beginning in April of this year, the editors and staff of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine launched an investigation into the genocide in Rwanda. On April 6, 1994, the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi were assassinated in a surface- to-air missile attack against the airplane that was carrying them home from a summit meeting. Within hours of the double assassination, so-called rebel forces launched an invasion of Rwanda from neighboring Uganda. Six months later, Rwanda had been virtually wiped off the map. Prior to the April events, Rwanda had enjoyed the lowest infant mortality rates and the longest average life expectancy of any country in Africa. Today, 80 percent of the country's 7.2 million people are either dead or living in refugee camps.

When we set out to uncover who was behind the genocide in Rwanda, we had no preconceived notions about what we would find. Some weeks into the investigation, we received crucial leads from European researchers and from African diplomats: Look at the role of the game preserves and national parks. Once we picked up this trail, the pieces all fell in place; and all roads led back to London, to the Club of the Isles and its Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF).

The WWF, renowned the world over as a charitable organization out to protect the endangered species, is provably responsible for the slaughter of animals and human beings all across Africa and on other continents around the globe, on an unprecedented scale. The 1994 Rwanda genocide is but the latest instance of the WWF in action.

How did it work?

Since 1990, the WWF has been managing a "gorilla protection program" in Gorilla Park in Uganda right on the Rwanda-Zaire border, in the adjacent Volcans Park on the Rwandan side of the border, and in Zaire's Virunga Park. Along with the Akagera Park in Rwanda along the Kenya and Uganda border, all these parks served as training bases, staging areas, and arms depots for the invading "rebels" -- who were in reality all soldiers and officers in the Ugandan Army of British puppet Yoweri Museveni. Museveni is run by Britain's Overseas Development Minister Lady Lynda Chalker. {1}.

So the entire Rwandan genocide had nothing to do with tribal or civil warfare. It was a British-orchestrated assassination and invasion program. And the WWF administered parks played a pivotal role in the slaughter. From the same parks, the same WWF apparatus is involved in the planned destabilization and genocide against the rest of East Africa, beginning with Kenya and Sudan. {2}.

Under the guise of protecting endangered species, like the elephant, the rhinoceros, and the tiger, WWF "park rangers" carry out assassinations and other attacks against so-called "poachers" who in many instances turn out to be local patriotic political leaders or intransigent farmers who refuse to abandon their land and their food production to WWF's land confiscation programs.


All across Africa, WWF mercenary armies carry out a brutal war of depopulation. Park rangers, armed with helicopter gun ships, infantry weapons and light missiles, function as death squads. Between 1987 and November 1988, under a WWF-bankrolled program called Operation Stronghold, assassination squads under the direction of Zimbabwe's Chief Game Ranger Glen Tatham carried out cold-blooded murders of hundreds of so-called poachers, half of whom were unarmed and lured into ambushes. A number were leaders of the African National Congress' military wing. When Tatham and his men were brought up on 70 murder charges, the Zimbabwean parliament rushed through a bill, the Protection of the Wildlife Indemnity Act, which gave the park rangers immunity from prosecution for any actions they took "in the line of duty." It was a license to kill.


-------------------------<< Notes >>----------------------------- {1} "...parks served as training bases [for the rebels who] were in reality all soldiers and officers in the Ugandan Army of British puppet Yoweri Museveni." I wish some proof were offered for these sort of claims. Still, this is the only explanation I have heard for what really happened in Rwanda. {2} "...[planned] genocide against the rest of East Africa." Both Dr. Robert Strecker and researcher Mark Sato have claimed that Africa is the target of planned genocide.

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